Dude Wars | OT 24
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Thanks for watching #Overtime24
Intro: 0:00
Cool Not Cool: 0:54
Fight Scene: 07:37
Halftime: 12:11
Judge Dudy: 13:20
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:45
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  • Dhaval Choksi
    Dhaval Choksi

    Wow nice fighting coby and ty ,cory is funny

  • Gulshan Kumar
    Gulshan Kumar

    Petition for new part of Trick shot video...

  • D4ffa Gaming
    D4ffa Gaming

    you guys should do pringles lid trickshot

  • Bryan Ruiz
    Bryan Ruiz

    the tape😂

  • TripiA

    Where you get the lightsabers from

  • Astitva Sehgal
    Astitva Sehgal

    The new seats were great! Shouldn't have changed back

  • Landan Babo
    Landan Babo

    I’m not kidding, if dp wanted to make their own Star Wars film they could and WILL be better than the Disney versions.

  • 1 M without video Guinness world record
    1 M without video Guinness world record

    █▀█ █▀▀ █▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀ █▀▀ ▀█▀ █▀▀ ██▄ █▀▄ █▀░ ██▄ █▄▄ ░█░

  • Brendan Kemps
    Brendan Kemps

    I would’ve loved to know how Tyler fell in the water

  • It’s Yaboi
    It’s Yaboi

    Part two dude perfect wars The battle of the drones

  • Adrian Goulet
    Adrian Goulet

    When Coby needs tape get him the TAPE!

  • Lacey Utley
    Lacey Utley

    Ty should have been doing his punishment with Bear Grylls

  • Jefferson Go
    Jefferson Go

    Lords mobile SUCKS I played it I enjoyed it BUT u have to grind for months or even years it's not fun DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  • Christopher Mougios
    Christopher Mougios

    This fight scene is better then the ones in the movie

  • Muhammad Sudais
    Muhammad Sudais


  • Reverse_Clipz

    This was one was on my sisters birthday

  • Arnav Deshpande
    Arnav Deshpande

    love from INDIA

  • Arnav Deshpande
    Arnav Deshpande

    pls do harry potter wand duel battle again pls. HUGE FAN DP

  • Jackson Klein
    Jackson Klein

    You won’t like this comment

  • yeetmaster

    Dudes, where can I get Rage Monster shirts for my son and I? 😁

  • Ellison Lombardo
    Ellison Lombardo

    conspiracy theory… The person who plays The storm trooper actually also plays the panda

  • Kyle Silliker
    Kyle Silliker

    That fight scene gave me darth maul v qui hon vibes anybody else?

  • Titan

    ....Tyler you do realize that a human can last a couple days to a couple weeks without food/water?

  • Ramesh mithila
    Ramesh mithila

    Rc car video please

  • Steve Bonds
    Steve Bonds

    That mask is a take off of Disney's Black Hole.

  • Sikanthar Basha
    Sikanthar Basha

    please do new stereotypes,battles and trick shot videos

  • Titan


  • Cooper Marks
    Cooper Marks

    Do Bloops again from OT 8 pls

  • Titan

    I thought the lazer cube was cool👍

  • Madelyn Pulley
    Madelyn Pulley

    That fight scene was so cool! Applause to whoever coreographed that

  • Liam Ferris
    Liam Ferris

    Yooooo I hi

  • James Klein Funny Guy
    James Klein Funny Guy

    Death egg-o😎

  • Big Beans
    Big Beans

    More fight scenes that was great

  • Bcity Gaming
    Bcity Gaming

    I mean most people don’t chuck buttons at your mask

  • Jill Theobald
    Jill Theobald

    Dude perfect: Judge dudy is back! Everyone: Probably best segment ever! The new segment: gotta end this mans whole career.

  • Jessica Healy
    Jessica Healy

    Do a karate kid fight scene

  • Radiant YT
    Radiant YT

    Do Vaders Revenge for a second one!!!

  • Spencer Heitz
    Spencer Heitz


  • Drew Batt
    Drew Batt

    Better fight than anything in the sequels

  • Russell Kanning
    Russell Kanning

    garrett is annoying

  • Bhupinder Singh
    Bhupinder Singh

    You should do Gladiator battle next time....

  • TR3

    That needs to be a series on Netflix: the right for the eggos

  • HYPE made us
    HYPE made us

    Fight scene is the new best segment, the editors don’t miss

  • Ubayd Llah
    Ubayd Llah

    Hi from Indonesia 👋 🇮🇩

  • Vladislavs Dovgalecs
    Vladislavs Dovgalecs

    Poor Chad spending a night in wilderness...

  • E W
    E W

    just don't wear mask

  • just_a_guy

    7:40 disney gonna come at them for those sound effects lol

  • Rocky Raccoon
    Rocky Raccoon

    21:34 they said it’s 10 hay you think that’s cold I live I Michigan where in the spring we literally have snow

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money

    I loved the star wars, dude fight. Well done!

  • Gamer maaz x
    Gamer maaz x

    Dude perfect do a level 1 to level 100 trickshot

  • Victor Xu
    Victor Xu

    3:28 Don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it Among us 💀💀💀

  • MidasXGT


  • kamfire productions ._.
    kamfire productions ._.

    Karen when they see fight scene. CaN i SpEak To uR mAnAgEr!

  • the gaming adventurer
    the gaming adventurer

    wait did you use light sabers from the one where ty broke screen

  • Sushi God
    Sushi God

    That fight should be is better than almost all the lightsaber fights in Star Wars, and I think this should be something in Star Wars or something

  • Capt. Pico
    Capt. Pico

    This series has been going on for 2 years I think

  • Robert Bianchini
    Robert Bianchini

    Love judge duty

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker

    I won’t lie. That fight scene was fantastic

  • Joe Moody
    Joe Moody

    Who else was waiting for Lords mobile to be a Christian cellular service?


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  • drake drake
    drake drake

    WAITTTTTT, I thought Coby's product in cool not cool was a dilophosaurus head that was fake. Did the editors edited that out and Coby changed his product.


    I LLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE dude perfect and im 9

  • Noah Bates
    Noah Bates

    The intro really gets into my head every time

  • mikooaxdcdz

    John ? William ?

  • Landon Laycee
    Landon Laycee

    I ALWAYS laugh at 0:16 at Garrett lol

  • Pokémon Player
    Pokémon Player

    I guys should do build a boat battle 2


    U guys should premiere ot

  • Bryce Cabrera
    Bryce Cabrera

    Pls do top 10 ice cream

  • CarterKidsVideos

    You should try a Wisconsin 🧀 🎩 cheesehat

  • Thangjam Imo
    Thangjam Imo

    It should be dude theft wars not dude wars

  • Jessica Poirier
    Jessica Poirier

    Are those light sabers real?

  • ThatOneWeakLink

    8:24 - Let's be honest, how many of us have siblings that do that? xD

  • Tyrum Lance
    Tyrum Lance

    Idk why but cody is really annoying anytime he talks a just want to punch him

  • Landon Stewart
    Landon Stewart

    As soon as he said "in what form of payment Mr. William" I got an ad for little caesars pizza. I mean hey that's how I'd wanna be paid

  • XD_F_A

    All that over waffles LOL

  • Levi Youngberg
    Levi Youngberg

    I think dude perfect should do a pinewood derby stereotypes

  • Trang mu bá»± official
    Trang mu bá»± official

    Hehe 😂

  • Robert Balderas
    Robert Balderas

    When it snows again they should do a snow ball fight

  • Richard Marquez
    Richard Marquez

    8:10 is where the fight sene starts 😄

  • Ender Boii
    Ender Boii

    Fight Scene was amazing

  • Zarwali Hotaki
    Zarwali Hotaki


  • Currie Bechtol
    Currie Bechtol

    Was the jelly fish real?

  • Maxime Allaire élève
    Maxime Allaire élève

    Nobody: Not even Ty: Coby: "AaAaaaAAaaaHhhahHHHHhhhhH!!"

  • Timothy Garland
    Timothy Garland

    It would’ve been way funnier with the fight scene if he said at the end “I tried to stop him sir but he had the high ground”

  • Roder

    4th day trending.

  • jahsy

    hey there!! I am a small content creator (making vids soon) trying to make it big during these times, I'm not here to send your family prayers or anything like that just trying to make it big :) I am also subbing to anyone who subs to me :)) (No joke)

  • theCollective Beats
    theCollective Beats

    imma keep it short, check out our beats if you got the time

  • Oliver Brylowski
    Oliver Brylowski

    Dude wars

  • lesley sang
    lesley sang

    Is your name actually John

  • Thomas Allan
    Thomas Allan

    I thought everyone was being sarcastic about the editing, this is fire!

  • EliteRockStar

    Valentines stereotypes

  • Lucy Norville
    Lucy Norville

    Can u do world longest burb I LOVE ❤️ GUYS and can u PLEASE give a shot out to me it would mean a lot because My sister recently got COVID and I want to support her thx u guys are the best

  • Lucas Wirth
    Lucas Wirth

    New segment made me think I was actually watching a movie 😂

  • Mr Sonar
    Mr Sonar

    They have one of the best intros

  • Immanuel Mbango
    Immanuel Mbango

    Are coby and Cory's names actually john and William cuz I think not 😂

  • Bumble


  • Lauren Emeraldlord
    Lauren Emeraldlord

    While watching the fight scene all I was saying every 30 seconds was, "They're fighting over waffles!" xD

  • Little Geographer
    Little Geographer

    Nice clap cube

  • Christopher Pleasants
    Christopher Pleasants

    Please tell me this is real it’s so EPIC

  • Humble GachaGoddess
    Humble GachaGoddess

    Literally the best intro next to Cobys