ATEEZ(에이티즈) - ‘불놀이야 (I'm The One)’ Official MV
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Release Date: 2021. 3. 1. 6PM (KST)
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#ATEEZ #에이티즈 #FEVER_Part_2

  • afi

    Coming here after ateez kingdom performance and they are amazing! Hello from Choice >.< #ChoicexAtiny fighting :D

  • ani j
    ani j

    Fix on i love you 💕

  • Xiao Peng
    Xiao Peng

    Loy pdey

  • misatiny behave
    misatiny behave

    come on atiny.we can do this

  • Taehyun's Last Brain Cell
    Taehyun's Last Brain Cell

    I fell inlove with mingi at forst sight because of his voice on wave it hurts me how no one in the comments are talking about mingi show love plz also vote for Ateez on kingdom they deserve to win

  • Yohana Azul
    Yohana Azul

    to think we got Yunho behind the wheel during Wave but this time we got Yunho behind the wheel but actually driving this time! That’s so sexy or him!!!!



  • Alejandro Ruz
    Alejandro Ruz

    here after their kingdom performance, WE HAVE TO REACH 2.5 V*EWS LETS DO IT ATINY

  • ateez domination
    ateez domination

    this song is 🔥

  • My에이스MyLife

    CHOICE & ATINY here, loving & supporting both groups.... want to thank ATINY for helping stream Goblin & Down by A.C.E!!

  • Julia Music
    Julia Music

    #ChoicexAtiny let's go

  • Ashley Carolyn
    Ashley Carolyn

    #ChoicexAtiny Fighting!


    Oh yes 25M

  • MinCaro San
    MinCaro San


  • Soofi

    Choice (A.C.E) apoyando a Atiny

  • Diana Tolentino
    Diana Tolentino

    ateez is the one

  • Cordeliaa


  • Rebeca

    Atinys hagan $tr£@m a Kingdom !!

  • Fix On AZ MG
    Fix On AZ MG

    Atiny let's continue to support ATEEZ in kingdom we have a few hours left please, the video only lasts 4:45 min full ver

  • Girl._.uchiha

    O povo lindo MEU DEUS 😻

  • rizki widya
    rizki widya

    Finally we reach 25M. Celebrate for you, Atiny.

  • N N
    N N

    Tenían toda la razón de q estos chicos son increíbles , pero xq tan pocas v1sitas, por lo q entiendo su fandom no es tan chico y era sumamente comprometido , solo disfrutaré del mv , como me quiero quedar .

    • Fix On AZ MG
      Fix On AZ MG

      Atiny es algo flojx ☹️ Cuando más lxs necesita ateez no están como en kingdom lxs necesitamos, tenemos pocas horas

  • Isidora Orellana
    Isidora Orellana

    Choice presente ~♡

  • Aiyrah Syika
    Aiyrah Syika


  • Mazikeen Eva
    Mazikeen Eva

    Fighting ♡

  • PHillip angulo Ramirez
    PHillip angulo Ramirez



    Siiiii Otro Millón. Ya logramos los 25 MILLONES. Y seguimos firmes y constante de millón en millón. FELICITACIONES ATINY Normalizado el amor diario a este poderoso MV ATINY ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ATEEZ

  • Adriana Buelvas
    Adriana Buelvas

  • Lau_atiny

    26M fighting!

    • rizki widya
      rizki widya


  • زَهراء _
    زَهراء _

    Ghostie here to Str3am ♡

  • Frida Pacheco
    Frida Pacheco

    Choi Jongho Dios vocal

  • cami vene
    cami vene

    gracias choice por pasarse por acá

  • Tshering Tshomo
    Tshering Tshomo

    Guys stream the legendary War,Ateez live stage song.

  • Luisa Marulanda
    Luisa Marulanda

    I'm here for support #ChoicexAtiny

    • cami vene
      cami vene


  • Daniela Gutierrez
    Daniela Gutierrez

    Hongjoong mi varón en fin

  • Anamika Thapamagar
    Anamika Thapamagar

    the times I've replayed Seonghwa's part in the beginning is crazyyyyyy. this man is jus so freaking fineeeeee.

  • Dinorah T.
    Dinorah T.

    Otra vez por aquí, vamos atiny

  • Alex


  • Azwani Azwadi
    Azwani Azwadi

    Thanks a lot to choice, i will support ace too.. #CHOICExATINY

  • Linda Calvete
    Linda Calvete

    Choice here!!! I think I'm kinda in love with ATEEZ now too.... 😭 #ChoicexAtiny

  • serigalaitem

    ChoicexAtiny are besties~

    • Mazikeen Eva
      Mazikeen Eva

  • Yuly Andrea atehortua castrillon
    Yuly Andrea atehortua castrillon

    Hay que hacer stream a la presentación de Kingdom, necesitamos 400k en 12 horas o van a calificar a los chicos con un 0, porfavor reproduce el vídeo aunque sea una vez :

  • saranghae a.c.e
    saranghae a.c.e

    its my first time here! and they are so good! rapper with grey hair(if im not mistaken) and the guy with pink hair attract me the most. #CHOICExATINY

    • saranghae a.c.e
      saranghae a.c.e

      @DFTBA 1117 ur welcome. thank you for you too for explain it for me, it means a lot.

    • DFTBA 1117
      DFTBA 1117

      Rapper at 2:00 is Hongjoong (leader) and pink hair is San. Grey hair that starts the song is Seonghwa (who has subbed in to rap for Mingi (on hiatus due to health) in a few live performances though) Thanks for appreciating Ateez! Down is such a fun song and mv :)

  • sena c
    sena c

    keep str34ming

    • May Chai
      May Chai


  • Mabel Choice Army
    Mabel Choice Army

    Se me voló la peluca :0 Definitivamente ATEEZ Kings!!! #CHOICExATINY

  • elçin


  • Nur waniizz
    Nur waniizz

    yeayyyyy now lets strive for 26M lets goooooo

    • May Chai
      May Chai


  • ceren

    daha iyisini yapabiliriz atiny:(

  • ceren

    25m olmus sonundaaaa

  • HariJong Choi
    HariJong Choi


  • Allison ST
    Allison ST

    Sigamos Atiny!! Ateez lo merece :")

  • kpop support
    kpop support


  • Florencia Choque
    Florencia Choque


  • H O N E Y P I E
    H O N E Y P I E

    Yunho: "Ttu-ru-tta-tte Ttu-ru-tta-tte" Me: poetic. *clap clap clap *

  • RedHerring

    Choice here! Thank you all Atiny that are supporting A.C.E!! #ChoicexAtiny WORLD DOMINATION

    • Dayana Neyra
      Dayana Neyra

      Thanks to you for Supporting ATEEZ #ChoicexAtiny

  • Maggie Ahimsa
    Maggie Ahimsa

    Congrats ATEEZ and ATINYS for 25 M v*ews... ^~^

  • H O N E Y P I E
    H O N E Y P I E


  • Marty Segovia
    Marty Segovia

    Next: 30M let's go.


    25 MILLION😍

  • Hwaseong Gigle
    Hwaseong Gigle

    let's go to 30M. Atinys, Fighting!!

  • sehyoon kim
    sehyoon kim


  • sehyoon kim
    sehyoon kim


    • Yahaira Ariana Vilchez Medrano
      Yahaira Ariana Vilchez Medrano

      Me encanta todo esto, mejor hagamos choicexatiny besties.

    • Dayana Neyra
      Dayana Neyra

      Gracias por el apoyo #ChoiceXAtiny

    • Florencia Choque
      Florencia Choque

      Gracias yo también soy Choice ^^

  • p- chan
    p- chan

    Se llego a los 25M ♡♡♡

  • Cordeliaa


  • 도세세

  • 도세세

  • Daniela Gutierrez
    Daniela Gutierrez

    They are the blueprint omg

  • tiny ATINY
    tiny ATINY

    oh yes 25M!!! keep going!

  • Yasmin Bárbara
    Yasmin Bárbara

    fighting, atinys!

  • Eden's AteEzzZ
    Eden's AteEzzZ


  • lavi`s fair world
    lavi`s fair world


  • نُور نَغَم،اتيني
    نُور نَغَم،اتيني

    Go 30m~

  • نُور نَغَم،اتيني
    نُور نَغَم،اتيني

    كاني متأخرة

  • نُور نَغَم،اتيني
    نُور نَغَم،اتيني

    ولووولولوللويييييي 25m

  • s u n s h i n e
    s u n s h i n e


  • Wow Queen
    Wow Queen

    Aquí choice apoyando y con colapso mental porque no puedo elegir bias

    • Janet Viveros
      Janet Viveros

      Hola choice gracias por el apoyo es que es difícil escoger un bias todos tienen lo suyo, oyes nos podrías ayudar con el str3am en ateez full version wonderland mnet pero tiene que decir full version wonderland mnet porfa yo ahorita paso por down de a.c.e. :))

  • Ashley Carolyn
    Ashley Carolyn

    #ChoicexAtiny As someone who already stans both groups AND loves this song, I'm proudly streaming 😌

  • 에이스의 선인장
    에이스의 선인장

    choice ❣️

  • Camila Gammuto
    Camila Gammuto


  • cha yeon
    cha yeon

    Just a random comment. I feel like somehow discourage, disappointed, angry and sad. I know there are toxic fans are exist in every fandom and I know there are many good atinys out there. But when I got attacked by atinys just because I asked them to not ruin ateez's good image, I feel like... I don't know how to describe. I know it just some people, its not majority but it is really disappointing. I did that because I don't want other fandoms see us as toxic fandom but somehow I regret. And when they hope me something bad will happen to me... I feel like depressed. I can't even think wisely anymore. That is why KQ said it is important for us to represent good image for ateez. Honestly, I feel like my own fandom treated me like a trash. You make me slowly hating this fandom. My love for ateez is still growing. I want to write good things and keep writing good comments, but I got hate comments in return. Please make me believe that good atinys are still exist.

    • Mimikim2494

      I have experience the same thing from stan twt that’s why i stay away from it and come here trust me many good atinys exist but some had to ruin it but dont let it discourage you. Cheer up and always know ateez loves you

    • Noe García
      Noe García

      i sort of feel the same way, and it was because of stan twitter :/ i know stans can often be really hateful and toxic, but don't despair, there are still good atinys out here :D

    • Ekira Cha
      Ekira Cha

      I'm so sorry that happened to you, sweetie. Sending you hugs. My main advice would be to stay away from Stan Twitter; shit is toxic over there. There are a lot of Atiny who think like you, don't worry!!

    • Angela V
      Angela V

      ? What happened? Good Atinys do exist. Good people do exist. Sometimes disagreement occurs, please don't take bad things too personally, otherwise you might get hurt. Cheer up. ^^

  • Yoana perez
    Yoana perez

  • Amelia DosSantos
    Amelia DosSantos

    3:27 Yeo_sang i love you you are my idol huhh!!!!

  • Snyder Ramirez
    Snyder Ramirez

    CHOICE♡♡♡ felicidades por los 25M atinys .

  • Léna Saillard
    Léna Saillard

    #ChoicexAtiny congratulations fellow atiny for 25M keep fighting together with choice !

  • Mili Díaz
    Mili Díaz

    25M!!! Vamos por los 26M

  • Marisol Hemmings
    Marisol Hemmings

    25M wiiiiiii♡ vamos por los 26, 27, 28.........

  • Maria barreto
    Maria barreto


  • Florencia Solorzano
    Florencia Solorzano

    q buena cumbia que se cargan los ateez

  • amy cat lover
    amy cat lover

    25M por fin!

  • seonghwap

    if u think ur stupid, just reminding u that 19k exist. thank me later ;)

  • Mole Lovie
    Mole Lovie

    I don't understand dislikes.

  • Sheyla Dénevi
    Sheyla Dénevi

    Choice aquí~ Esto es épico, como todo lo que hacen! #ChoicexAtiny

  • Gionna Mae
    Gionna Mae

    Happy 25 M !! Let's go for 30 M !!

  • s u n s h i n e
    s u n s h i n e


  • s u n s h i n e
    s u n s h i n e

    congratulations for 25M!!!!!

  • Julia Domańska
    Julia Domańska

    Ok I missed 25M here like I missed 47M on Thanxx :(

  • Dennise Alexander Labra Paras
    Dennise Alexander Labra Paras

    25Milloneees TT

  • Christina Blasini
    Christina Blasini


  • m e l _
    m e l _

    25M WOOOOH

  • Wulan Sawitri
    Wulan Sawitri

    Atiny don't forget to str34min6 ateez - wonderland performance for kingdom. Remember!! Watch and str4m the 4.45 minutes video only. Not the 6minutes one. Okay??? We can do this for Ateez!! Kajja atinys