Dove Cameron - LazyBaby (Official Video)
Official video for "LazyBaby" by Dove Cameron.
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Oh no
If you think for one second
That I would.. please
I got way too many options
To be over here
Killing myself just to give you life and you don’t even care
Layin' there takin' it easy, but that’s not fair
Don’t need you to love me lazy
Love me now or you will be replaced
Thrilling yourself
Wavy from the substance in your head
Need a negative number of YOUs in my bed
On Perc-ies you drive me crazy
You turn me off I'm all out of patience
Lazy Baby I ain’t playing
Time to get up, ain't measurin' up
Get gone
Uber lady’s outside waiting
If you don’t give a fuck
I don’t give a fuck
Get gone
I don't really care idgaf idgaf idgaf
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what ooo
Something going wrong in your dome
Pissing me off in my home
Autotune fix up your tone
Talking to a queen on her throne
Don’t know why you’re waiting on me
If you don’t work you don’t eat
You promised you would fuck up my life
Why my kitty still got 9?
You said you’d have me seeing stars
But you got me sleepy I
Think I need some CPR
You played like a VCR
Said you’d have me seeing stars
But you got me counting them down now
Like 4 3 you’re 2
Lazy Baby I ain’t playing
Time to get up, ain't measurin' up
Get gone
Uber lady’s outside waiting
If you don’t give a fuck
I don’t give a fuck
Get gone
I don't really care idgaf idgaf idgaf
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what
I don’t give a what ooo
Not even one like
I can't even stress how much I'm done
What are you waiting for?
Get gone
Director: Jasper Soloff
Production Co: Dreambear & Our Secret Handshake
EP: Evan Brown
Producer: Laura Bird
DP: Jason Lester
Editor: Cal Laird
Colorist: Loren White
VFX: Matt DeLisi
#DoveCameron #LazyBaby

  • AK

    It’s like you wrote a song directly at my ex, thank you ❤️

  • Parmida - Army-katycat-forever
    Parmida - Army-katycat-forever

    You make my childhood perfect💜🔥

  • Deepmala Singh
    Deepmala Singh


  • Jenna Acho
    Jenna Acho

    wait is she dating that guy? who is ge

  • carolina jamez
    carolina jamez

    Omg I love her this song is song

  • R& R
    R& R

    doja cat and sza song , sounds kinda like this tho 🤷‍♀️

  • Jae-Melodic

    Hands down one of the best songs of the year 🤞🏾

  • Sachin c
    Sachin c

    Dove I am your biggest fan your sister actually emailed me a video that said happy birthday Myra ch.

  • lima

    dove’s makeup is insane omg so pretty

  • lima

    soooo good

  • Gabriel Moura
    Gabriel Moura

    Vibe voice Selena gomez.

  • Dayot, Krisha Abby S.
    Dayot, Krisha Abby S.

    the intro reminds me of Say So by Doja Cat. This is a vibeeee yasssss 🙌✨

  • Alice paz
    Alice paz


  • BLACKPINK In Your Area
    BLACKPINK In Your Area

    How does she look so beautiful....?

  • Dayanna Guevara
    Dayanna Guevara

    beautiful I am your number one fan fan

  • Caitlyn Kennedy
    Caitlyn Kennedy

    My favourite is Jenie in a bottle by Dove Camron

  • Stanley Tyrone
    Stanley Tyrone

    Shouldn't this be on the top of the billboard

  • Stephanie C
    Stephanie C

    She said fuck 😱 and it's sounds so innocent

  • Eduardo Fidelis
    Eduardo Fidelis

    Estou aqui pq o Bruno di Maio indicou

  • Kowhai Jim
    Kowhai Jim

    I was like this is Dove right? But I can hear Selena, wtf yoooo they sound the same, or is it that Selena just sounds like Dove..? Hmmm

  • jackflashx

    Anyone else thought this was going to be a cover of "SAY SO" by Doja Cat? 🐱

  • k͎e͎d͎i͎l͎e͎r͎ d͎ün͎y͎a͎s͎ı Tv
    k͎e͎d͎i͎l͎e͎r͎ d͎ün͎y͎a͎s͎ı Tv


  • Afsheen Tahira
    Afsheen Tahira

    this is such a bop

  • Tajanai Johnson
    Tajanai Johnson

    She just looks so happy

  • vedaah prasad
    vedaah prasad

    The 2.5k people who disliked don’t have any taste.

  • Vanya Sidana
    Vanya Sidana

    Dayum! Girl you rock

  • Claire Brd
    Claire Brd

    « Lazybabyyyy i ain’t playin »

  • Jay'Den Darnell
    Jay'Den Darnell

    After hearing this I need a dove and doja track because they would sound great together

  • Hasia Azriel
    Hasia Azriel

    Absolutely love this!

  • Camila Valladares
    Camila Valladares


  • Natasha Da Rocha
    Natasha Da Rocha

    Thats a lot of fuck hajahahaha

  • Angie Rose
    Angie Rose

    Why this song be perfect for Harley quinn

  • Bodie H.
    Bodie H.

    Am I the only one who thinks this is what Selena Gomez would sound like if she was an amazing singer

  • Emma Ao
    Emma Ao

    This is a mixture of say so,and Cardi B

  • Emoji IM
    Emoji IM

    Love Dove Cameron always 😍 can’t wait to see her in Power puff girls !!!!!!

  • Mariana

    I love it! ✨✨🤍

  • Abby H
    Abby H

    Okay but this slaps

  • Mica Ezra Valdez
    Mica Ezra Valdez

    Ahhh big fan of mal a.k.a Dove Cameron

  • puppycornshakira

    This song is nice

  • Rachel Murray
    Rachel Murray

    I’m confused who is the guy at the end I thought this was a break up song someone please enlighten me I’m very confused

    • Rachel Murray
      Rachel Murray

      @Dovely Grace thanks

    • Dovely Grace
      Dovely Grace

      It's Alexander

  • itz**leah**gacha

    all i wanna know is who is that dude in the end =•=

    • DovesNight

      Alexander 23

    • Dovely Grace
      Dovely Grace

      It's Alexander

  • Santiago Nas
    Santiago Nas

    Sou fã de Descendentes 1,2 e 3 ❤️

  • Santiago Nas
    Santiago Nas


  • Charlhy Guerreiro Di ́ Forggio
    Charlhy Guerreiro Di ́ Forggio


  • Kurth Joshua
    Kurth Joshua


  • Khalel Whittingham
    Khalel Whittingham

    Fireeeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Katelyn

    Lovee this song and love how her teeth aren’t like perfect makes her more relatable for sure

  • MadiKillsYou

    *lost twerking*

  • Kerry Hodges
    Kerry Hodges

    Is this about Ryan Mccarten?

    • DovesNight


  • Lauren Johnson
    Lauren Johnson

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  • Lauren Johnson
    Lauren Johnson

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  • Yashe Jansyn
    Yashe Jansyn

    Now that's my fave.

  • Brainy Kids
    Brainy Kids

    I love all the hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlee Allen
    Charlee Allen

    Okay I love this song and I love dove but I really don't like the way she revealed her new boyfriend or whatever at the end it's very confusing and I get she wants privacy but she didn't have to confuse as like that

  • De Leon Escalante Alexia Sarai
    De Leon Escalante Alexia Sarai

    Estoy traumada con esta canción

  • Bangirlx

    She kinda sounds like Selena Gomez. i really like this song ♥

  • Eulises Manuel
    Eulises Manuel

    Ilove voice

  • lily anne
    lily anne

    1:36 no hate but all i can hear is positions by ariana

    • twilight


  • maria virginia
    maria virginia

    please a collaboration with BLACKPINK , this is going to be a bomb

    • twilight

      ew no

  • Natali Elivet Soza Vallecillo
    Natali Elivet Soza Vallecillo

    Wow Dove Cameron eres súper talentosa y eres increíble

  • Deiondre Hall
    Deiondre Hall

    Yes the queen releasing music is keeping me vibing through quarantine

  • Ingrid Hyung
    Ingrid Hyung

    AAAA NO PUEDO CREER fue hermoso

  • Sueisy Freires Lima Kalif Siqueira
    Sueisy Freires Lima Kalif Siqueira

    Cadê os brasileiros 🇧🇷💛💚 que apreciam essa música fantástica. Dove o Brasil te ama. Música F*DA

    • Santiago Nas
      Santiago Nas


  • Angely Rodriguez Casaverde
    Angely Rodriguez Casaverde


  • Laisla Vitória
    Laisla Vitória

    Eu amei 😍

  • Nafeesa Shah
    Nafeesa Shah

    Do you think that she would look good in black hair

  • Isadora Possato
    Isadora Possato

    I don't know with but I fell like Doja Cat vibes.

  • Elisa Mateos Cepeda
    Elisa Mateos Cepeda

    Que atuendo!

  • Grace Bach
    Grace Bach

    My dream is to be in big movies just like you. I’m a dancer in Australia You and Sofia Carson are my idols I wish I could meet you in person. Great song ♥️♥️♥️ when I’m older I want to be an actor

  • We have feelings ꨄ
    We have feelings ꨄ

    Hi dove! I’m such a big fan! Your such an inspiration to me, I want to be like you when I grow up! Your an amazing singer/actor. Your always looking so pretty! And I love your music and your shows! The first time I saw descendants I fell in love with the show! My other favourite is liv and Maddie! I hope you read this! It’s not likely you will but your such an inspiration! Byee! :)

  • Marjorie beatriz Dantas cruz
    Marjorie beatriz Dantas cruz


  • Kimberly Felix
    Kimberly Felix

    I am working on a piece of 🖼 artwork 🖼 and I am listening to this song over and over again She is amazing in this song love all her looks

  • Alex Francois
    Alex Francois


  • lizziebakeoven

    BAM, what?

  • rylee walker
    rylee walker

    why is everyone twerking 😃

  • Ainhoa Revilla Reyes
    Ainhoa Revilla Reyes

    ¿Por qué demonios esta canción no es viral?

  • Leilani

    she knows how to do white right

  • Melissa Robles
    Melissa Robles

    Su voz se parece mucho a la de Selena en esta canción

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith

    Genuine question: who is her target audience? I only know about her from my Liv & Maddie obsessed 9 year old. Ok. She's charming and talented. But now she's doing the whole edgy thing with music that is so forgetful and saccharin. I'm just confused why she wouldn't appeal to a broader audience. She also seems damaged. Can't quite place it. Like sad and abused.

  • 『BE』MJ

    *perreo hasta el suelo*

  • Henmilli Santos
    Henmilli Santos

    Perai?! O cara no final do clipe e o Thomaz Doherty ???

  • Luciana Collazos
    Luciana Collazos

    The best song 🌻🧚‍♀️

  • theperfect angel
    theperfect angel

    this is gïving me doja cat vibe

    • twilight

      oh pleeeease 🙄


    Hold this indirect Thomas ... Dove oozes talent my queen🙌🏼✨🌹❤

  • Yira Suárez
    Yira Suárez

    La música se parece un montón a la canción de doja cat 👀

  • BabyYoda

    Wtf why is she so pretty and I'm not

  • Giss P.F
    Giss P.F

    Qué hace Diggy ahi

  • Maria Eduarda Carvalho
    Maria Eduarda Carvalho


  • mikki ortega
    mikki ortega

    Obsessed with this song! Put it on repeat

  • Zoniaperez Perez
    Zoniaperez Perez

    Hermosa la amooo soy su fan n1

  • Kamarea Johnson
    Kamarea Johnson

    Omg Love It

  • trollina

    You love dove camaron 💞👏👏

  • Isabella Mackey
    Isabella Mackey

    Dove you are seriously the best I am trying to learn to skateboard and I just put your song on repeat and it just helped me so much.

  • lil lemon
    lil lemon

    i love her low tone sm...

  • Raquel Torres
    Raquel Torres

    Is my music favority of world

  • ferfs

    this deserves so much more

  • •Maria•

    Que chapéu feio pra cral.......... Credo a unha TB ta feio na 2 3 ;---;

  • Hannah Kershaw
    Hannah Kershaw

    All this is a vibe

  • aasxyah

    Isn't that her ex boyfriend like the one before thomas I forgot his name lol

    • aasxyah

      @Moisa J Wroy I don't mean thomas I mean he looks like the guy she was dating while fliming live and Maddie I forgot his name but he looks like him

    • Moisa J Wroy
      Moisa J Wroy

      People say its Alexander 23, but he looks so much like Thomas!

  • Edward Warren
    Edward Warren

    *disco twerking*