Brooklyn Nets vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • 魔尊重楼

    This kind of game will mean nothing, all-star team vs. average team

  • Mike Woods
    Mike Woods

    Zion got man handled

  • David Islas
    David Islas

    Kyrie getting carried literally 1:09

  • Mat Bentko
    Mat Bentko

    Hard to watch.

  • GWU TV
    GWU TV


  • GWU TV
    GWU TV


  • frank

    where is harden?

  • Tyrannical

    imagine uninjured prime isiah thomas against these perverts...

  • PoorMansTeenWolf

    This nets team is looking scary

  • Saviano

    Zion is trasssssssshhhh

  • Ferdi Sanchez
    Ferdi Sanchez

    I’ve seen this movie before, everything they built will fall,can’t wait to see how devastating it will be,

  • RockMatersForever All nite and party all day!!
    RockMatersForever All nite and party all day!!

    This is unbelievable Nets are amazing

  • B Willwin
    B Willwin

    the NBA is a BIG joke

  • jose luis v v
    jose luis v v


  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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  • Armands Pravasts
    Armands Pravasts

    Nets roster is like an all star game.So great team.Durant,Irving,Harden,Aldridge,Griffin,Harris...DeAndre.I wish them nothing less than title.

  • FIFA OR 2K
    FIFA OR 2K

    KD haven't missed a single shot

  • marte flores
    marte flores

    NBA teams vs ALL STAR embarrasing if they do not get the NBA championship title...😂😂😂

  • Monk Amani
    Monk Amani

    Nutt'n but Nets 🏀

  • Leiangil Garcia
    Leiangil Garcia

    if ever nets will be a champion this season, damn....kyrie will be jealous again to MVP maybe Durant.

  • Abraham Hem
    Abraham Hem

    WTF the brooklyn nets are the new dream team

  • This 1s s0 Wr0nG
    This 1s s0 Wr0nG

    Lonzo improved a lot..

  • KoJaK

    i just watched 80's 90s bball vs 2020 game play crazy. SO how did they keep the score low in back in the day? they ran the shot clock down every time an made sure they hit that 2 pointer. Zion is in the wrong Era of bball

  • Nataliya Ivanuh
    Nataliya Ivanuh

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  • Eduardo Carvalho
    Eduardo Carvalho

    3:38 milagre

  • Oofed Potato
    Oofed Potato

    Damn joe harris is on fire🔥🔥

  • Joel A
    Joel A

    4:29 Hot take, that was spicy 5:30 This too

  • Jason

    Zion underestimating some vets out there.

  • Yuchen Chen
    Yuchen Chen

    1:10 kyrie feeling the physical dominance of Zion....

  • Mark Garcia
    Mark Garcia

    the "unstoppable force" got blocked HAHA

  • Lucas .Lucas
    Lucas .Lucas

    Everyone was beaching about how many all stars GSWs had. You tell me how many all stars the Nets have now !!

  • Oreoshi

    The nets has no thrill its just too OP

  • Sean J
    Sean J

    "In his bag like the fries were at the bottom" #epic

  • MJ - The GOAT
    MJ - The GOAT

    The Nets will be in the biggest mess in history if they fail to win a ring this year. With three of the most elite shooters in the world in one team and two bigs in Jordan, Griffin, & Aldridge, they should be able to stop any team including the Lakers.

  • Gêmeos Não sei
    Gêmeos Não sei


  • KingRBN

    ..imagine when Harden is back. This team will be unstoppable 🏀

  • Nai egw Eimai
    Nai egw Eimai

    Jeff green underrated

  • Vietizy Campbell
    Vietizy Campbell

    Blake either found the fountain of youth or just was done playing with that other team 🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • rob clay
    rob clay

    bruh and they have not played with a full team yet... this is going to be great in the playoffs!

  • indorzg

    8:03 AYO Bro sus

  • Mirabel Kitty
    Mirabel Kitty

    Kyrie Walkz to Ignoreland??? He fuck this game...

  • J Luis
    J Luis

    This team stacked asl!!!!!!! Even got Dantoni as assistant coach bruhh Kd kyrie harden Aldridge griffin Harris get out of here bro ridiculous

  • Moluken Manuputty
    Moluken Manuputty

    6:21 nobody can do that except him

  • dimitrilevampire

    It's like the nets have 2 full team to switch with ... Hope the win the title otherwise it'd to be embarrassing

  • Habito Kun
    Habito Kun

    How much % of a flop will it be if they don't win the championship?

    • robertbaratheon


    • Montell Oliver
      Montell Oliver


    • Goku Chichi
      Goku Chichi


  • Bryson Suttles
    Bryson Suttles

    Blake Splashing 3s and dunking 🥲 love to see it

  • Bryson Suttles
    Bryson Suttles

    Brooklyn Fans UNITEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cut Melahayati Princess
    Cut Melahayati Princess

    I go with B-nets for champions these year....1st ring for Blake

  • SynC Supreme
    SynC Supreme

    And this is the nba for ya teams getting blown out by 40 with a whole quarter to play still I hate this nba now I’m done watching it

    • Montell Oliver
      Montell Oliver


    • Montell Oliver
      Montell Oliver


  • Torunamukaji

    It's moves like the one at 6:22 that make the league a joke. First it's a carry followed up by a double dribble. Watch it in slow motion if you don't believe me. And yes, I realize he didn't have both hands on the ball...that's not what I'm talking about

    • Torunamukaji

      @Wexou watch on .25x he dribbles down, not bakc. But still takes 3 steps back with the ball somehow = carry. Then dribbles again = dbl dribble

    • Wexou

      ur trippin

  • Sam Laurendi
    Sam Laurendi

    Damn we were so smooth tonight imagine when harden comes back sheesh if we don't win this year we never gonna.

  • Sal Valestra
    Sal Valestra

    All this to beat a 36 year old.

  • Sir Kay
    Sir Kay

    @6:20 The best ballhandler to ever touch a ball, poor Steve Adams.

  • Boitumelo Phenya
    Boitumelo Phenya

    6:14 iverson is that you?

  • Boitumelo Phenya
    Boitumelo Phenya

    Durant is playing like his just here for the vibes

  • sk ngiam
    sk ngiam

    6:20 isnt that travel???

  • Boitumelo Phenya
    Boitumelo Phenya

    1:44 lool im trying to understand how bledsoe got lost.. its either kyrie goes LEFT or RIGHT his shaking like kyrie was gna go REFT

  • 肥熊


  • Stephortless

    Monstars vs LAbron. Real life space jam

  • José C Ortiz
    José C Ortiz

    Artist they took but im not that thing

  • greenstone official
    greenstone official

    Nice play zion

  • Achmad Naufal
    Achmad Naufal

    3 All stars and 5 Hall of famer.

  • JeJeEn B
    JeJeEn B


  • 1214 kencan
    1214 kencan

    Can ignore that the reporter said that Bradley bledsoe

  • Chan -X
    Chan -X


  • Iso Joe
    Iso Joe

    2:32 look at BKs defense 😳 #ScaryHours

  • Iso Joe
    Iso Joe

    1:14 is why nets will win 5 chips in a row; its impossible to guard all that talent at the same time. Just imagine in the finals you gotta guard Harden KD Kyrie Griffin Aldridge Joe Harris and maybe whiteside soon...

  • Amateur Barista
    Amateur Barista

    Ahahahha zion wake up ! Stop drive in


    Nets offence terrifies all the rest 29 teams, keep healthy until you get the ring

  • Jay Daniel
    Jay Daniel

    I’m just imagining how Bron and AD watching this. Scoring 139 without harden... crazy

  • Young Juju
    Young Juju

    Kd With No Bricks 🥳they all went In Dang Great Come Back Man he Hit Every Shot he shot🔥

  • Easyboy Namz
    Easyboy Namz

    Blake monster slamming tho

  • Easyboy Namz
    Easyboy Namz

    Blake monster slamming tho


    Kyrie is off the chain ⛓️⛓️⛓️

  • T W
    T W

    My goodness Brky looks unstoppable

  • Live From The Motherland
    Live From The Motherland

    In his bag like the fries were at the bottom 😂😂

  • Ketchupz Studio
    Ketchupz Studio

    I am Warriors Fan but I will cheer for Nets this year!! go go!

  • Daniel Agboto
    Daniel Agboto

    1:53 he traveled so hard

  • Realm'sWrld 216
    Realm'sWrld 216

    “Blake Griffen got that bounce still” 😂💯

  • Diego Fernández
    Diego Fernández

    Sheeees the monstars

  • stanglova86

    Because they have confidence with one another their shooting percentage is high

  • Jj

    Rip thomas

  • gleen martizano
    gleen martizano

    this is real play! road to Champ! keep up Brooklyn NETS!

  • Bekim Robertson
    Bekim Robertson

    This Nets team is deep ain't nobody gonna beat them so easy!

  • Al mofo
    Al mofo

    Not fair. Brooklyn stacked to the brim with veteran superstar talent . Lucky not youthful prime talent. May as well give them the finals medal now if that was the case . I almost fell out of my seat when i saw kyrie go baseline and throw down a two handed dunk on two defenders . Might have been different if Adams was guarding the rim . But goddam Kyrie 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙉🙉

  • Andrea Nino Sajdak
    Andrea Nino Sajdak

    5:14 they played @meh so that carti could score a bucket ahahahhahahahahahahah

  • Syle Ladia Azul
    Syle Ladia Azul

    Woah Nets can score up to 150s🔥

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    No respect for the Nets. They had to build an All Star team just to get wins

    • Goku Chichi
      Goku Chichi


  • LH Produções
    LH Produções

    Go nets🏀🔥

  • xXBossManStatusXx


  • MichaelKB8-24

    8:41 That pass was beautiful 🔥🔥

  • Leonardo Prekratić
    Leonardo Prekratić

    This team is illegal 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • SC

    If KD wins chip with Bklyn it would be even cheaper than with GSW

    • Goku Chichi
      Goku Chichi


  • James Guy34
    James Guy34

    What a f*ckin Super all star line up for Brooklyn nets! They still smashed Pelicans even without Harden on the game.

  • Павел Миленин
    Павел Миленин

    Бруклин просто херачит за всю боль в этом году. И, черт возьми, как же я рад увидеть Гриффина в порядке.

  • cong yu
    cong yu

    Net no.1

  • Rel Vapors
    Rel Vapors

    They had 115 points by the end of the 3rd quarter..... Durant played about 17 minutes and Harden is out. Rip to whoever has to play against them at full strength in the playoffs

  • Stanley Odoemenem
    Stanley Odoemenem

    The league needs to do something about free agency , this is not fair basketball

  • Kodjo Delali Akitani
    Kodjo Delali Akitani

    Very happy 😊 KD is back.

  • Ami fake
    Ami fake

    Brooklyn nets looks unstoppable with current squad