Extension Cord Tip
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  • ap Thingz
    ap Thingz

    Don’t let a magician see this

  • OneMadGypsy

    The real trick is trying to explain why you can't just pick up the bar.

  • grant w
    grant w

    Lol hilarious how many people don't see this is just a trick

  • Tire Slayer
    Tire Slayer

    What's this wizardry?? Lol cool trick I've never thought of..

  • Will F
    Will F


  • rollo vaughan
    rollo vaughan

    My mind just melted

  • david lopez
    david lopez


  • MrsRobinson0741

    😳 🤯 😜

  • Serhei Arap
    Serhei Arap


  • Денис Григорьев
    Денис Григорьев

    Это слишком сложно для моего мозга

  • Philipp M.
    Philipp M.

    I am not able to tie a Tie so pfff

  • The Valencia Family
    The Valencia Family

    tried this at home, now im all tangled with the cord

  • TraetuusPlays

    Its fake guys. Its made specifically for views.

  • Shyts Ngiggles
    Shyts Ngiggles

    Sir...take your meds...pls!


    I slow the funking vdo to 0.5 still can't see anything

  • TheNub325

    Witch! He’s a WITCH!!!!

  • yousin Lee
    yousin Lee

    내가 지금 뭘 본거야??

  • Shahab Mos
    Shahab Mos

    This video is wrong* . The standard way of doing this is cutting the pipe with a saw in 2 places . But if you want to save time just punch a hole in the wall and take the cord out . Then find the idiot who put the cord there and let him pay for the damage.

  • Shivanand Kurubar
    Shivanand Kurubar

    Fake &frod

  • Tony Uribe
    Tony Uribe

    Simply fukin AMAZING

  • Al Espinosa
    Al Espinosa

    How the fuck did you do that?

  • Gary Alexandrin
    Gary Alexandrin

    Мать твою, Как?

  • BeardGang

    It’s not trapped in the first place .... look carefully

  • Street Logic
    Street Logic

    Lmao it's fake people look at overlap at the cross when he puts finger over top lmfao

  • Kurdt M
    Kurdt M

    Algorithm booster

  • Tuan Lau
    Tuan Lau


  • Kyrie Harden
    Kyrie Harden

    Just pull the other end out that's what he basically did

  • Aiden Murphy
    Aiden Murphy

    I recreated it on my own with my extension cord, and it worked perfectly, but I still have no idea what the fuck is going on.

  • V. Shishmanian
    V. Shishmanian

    What is the background music to this? It sounds so familiar

  • Joshua Livingston
    Joshua Livingston

    Or you could just pull the long end of the cord through the loop. The extension cord isn't actually stuck if you follow the wire around.

  • Heuy Pham
    Heuy Pham

    Is this some kind magic trick bec I watch it over and over n over but I still dont see how it got on top

  • 페기구나

    Wow cg ....👍

  • Dat Boii
    Dat Boii

    rip my brain

  • derMemory

    I think I get it. He's using that loop he made to pull the cable passed the rod to untie itself. I don't know if I'm explaining that properly.

  • Михаил Степаненко
    Михаил Степаненко

    This is not a magic. This is наёбка!

  • chris mcdirty
    chris mcdirty

    I’m gunna watch it just one ☝️ more time. Ok maybe more until I figure it out. I will catch the trick eventually lol

  • JIS Entertainment Channel
    JIS Entertainment Channel

    Feeling very realistic

  • kaxis26

    I must be high

  • Miguel Terrero
    Miguel Terrero


  • Kiran Vootori
    Kiran Vootori

    Does this work? Yes How? I don't know How do you know? I tried

  • Gene Au
    Gene Au

    Why not just cut the rod?


    Video is edited , he cut video and then continues.

  • Эраст Фандорин
    Эраст Фандорин

    Обман! Полная хня!

  • Булат Назаров
    Булат Назаров

    А че так можно было что ли?

  • Anthony Gardiner
    Anthony Gardiner


  • Vivek More
    Vivek More

    I have tried it...and boom....it works..👍👍👍

  • Nivel desconocido
    Nivel desconocido

    Eso es Brujeria😰😱 mm ist like trick or magic or wtf?

  • Robert Regalado
    Robert Regalado

    Pretty amazing i want to try to duplicate this but I can’t imagine when I’d ever find myself needing this trick.

  • Frankyouknow

    I did what he did and it works. It's an optical illusion.

  • Hotzenplotz22

    It hurts my brain so bad 🤯

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    the knot, undoing it.

  • Sa Elot
    Sa Elot

    Montage 2 films with cut

  • Puttable PL
    Puttable PL

    This is so dumb end I can dislike u now🙃

  • Lavanya Aruchamy
    Lavanya Aruchamy

    He is jocking ,this not possible

  • PAhunting


    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      Omg take this science! Its magic 🤭

  • Utkarsh Goel
    Utkarsh Goel

    How tf it passes through them

  • bennettk90

    Just pull the other end through the loop

  • Becca Fox
    Becca Fox

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  • Clavan Dsouza
    Clavan Dsouza

    It's hard to comprehend. I watched it more than a few times and tried it will a cable as well. It works and here's the breakdown: So the cable is tied around a pole, the trick is taking the knot part of it, passing it from behind the pole, and untangling the knot there (behind the pole), after that the loops just falls apart.

  • Manoj Kale
    Manoj Kale


  • Олег Жбанов
    Олег Жбанов

    для невнимательных

  • East Jebus
    East Jebus

    Yeah nah, you'll never cross this situation in real life unless the electrician ran the wires like a sped

  • HaChi san
    HaChi san

    Lol, This trick is bull shit.... Watch closely the video frame by frame... When they fold the cable and put down below the rod *they cut the video there* changed the knot type and made it like working.... Nice editing though...

  • Y 3 3 Z Y 3 Z
    Y 3 3 Z Y 3 Z

    It’s edited. Your welcome.

  • Neel Rivera
    Neel Rivera

    WTF I mean I'm sorry guys but Or Im Dumb Or This Stuff Is Real Fake

  • Gecko


  • MehtaVary Wongtahan
    MehtaVary Wongtahan


  • Motley Stew
    Motley Stew

    Great trick but when will anyone ever be faced with this situation? 🤦🏻

  • Hase C
    Hase C

    Omg take this science! Its magic 🤭

  • AJ123123ify

    I don’t believe you imma go die now...

  • Tpecky

    How tf does this guy not have his own bible passage this is a holy miracle

  • Phrixus

    Now that is a real life hack

  • ucnhtmenow1

    Magic isn't a tip my man lmao.

  • Popcoolboi

    Magic just happened

  • AnaCuAture

    I tried it and I understand what's happening, and there is an easier way. What you do is just passing the tie from the bottom side to the top side (you flip the loop) and then just untie it from the top side

  • Айдос Таниберген
    Айдос Таниберген

    Фокус мокус

  • C D
    C D

    Why didn't you just bring the wire underneath with your left hand when you started. The plug never went under to start with. Dumb

  • riko juba nahii
    riko juba nahii

    this work 👍 good..

  • Tynai Jorobek uulu
    Tynai Jorobek uulu

    Это реально работает

  • Godnus Makamu
    Godnus Makamu

    The trick here is convincing you that the cord is stuck when it's actually not, just pull it up. You're welcome.

  • Ιωαννης Κοf
    Ιωαννης Κοf

    Totally fake,editing trick..

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    Me: dude just lift the pole up... Everyone else: OMG I need to try that!!

  • অজানা গল্প
    অজানা গল্প


  • Crz Xm
    Crz Xm


  • k_dekilo

    Por más veces que lo veo me sigue pareciendo brujería

  • Pea Nut
    Pea Nut

    i try this so hard and now my brain had loop

    • yuoop noke
      yuoop noke

      Still lost on this one.

  • Fui Diehockn
    Fui Diehockn


  • Sepppe04

    I cany handle rhus

  • home_grown comics
    home_grown comics

    I feel more stupider. My feeble little brain 🧠

  • Sam Artino
    Sam Artino


  • That One Guy Who Don't Watch Fate
    That One Guy Who Don't Watch Fate

    Boy Scouts don't teach me anything too useful

  • Joy James
    Joy James

    I had to read the comment section to.understand that this was simply a magic trick

  • Sir Trigger
    Sir Trigger


  • Chris Mcauley
    Chris Mcauley

    All he doing is transfer the knot the the other side with the plug on it

  • turgutjk

    Fake as fuck.

  • Dirt Squirrel
    Dirt Squirrel

    This would only work if in the rare instance of you mounting something across a cord you had the forethought to loop it.

  • Joshua John
    Joshua John

    Mr. Houdini over here

  • James Whitman
    James Whitman

    Dudes a fucking warlock

  • Malphite

    Why not lift the rod

  • Josh Wade
    Josh Wade

    Still lost on this one.