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  • 美奈子小川


  • Chans Kitchen
    Chans Kitchen

    Jay: oh my god

  • Amelia Lee
    Amelia Lee

    I will consider Heeseung to officially be the best dancer in Korea 🇰🇷 right now if he dances to Olamide feat. Bad Boy Timz - Loading

    • Fantasia S.
      Fantasia S.

      @Amelia Lee they need to know this song lol 😎 I need them to dance to it so bad !

    • Angel Love
      Angel Love

      @Delilah Jensen all three yesssss!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Angel Love
      Angel Love

      Heeseung would be AMAZING 🤩🤩🤩 performing/dancing to this song.

    • Amelia Lee
      Amelia Lee

      that would be hottttttt 🔥🔥🔥

    • Delilah Jensen
      Delilah Jensen

      I totally agree sis 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 too bad I can’t link the song. Coz it’s awesome and they need to hear it because I would love for Jay, Niki, and Heeseung to do a trio dance cover to this awesome song. 😎🖤

  • chimmy cute
    chimmy cute

    I saw a lot of Heeseung various "charms" in this dance jam. Funny, cute, cool, sexy, shy ,etc. And they are having a lot of fun🤍 It's the first time they have a fun chats in the dance jam. (but idk)

  • en-ni-ki

    13:24 Ni-Ki's body roll so precise and smooth even tho he wears jacket I can see his movements clearly. 13:31- 13:34 I think it's only Ni-Ki executing his both legs precisely. This is why he reached this level with his 10 years effort. Stop dragging this 15 y/o boy! Without him, we couldn't have expected CD sales this much in Japan.

  • Lamin Phyu
    Lamin Phyu

    Bluejays are so proud of you...we love you so much Jay

  • Arielle D
    Arielle D

    i came for the EVE dance and I rewatched it 3 times just to see them do it individually. ALL 3 slayed btw as per usual

  • army v
    army v

    Engenes, we don't need to argue for this. It depends on his/her preference but having some members who are rly good at sth dfnly contribute to the group. Just remember and appreciate them. I know your bias is always #1 for you but the other members are also somebody's #1. We should respect that. If you really want to clear it, go to 'JakeHubi' channel on youtube. They have individual camera of this dance jam. It's obvious who got the most attention and liked even tho it's not an official channel. You'll see lots of comments from other K-pop fans as well.

  • Neverland.Engene.Reader

    has someone subbed this?

  • The trend is BTS
    The trend is BTS

    Whenever I see niki, he reminds me of taemin!

  • stan winwin
    stan winwin

    i love these videos bye

  • stan winwin
    stan winwin


  • jabbar ampatua
    jabbar ampatua

    they are so great specialy jay he is the great one cheer up jay love u enhypen.


    I’m so whipped for heeseung 😭

  • adisti nindrasari
    adisti nindrasari

    cant take my eyes off from heesung.

  • Yasmin Chitic
    Yasmin Chitic

    1.49 omaiga, Jays laught is so cute, it killled me

  • Oshani


  • S. Aleena
    S. Aleena

    Wow heeseung looks so light on his feet really cool!his dancing is on another level he enjoy dancing and performs with a different captivating vibe😍👍🏻 True and one only Ace of ENHYPEN!❤

  • Elif Sine Keleş
    Elif Sine Keleş

    I think we all think the same about jay's legendary style

  • ayu En
    ayu En

    I lone NI-KI!!

  • nanayongzennie

    I was gonna ignore but it’s getting really annoying. Why are enhypen’s comments always filled with ppl comparing them to bts??? You can compliment them without talking about the BTS members yk? You can say that Heeseung is handsome/ dances well You don’t need to say heeseung dances well just like jungkook Pls enha are their own people and have their own standards. You don’t need to measure them up to another group.

    • I was Cinderella
      I was Cinderella

      Exactly, I'm so annoyed whenever they associate him with Jk or EN- with BTS calling "2nd Jk" or "next BTS" it's like putting them in the shadow of someone else instead of appreciating their individuality.

  • Anjela Harrison
    Anjela Harrison

    Engene's today opinion: Talking about heeseung's dance, style, center, and how handsome he is. It's all about him.😍😍

  • Bianca_ P
    Bianca_ P

    i thought if this video is already finish is having a English subtitles, they have so many international fan hello:(

  • Bianca_ P
    Bianca_ P

    they laugh and i laughing even i don't know what they saying, #sadgirl #dont_know_how_to_speak_and_understand_korean , pain:(

  • Priyangka

    Heeseung , Jay and Niki are perfection. Those 188 pathetic humans who disliked this video, if you're in front of me imma yeet you out of my window--

  • Talyssa Amanda
    Talyssa Amanda

    HiHi 9:31

  • Nay Yera
    Nay Yera

    I don't know but Jay you are so cool I'm in love ㅠㅠ

  • Nor Alia Aqilah 3B
    Nor Alia Aqilah 3B

    Really love it!! To see heeseung, jay, niki do dance cover together!

  • EXO overdose
    EXO overdose

    EXO's eve just me goose bumps Exols🤝engenes

  • sodanwithu.

    how is jay so effortlessly cool? boi is not even trying and he still aced that shit..

  • Pearlymae kay
    Pearlymae kay

    Niki as always, already memorized the choreo

  • K.B.B

    Not my 3 bias dancing together omg 😦❤️

  • 美奈子小川


  • th k
    th k

    enhypen a bunch of exozenwols we love to see it

  • th k
    th k

    the eve really is the kpops industry go to cover song, as expected from EXO KINGS OF KPOP

  • th k
    th k

    exo fanboys wbk

  • th k
    th k


  • Hassan Family
    Hassan Family

    13:47 what is that song ? please reply

    • EN- Lovers
      EN- Lovers

      The Eve by EXO

  • Gayatri Pawar
    Gayatri Pawar

    Heeseung singing BTS On wow He is Jungkook of group enhypen ❤️❤️❤️😍

  • BTS_ Jins_Wifeu
    BTS_ Jins_Wifeu




  • hurley 1004
    hurley 1004

    희승이 진심 각잡고 보스랑 영웅 풀 커버해줬으면좋겠다 그럼 진짜 소름돋을거같은데... 짧게짧게하니까 너무아쉽네

  • Cony Solano
    Cony Solano

    Heeseung me gusta como baila y como canta

  • Happywind


  • zhim hadha
    zhim hadha

    Hi Jay i love u!

  • わさびにんじん

    Heeseung and Jay shared their earrings...........

  • handayani rose
    handayani rose

    Ini kok cuma bertiga. Yg lainnya mana wooooyy 🤭

  • Aya Alajarmah
    Aya Alajarmah

    المشكلة انو انتو لما تفتحو بثوث الواحد يكون نايم او يدرس.....شووو هاد الحظ ⁦ಥ‿ಥ⁩

  • jessica

    okay but i want to talk about jay because he showed us the time to show it wasn’t prerecorded we love you jay

  • vaishnavi

    He is so talented.

  • Angela Ramirez
    Angela Ramirez

    Where is my Jungwonnie? :(

  • Sera rokomatu
    Sera rokomatu

    Gosh I love these boys their styles another level 🤩

  • r cabs
    r cabs

    jay 🥵

  • lara

    heeseungs power is no joke wow i love the way he dances

  • Courtney Cole
    Courtney Cole

    Getting to know the group over time, they are all so mature for their age. Something so professional, respectful, even in relaxed settings. They are amazing here. What a future.

    • Sera rokomatu
      Sera rokomatu

      Yes exactly my thought so matured for their age


    Tho enhypen has no official dance line, I think these 3 are the most suitable for that. But for real, enha has 7 dancers they have the strongest dance line in 4th gen 😌


    10:40 don’t mind me 🤣


    THANK YOU JAY FOR PROPOSING DANCE JAMS, KINGS 👑👏 I really love this, Enhypen all rounders!, lov u ♡

  • rahma bensalem
    rahma bensalem


  • rahma bensalem
    rahma bensalem

    I just learned the choreo of the eve song from this video without doing anything Thank you enhypen 😂😂

  • rahma bensalem
    rahma bensalem

    I'm in love with Jay's face 10:32 😭😭🥺🥺❤❤❤❤❤

  • rahma bensalem
    rahma bensalem

    Enhypen are preparing for a comback didn't you notice they are weaing hats on all the new videos?? that means we have new hair colors 😭😭😭😭❤

  • Tinan Iltefat
    Tinan Iltefat

    24:57 "oh my god" -Jay

  • Leah Ccahua
    Leah Ccahua

    i live in germany and i am 10 years old . i like you so mouch

  • Leah Ccahua
    Leah Ccahua

    i love heeseung and niki because so good dancing ability and because so cute i love all in togeher

  • 자네레


  • やまとくん


  • nana nanana
    nana nanana

    Ni-ki is very good at dancing, he is the best! But now, I've noticed that Heeseung and Jay are also good at dancing😍 They are the best!! I LOVE YOU~

  • Jamaica Padua
    Jamaica Padua

    that feeling when you have to watch it 3x.... 1 for Jay focus, 1 for heesung focus, 1 for Niki focus. ❤️🥰

  • chimmy cute
    chimmy cute

    Heeseung why is it so cute and cool? He really always nails my eyes.

  • juvie lasado
    juvie lasado

    I Swear when Heeseung sings on, he sounded like Jungkook

  • Noemi Sch
    Noemi Sch

    Thank you so much!!! I love watch you dancing. 💕💕💕

  • Bunny Kookie
    Bunny Kookie

    I'm here again bcz of Heeseung 🔥

  • Love For Bangtan
    Love For Bangtan

    I really love Heeseung's voice

  • Maria Murat
    Maria Murat

    Did someone comment back door by bts?? Bcs at 3:39 heeseung said backdoor by bts sunbaenimㅠㅠ HAHAHA

  • Noemi Sch
    Noemi Sch

    I love watch your dance.

  • boracake berry
    boracake berry

    꺄 방탄이랑 투바투 커버 하는 그날까지 기다리겠습니다!

  • Belle âme
    Belle âme

    Heeseung is whole damn art.

  • C AB
    C AB

    천재 컨텐츠 앞으로 쭉 해줘

  • Finally a Multi-stanner
    Finally a Multi-stanner

    Did anyone else spot the new hair??

  • Mehr Chhabda
    Mehr Chhabda

    the eve cover is still iconic!it always will be!

  • Magic 13
    Magic 13

    Heeseung is so powerful dancer, performer and he's amazing singer. He can sing everything what he want. he's very talented and he feels the music, every beat. He's so PERFECT as an idol but also as a friend. His always so nice helping members in many areas and makes atmosphere better. As an Engene I love and support all of them. Enhypen is very talented group and i like their music.

  • Magic 13
    Magic 13

    Jay has so beautiful lines while dancing. he has different style and i love his freestyle. He's smooth and sexy and he also can learn choreo in few minutes. If he had a time he would definitely refresh Boss, 7th sense choreo and he would kill it wth his swag. Don't sleep on him!!! JAY is stylish and looks so cool, attractive that i'm not surprised of many comments abt his look but he's perfect not only visually but as an idol, artist. During Iland he was twice a leader and many times he helped others wth learning t choreo (fe: In&creadible) He's charismatic, hard working and supportive friend. I'm so proud of him (ಥ _ ಥ)

  • Magic 13
    Magic 13

    Ni-Ki despite his very young age and short time of training is amazing, brilliant dancer. He's a genius, dance machine and he has just started his journey as an idol. imagine his growth

  • astrid

    I know belift did not release enhypen official positions just like txt but I think it's acceptable if I'll consider heeseung, ni-ki & jay as the dance line of enhypen. These three has different dance styles but definitely are all good. Heeseung is like the combination of jk & hobi when it comes to dancing, ni-ki more like jimin while Jay reminds me of v dance style that is full of swag and powerful expressions.

  • Nessy Mwangi
    Nessy Mwangi

    I'm gonna talk about Jay. He absolutely killed it, so swaggy. Because looking at the comments the tension is real.And you what I'm talking about.

  • sokkheang 168
    sokkheang 168

    So cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Yoxis Torrealba
    Yoxis Torrealba

    *HEESUNG:* Muy profesional aprendiéndose el coro de The Eve *YO:* Intentando no morir buseándolo cada vez que baila el coro

  • Prita Yolanda
    Prita Yolanda

    Heeseung voice like healing 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Hey


  • Inas Tsabita Qurrota Aini
    Inas Tsabita Qurrota Aini

    Jay ma pren ✌️

  • Shavira Maharani bahar
    Shavira Maharani bahar

    Jay you look so cool😻

  • Me_bts

    I reaaalllly reallly love jays style the most :( everyone can we all let jay know that he’s really an ace and so talented and also touch many by heart which Is very hard... How dare he says he’s not talented? Like for real jay did u see how much body control and moves you’ve got... I’m not even talking about your talent, aura, character and personality ahhhh

  • YAY

    Heeseung smile is so cute 🙈💛

  • Helma Maria Negrão
    Helma Maria Negrão

    Jay has this sexy boss vibe... 🔥

  • Helma Maria Negrão
    Helma Maria Negrão

    I mean, can you really believe Niki is just >>15

  • Helma Maria Negrão
    Helma Maria Negrão

    The holy trinity of dance ✨ This generation is fire!!

  • vkookbliss

    *Okey, everyone is talking about heeseung but look at jay he's so cool and ni-ki a dancing machine* 🥺✨🤍

  • cantinho do meu ídolo ENHYPEN
    cantinho do meu ídolo ENHYPEN

    Pqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq vcsssssssssss não mostra o cabeloooooooooo?

  • Linksy Ni-ki
    Linksy Ni-ki

    They look really so cool and awesome. I reallt want to see some Girl Group Dance Jam cover live. 🤩