Bebe Rexha - Sacrifice [Official Music Video]
Bebe Rexha
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Director: Christian Breslauer
Producer: Mike Breslauer
Production Company: Yella Inc.
Imma need those eyes focusin on me
Middle of the night, I’m the only star you’ll see
Imma need those hands runnin over me
Cause I ain’t that type, to let you go easy
So say goodbye to every other girl in the night behind you
Now you’re mine, tell me what you’re willing to sacrifice, ooh
Sacrifice, when it comes to me don’t want no compromise
This should be the only body on your mind
When it comes to me, I’m down for life
So tell me what you’ll sacrifice
Tell me what you’ll sacrifice
Tell me what you’ll sacrifice
I wanna be the air everytime you breathe
Runnin through your veins and the spaces in between
I wanna feel your heart every time it bleeds
Livin in your brain, there’s only room for me
So say goodbye to every other girl in the night behind you
Now you’re mine, tell me what you’re willing to sacrifice, ooh
Sacrifice, when it comes to me don’t want no compromise
This should be the only body on your mind
When it comes to me, I’m down for life
So tell me what you’ll sacrifice
Tell me what you’ll sacrifice
Tell me what you’ll sacrifice
Sacrifice your body to the rhythm of mine, to the rhythm to the rhythm of mine
Sacrifice your body to the rhythm of mine, to the rhythm to the rhythm of mine
Sacrifice your body to the rhythm of mine, to the rhythm to the rhythm of mine
Sacrifice your body to the rhythm of mine, to the rhythm to the rhythm of mine
So tell me what you’ll sacrifice

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Bebe Rexha - Sacrifice [Official Music Video]

  • Bebe Rexha
    Bebe Rexha

    I’ve always wanted to put out a dance track like this, hope you like it!

    • Mariaalejandra Chocalaramos
      Mariaalejandra Chocalaramos

      Amoooooooo este tema 😌❤️debería tener más visitas y likes

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      Jorge Peña

      We love it

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      spain spain

      te Dua Bebe. Je shume e mire

    • Rôdrigo!

      Lyrics Plz


    What sacrifice I'm gonna finish you

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  • Murat Özten
    Murat Özten

    , jpflow.info4vY-E4Aor8M?feature=share

  • tanani

    Listening to this I feel like Buffy the vampire slayer

  • Synthz

    If anyone doesn’t know where the club idea came from, it’s from Blade, very accurate representation of the scene too so good job

  • Arys


  • Rexha Fandom
    Rexha Fandom

    She killed her Wrestlemania performance 🔥

  • Identity in Christ
    Identity in Christ

    Babe rexha,I dont know you and never have met you but I want to tell you that jesus loves you and cares about your soul and wants to reconcile you back to him but we are sinners that turned away from jesus and rebelled when sin first came into the world starting from the garden of adam and eve and he loved you so much that our lord and savior God sent his son jesus christ to die on a cross for all the worlds sins,He wants you to return to him and to be saved,we are fallen creatures in a fallen world in need of a savior But it's our choose which path we take in this life that's why we have free will as human beings and satan has tricked people into thinking that money,fameand fortune and selling your soul is all that we need but what shall a person profet if they gain the whole world and loose their only soul so hear this message now and today is the day of your salvation that that jesus is letting you know that he loves you,wants to reconcile you back to him and repent of sins so your name can be written down in the lambs book of life so you can be excepted and God will forgive you of all your sins but we must deny our selves and so I say to you once again turn to jesus now,except him into your heart and put all your trust into our heavenly father alone in order to be saved,Amen,Amen @Amen and God bless everyone who sees this message and jesus we be back soon to judge all people but you still have time to turn to him,Amen and God bless 😇😇😇😇

  • Adam Fame
    Adam Fame

    Omg love da songggg Be e always on top of Bops ❤️❤️

  • Identity in Christ
    Identity in Christ

    This is sick And so ungodly, people on the comment section I beg of you please repent now and turn to jesus while there is still time, jesus will come back soon to judge the living and the non living please people and who ever names that are not written in the book of life will be thrown into the lake of fire!

  • _Intenseboy

    Prometeu entregar tudo pras gays, e cumpriu AAAAAAAAAA ❤️

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    Melle Reuling


  • James Mccall
    James Mccall

    ThisTruly is... Sexy.

  • Zoe Rhineland
    Zoe Rhineland

    WTF? I searched for Sacrifice by Elton John and i got this 💩! 👹👹👹

    • joni kejani
      joni kejani

      @Tell me would you sacrifice? true Bebe’s Sacrifice is so good

    • Tell me would you sacrifice?
      Tell me would you sacrifice?

      Than you're Lucky, because bebe's sacrifice is such good 😅

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    chun yi yap

    10M !!!

  • Ivan Zamora
    Ivan Zamora

    It needs to be longer..

  • Matias Galera
    Matias Galera

    Jajajaja antes del 2019 nos daba miedo la sangre por que contagiaba muchas enfermedades y ahora es el aire que nos rodea que contagia... joda con sangre aprobada! 🤣🤣🤣


    Come on you guys... Baby I'm Jelous and Sacrifice both deserves better...

  • Tiffany Harris
    Tiffany Harris

    I love this song!!! It has "Blade" vibes in it!!🧛🧛🧛🧛

  • Luis Gonzalez Ramirez
    Luis Gonzalez Ramirez

    Fire record!!!

  • Víctor Soriano
    Víctor Soriano

    BR2 is coming

  • Víctor Soriano
    Víctor Soriano

    Bebe Rexha deserves more

  • Víctor Soriano
    Víctor Soriano

    Bebe Rexha deserves more

  • Ted EY
    Ted EY

    the best song by her

  • Meu mundo
    Meu mundo

    I can't stop listening to this song



    • Rexha Fandom
      Rexha Fandom


  • Krista Grym
    Krista Grym

    References to: Blade Terminator 2

  • Soft Møchii
    Soft Møchii

    Dancing in blood? Hot 😳

  • walle muther
    walle muther

    Why only 9 million views ? It should be 90 ml miniumum

  • Armela Sinanaj
    Armela Sinanaj

    This song makes me wanna blast it on full volume and dance around in lingerie late at night

  • Mango Mochi
    Mango Mochi

    The background music reminds me a lot of Who's That Chick from David Guetta😂

  • Valentin Romero
    Valentin Romero

    she deserves more🔥😍

  • his whiskey
    his whiskey

    it's wow 😲

  • Alba Trapstar
    Alba Trapstar

    This is a club banger to bad they closed damm 🔥🍾

  • K Dinesh
    K Dinesh

    Played more than 30x.. Cant stop listening

  • iris

    Getting mayor Blade vibes. Especially with the bloody dance club.

  • Iron Clad
    Iron Clad

    10 million

  • LeoArga

    Cerca de los 10.000.000

  • Louis Peacock
    Louis Peacock

    This is totally the same scene from BLADE with the blood showers in the club

  • hassna PapyB
    hassna PapyB

    Gorgeous omg 😭😭😭😭

  • Noe Roque
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  • strafrm kresd
    strafrm kresd

    Vampires on fire

  • Svitlana

    this clip reminded me of a scene from Blade)) nice song)

  • Earth

    This song deserves to be hyped more..!!

  • Counatjuice_Plays

    I can’t be the only one who sees the vampire diaries in this

  • Dyani DeMoss
    Dyani DeMoss

    Who else remembers blade? I wonder if she got I’m the video idea from there? Either way it’s cool


    the 90s vibes, the catchy lyrics & the vogueing AHH I LOVE ALL OF THIS

  • Бликстар Таркроус
    Бликстар Таркроус


  • Mirjana Mitaj
    Mirjana Mitaj

    Love the song

  • Utkarsh Dubey
    Utkarsh Dubey

    It should be the theme song of Wrestlemania 2021🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌❣️❣️❣️

  • Jenny VanderPas
    Jenny VanderPas

    Such a great scene from Blade to replicate!

  • Md. Hamidur Rahman
    Md. Hamidur Rahman

    Like The Chainsmokers you own me video

  • Bottoms

    This is gross

  • Kat W
    Kat W

    Love the song but the video is to much gore unnecessary

  • Taylor Swift Fan Girl
    Taylor Swift Fan Girl

    Bebe you are so cool!🥰 I Like you !❤️❤️

  • RIH1100

    Amber- This is your night....... well done.

  • suga

    Popular opinion : Everyone loved this song that much that wished to be longer

  • Renee Rehe
    Renee Rehe

    The song is awesome, but the video is too cringy to watch. Weird choice.

  • 黑塚

    고마워요.. rexha! 어제 처음 들었는데 너무좋네요.. 당분간 이노래만 들을거 같아요...

  • ali rezaa
    ali rezaa

    u very nice

  • Intersect Power
    Intersect Power

    Why does this song sound like it comes straight outta spring 2014

  • Sanchia Smith
    Sanchia Smith


  • vishal koundal
    vishal koundal

    Great song u always done hard word put on work rexa.........!

  • Ramon Marron
    Ramon Marron

    Anyone else hear “what is love” by haddaway in the instrumental

  • Adarsh Nagrale
    Adarsh Nagrale

    Feeling bad for people who don't know this song!


    wow this blood color is on point-

  • Dylon Kasemsuk
    Dylon Kasemsuk

    This song has me concerned as to the effect of why you are doing this 😰 chill i know you like me but this is too much . And why you like and love me ? #dylonisconcerned

  • Bright Silver Moon
    Bright Silver Moon

    This song is amazing🥰

  • Jellybeans

    Um i just came here because i know she is going to perform at wrestlemania 37

  • Top 5 Best Divas
    Top 5 Best Divas

    Som maravilhoso

  • Daniela Jimenez
    Daniela Jimenez

    Por que dura tan poco. 🙁 Quiero más 🤩

  • Jaz

    Because of the video when she said i'ma need those eyes I thought she was gonna rip his eyes out... but then she said focusing on me 😳🤣

  • Mahmoud Nassar
    Mahmoud Nassar


  • Amine Jamiai
    Amine Jamiai

    I dooooo like this 🖤 bebe you rock baby 🐝 🐝

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    Gonzalo Duarte

    Mi cuota adictiva de todos los dias amo arte

  • Ted EY
    Ted EY


  • Ted EY
    Ted EY

    i cant stop listening to this song its so gooood and catchy thats a bop

  • Manijah Lewis
    Manijah Lewis

    Bro no cap don't this look like carrie when they drop the bucket on her but its just sticklers



  • Paoleth Garcia
    Paoleth Garcia

    This song is beautiful.

  • Paoleth Garcia
    Paoleth Garcia

    If I Would Sacrifice for You Queen Bebe.😭

  • Angiecute13 Moschonikolakis
    Angiecute13 Moschonikolakis

    The blood 🩸 😷

  • Runu Mango
    Runu Mango

    Books: Exams are coming so don't let your eyes take away from me. Me : Already taken by Rexha.

  • Prince Thomas
    Prince Thomas

    Awesome Music 🤘👌✨🇰🇪

  • Tuhin Ghosh
    Tuhin Ghosh

    Her voice just hits different nerves💐

  • Gabriel Armado
    Gabriel Armado

    ¿A alguien más le dan unas inmensas ganas de bailar cada vez que suena esta canción? Es increíble

  • Bruno Marinho
    Bruno Marinho

    Povo Brasileiro🇧🇷 Vamos fazer esse hino virar hit❤️ Alguém do Brasil ?

    • rocco siferdi
      rocco siferdi

  • stella plays_gacha?????
    stella plays_gacha?????

    Delsihes music

  • Ahmet MUTLU
    Ahmet MUTLU

    So exciting music

  • Artem Birko
    Artem Birko

    Моменты из фильма Блэйд )))

  • Marzadky

    Smn asked me if I could here a Korean K-Pop beat at the back of the place where it repeats "sacrifice" now I can't seem to unhear it

  • Missy Diamond
    Missy Diamond

    Y’all have to understand how hard it is to look sexy with fake blood saturating your outfit/hair/face.

  • music

    God will help the one who is reading this now.

  • AzureKitten

    Bebe Blade Rexha :D :3


    It's my daily listen, I love this song bebe ;-)

  • Isabela F.
    Isabela F.

    in love with this

  • Jogos Outros
    Jogos Outros

    I loved it!

  • emitatu

    just imagine a collab with Ava Max or Zara Larsson