Cat Stares at Dog as he Walks While Dragging his Butt on the Rug - 1171697
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  • smt rm
    smt rm

    nobody is normal where , yes kittu I am looking at you. none of you supposed to stand on two legs. as ozzyman would have said you too are upto something dozy.

  • Marcel Michnowski
    Marcel Michnowski

    I remember my friends dog did this but he left shit stains all over the floor

  • Marcel Michnowski
    Marcel Michnowski

    I dont know whats wierder. The dog or the cat.

  • StealthyArcher1

    You know I’ve always wanted to see a dog drag his butt across the floor at least once. But I never thought I’d see it on the internet first.

  • ShepDance

    Not so fun fact: that most likely means the dog has worms

  • Lego Fan Films
    Lego Fan Films


  • Marhalia John
    Marhalia John

    Plot twist: He rolled all over that same spot 30 secs earlier and wanted to know why it was wet...

  • The Daily Egg
    The Daily Egg

    The title, thumbnail, and video are all straight to the point. I love it. I see no lies

  • oh well 24
    oh well 24

    Just wiped his ass on the rug 🤮

  • ImBluffin

    cat said hold up let me smell the floor

  • dont read my profile picture
    dont read my profile picture

    I bet in 10 years this will have over 11million views

  • lasarith2

    Hello everyone this is you’re daily dose of internet.

  • El Fayyad Official Channel
    El Fayyad Official Channel

    Wtf munchkin cat!!!! OMG WTFF!! IT STANDS! (ive seen alot of munchkin cats stands) munchkin is a cat breed. It makes the cat have short legs

  • •Astrid's Stars•
    •Astrid's Stars•

    I'm obsessed with this video now.

  • Harrison HUMPHREY
    Harrison HUMPHREY

    New video for everyone’s recommended

  • Remix


  • fitrill

    Clean vs dirty

  • Jennifer M
    Jennifer M

    My dog does this too. It's gross. Theyre literally wiping their butts in the carpet .

  • Max Wang
    Max Wang

    the dog is cleaning his sh*t

  • Lothatruth05

    He has an inverted tail!!

  • Darius Martinez
    Darius Martinez

    That means that the dog has worms

  • Danihel Arun
    Danihel Arun

    “There goes the dumb dog dragging his butt on the carpet, again.”

  • Lynn

    I'm with the cat

  • XxxGame

    See you in 2 year Later This Will Be All recommendation

  • Queen fpbt
    Queen fpbt

    Cat like WTF🤣

  • Covert Operative
    Covert Operative

    😼 : " Think your parking brake is on..."

  • Catto Cotton
    Catto Cotton


  • TK Yap
    TK Yap

    The rug is very useful but the cat is puzzled by the way it is used by the dog for his grooming.

  • Mr Ragnarok
    Mr Ragnarok

    Dog : rubs his butt in rug Cat : yo , how many time did you do this . You did it for almost 20 times in day

  • Desh Weerasinghe
    Desh Weerasinghe

    13 hours and 44K views, here's something before this gets recommended on everyone's and finally hitting millions, I was fucking here before big numbers.

  • Straight Whacker
    Straight Whacker

    Cat: WTF!?

  • Pro Vax
    Pro Vax

    Worm the dog.

  • What's my name?
    What's my name?

    If your dog does that the only thing he's doing is wiping the shit on his ass to the floor that's all

  • Emma Nucci
    Emma Nucci

    Wide someday you said bad word

  • Lynn H
    Lynn H

    Looks like he needs to go take him to the vet and have his anal glands expressed!

  • ffcuck . Com
    ffcuck . Com

    I want more of the chicken!!!

  • Alwayz Sleepy
    Alwayz Sleepy

    Cat be like - What's this crackhead doing this time?

  • Mr Darcy
    Mr Darcy

    😾: “Ya filthy animal!”

  • Nelson

    Behold! The decline of civilization!

  • Alejhox

    Would have been fun that Cat starts to do the same!! 😆😆

  • Rondomfy

    Cat: I'm feeling you

  • L

    My dog once dragged his butt like this and we went to the vet. It was worms please take him to the vet.

    • A.R. Madison
      A.R. Madison

      @MysticBunne Irritation caused by eating certain foods could also be the cause

  • Happy Hunter
    Happy Hunter

    Take care of your dog, take him to the vet he has worms dummy

  • Domonkos Ludvig
    Domonkos Ludvig

    He forgot his handbrake is on.

  • Koa K
    Koa K

    When she is rubbing his butt it's like he is on a train:) lol

  • dragonflycat

    When a dog does that it usually means he has worms. Seriously.

    • Conner Fernandez
      Conner Fernandez

      Or their arse just itches...

    • ꧁Cat G꧂
      ꧁Cat G꧂

      More likely plugged anal glands.

  • Panthera Tigris
    Panthera Tigris

    Dog dragging his butt Cat: what a weirdo,but they all gonna say it's cute.

  • shelby tanase
    shelby tanase

    I love the doghouse, but make sure you take him or her to the vet, that is usually a sign that something is wrong like worms or other thing if I’m not mistaken

  • Denise Larsen
    Denise Larsen

    Vovven har analsäcksinflammation Gå till veterinären Är fruktansvärt jobbigt för hunden Analsäckar måste tömmas ev opereras bort

  • Guy with penguin
    Guy with penguin

    Cat : "The fuck what just i see?"

  • ItzBumBoe

    Lol the cat’s face like “whoa whoa what’s he doing???”

  • Beats Kartel
    Beats Kartel

    The Cat:Wtf😳

  • Navneet Rai
    Navneet Rai

    Cat: stupid doggies 🙄

  • Lou Grace
    Lou Grace

    Cat: Duuude, I sit on that...

  • Deepak Sharma
    Deepak Sharma

    Cat be like- Damn gurrrl......😂

  • honk bonk
    honk bonk

    cat add dog add dinner

  • Chey B
    Chey B

    This was posted 6 hours ago

  • Nøkken Løken
    Nøkken Løken

    Well, the title didnt lie

  • João Medeiros
    João Medeiros

    Here Before 1 million views. See you in 6 years

  • Ethan

    Dog: what my booty itches

  • Stephen Hawking
    Stephen Hawking

    *HERE BEFORE 20k VIEWS* One day it will touch millions 🤙

  • Just Roberto
    Just Roberto

    Theh cat be like: Oiiii Oiii,what are you doing mate?!


    Me: gets a new carpet Dog: weeeeeeeeeeee

  • The Boldster
    The Boldster

    I think he might need his anal glands expressed if he is doing that lol

  • Straight Busta
    Straight Busta

    He's like bro wtf u okay?


    I need the same drug the dog is on.

  • Alain Bauristhene
    Alain Bauristhene

    Shame poor dog has a bad case of worms

  • SFTgolfer

    Why does the internet exist

  • Half Blood Prince
    Half Blood Prince

    Dog : & Cat : °|°

  • Not so Anonymous
    Not so Anonymous

    if your dogs start rubbing their butt to a carpet to relieve itchiness, you should go to the vet in case of worms / worm eggs

    • Sara

      @SilverBullet Most of the time, yes. They could have worms or plugged anal glands, but if you take them to a groomer or a vet on a regular basis you'll know if your dog has either. When I asked my dogs vet about it, he said, "What do you do when your butt itches?", I said, "Um, scratch it?", he said "Exactly. Dogs just don't have hands so they have to get creative." 😂

    • SilverBullet

      @Sara so it's simply an itchy ass. All doggos pull this stunt lol. Mine hasn't done it for a while at least.

    • Sara

      It just means their ass itches and they don't have hands to scratch it. My dog goes to the vet twice a year, nothing wrong with him, he just gets an itchy ass sometimes.

    • ꧁Cat G꧂
      ꧁Cat G꧂

      When dogs do this most of the time it means they have plugged anal glands. Some owners have to squeeze them themselves. But that carpet maybe garbage now.

    • Terry Ngo
      Terry Ngo

      thats what i was bouta say

  • Shamraj Sunderamurthy
    Shamraj Sunderamurthy

    Cat: look at this duuuude

  • Harsh editz
    Harsh editz

    This is a serius problem he had to go vet

  • sürünen adam
    sürünen adam

    itchy ass

  • oåooåo ipip
    oåooåo ipip

    Only 11 148 Views? I feel like this is a masterpiece and it has the potential to be a new viral hit.


    dude u put a lot of effort in your yt logo bro

  • Funny cats hub
    Funny cats hub

    cat: wth wrong witchu😂😂

  • lemongopher

    That ain't a cat, that's Cotton Hill.

  • Marian Omar
    Marian Omar

    The cat was like "what the butt"😂😂

  • Catalina Orangefeather
    Catalina Orangefeather

    The dog though

  • Catalina Orangefeather
    Catalina Orangefeather

    The cats face

  • Catalina Orangefeather
    Catalina Orangefeather

    Love it

  • Catalina Orangefeather
    Catalina Orangefeather


  • Riya

    The cat looks like - why does this dog have no brain, he's embarrassing me again

  • Hiyuke La Vie
    Hiyuke La Vie

    That dog is basically smearing his shit all over the carpet

    • Bendigo

      Either the dog has worms or it is just marking the rug with its scent glands.

  • Riya

    JPflow recommendation squad assemble

  • Riya

    Welcome to why did JPflow recommend me this

  • quintessentialangel

    The dog might have worms and other parasites

    • Southpines Hooligan
      Southpines Hooligan

      @My Name looking at the face he made, probably yeah

    • My Name
      My Name

      Or anal glands need to be expressed

  • Donnie Tariang
    Donnie Tariang

    The dog : broom broom broommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The cat : wtf

  • JustBurb

    Remember me when this video becomes viral

  • zed nes
    zed nes

    Is that carpet clean to walk on?

  • Strength & Discipline
    Strength & Discipline

    Cat : Weird fetish

  • フェリサリサFel

    Wait.. dog does that to clean their butt or what? I saw a dog do that at grass just today..

    • フェリサリサFel

      @Bendigo ohhh thx

    • Bendigo

      To scratch it. They usually have something wrong that makes their butt itch and they cant reach it to scratch the itchiness.

  • ashish yadav
    ashish yadav

    Cat: Don't do that you moron, yesterday I made the human slave do the same🐈, now you gonna get some weird b*tt sickness from those two legged slaves !!

  • Milstelle

    Cat: *wth ok*

  • Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim
    Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim


  • yh 0340
    yh 0340

    Leaving a comment before this legendary video becomes viral

  • Devansh Awasthi
    Devansh Awasthi

    Imagine one of his testicle accidentally dragged in the moment

  • Aldous

    "Why are we here just to suffer" -the cat, probably

  • Arianna De Nicolo
    Arianna De Nicolo

    "Internet is a dangerous place" Internet:

  • yavin 343
    yavin 343

    "What kind of technique is this???"