Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look
Seth takes a closer look at the Republican Party lying about the Green New Deal and the 2020 election as the U.S. passes a grim coronavirus milestone and Texas experiences an unprecedented power crisis.
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Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • G Brown
    G Brown

    The liberals will say or do anything to remain (ir)relevant to their handlers and the dwindling numbers of audiences that long ago gave up the ability to use discernment or think for themselves. Liberals pushing nonsense, fear, and hate along with avoiding real news and information that challenges their political view. The comedy isn’t funny, the movies suck, the music isn’t inspiring or moving, and the news is fake. All it can do is push hate, fear, and nonsense.

  • Who needs profile Pictures Really?
    Who needs profile Pictures Really?

    I'm sorry but I refuse to believe that winterize is a word.


    You'll like this one. The GOP lead legislature in AZ got a subpoena to canvass 2.1-million ballots from the November 3 Election. For 2 months they've been trying to get Maricopa County to turn over the ballots and voting machines so the legislature could hire auditors to go over them. The county fought back, but a judge ruled otherwise. Now the county is trying to comply, but the Senate says they don't have a secure place to keep the ballots and asked if they could use Maricopa County property to conduct the audit. The county said no. Keep in mind the county, GOP lead, hired their own outside auditors who found nothing unusual with the election equipment. What a waist of time and tax dollars.

  • skeptic tank
    skeptic tank

    Aren't you supposed to be a comedian? You see, comedians tell funny jokes. You don't. Ergo, you're not a comedian.

  • Anthony Borderline
    Anthony Borderline

    USA is just too big.. and has enough History. Ever wonder why Europe has so many diverse groups in so small space? No? well.. There is this history, and a spirit of co-operation with countries that have existed for a long time, and have had to find ways to come into agreements. USA has so far "Red" and "Blue"... (we'll have a talk about imagination and creativity later..), and some ugly history, undeniably. Beginning with slavery and genocide! More in between (Read Chomsky or dunno.. ) But maybe you should cut your united lol states into a two countries?

  • Tom Saylor
    Tom Saylor

    Still not funny.

  • day 2 day
    day 2 day

    Is political satire All he ever talks about . There is next to no entertainment on this . And he has crazy eyes...

  • Takln Trash
    Takln Trash

    You saying anyone is lying is fucking laughable!

  • Anthony Borderline
    Anthony Borderline

    I get it, all this USA maybe not number uno is shocking to hear if you're USAsian (Proud and why not?), but you have to face it. You have even a global supremacy problem and indoctrination. Maybe you are a country, untrustworthy in deals, warmongering in nature and resource oriented, but maybe you are one country among many? Not the One?

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard

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  • Jay 156
    Jay 156

    Why tf does this keep popping up in my feed. OK, have a dislike on your fake news.

  • General Lord Jowbra
    General Lord Jowbra

    Is this show supposed to be funny or entertaining? It's neither. It's like a discount fake news show. Weird.

  • bob cl
    bob cl

    fox lies about 90% of time on every article

  • C Z
    C Z

    How are you gonna diss a German Shep. and say that's not a "presidential" dog? Those dogs LITERALLY save lives when they work alongside police, rescue, and military. Would they prefer some young ass hyper moppy "toy" dog? I do not understand their dog hate and I am a cat lady!

  • Haydeez West
    Haydeez West

    As if Biden would be up at 6, packing his lunch pale and off to the mill. He's a rich old bigoted white man, not a working class American...

  • Dalton Jones
    Dalton Jones

    Alternative title:liar is mad about liars lying, lies to make liars look worse than they already do

  • Mark Herrington
    Mark Herrington

    Lol he says that "states didn't follow laws" he must be talking about GOP attempts at voter suppression and gerrymandering.

  • James Borden
    James Borden

    Really all they got wtf

  • September

    Ooh man, could your jokes be any more lame if you tried? This was tough to listen to. Everything apart from the dog segment.

  • Agnes Burton
    Agnes Burton

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  • Objektiv One
    Objektiv One

    smartass. Waste of time


    Can someone please resuscitate Johnny Carson. These clowns have destroyed late night TV.

  • SharpNote14

    Of course Fox News is putting out lies. Fox News is fake news. The conservative hate network. Full of hateful conservative Christians.

  • Cdub R
    Cdub R

    Hey idiots. Why is the word democracy not in the constitution or declaration of independence. Thank you founding fathers. Democracy never existed. So how does the word democrat exist?🤔

  • Ebenezer Sam
    Ebenezer Sam

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  • Haskell Hoeger
    Haskell Hoeger

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  • Kayotic217


  • babeshake

    Do people honestly laugh at this cringefest?

    • Richard Pierpoint
      Richard Pierpoint

      Jog-on, arsehole - muchas gracias, amiga!

  • Dalton Farris
    Dalton Farris

    Imagine being this unfunny 🤣🤣🤣🤯☠

  • Dos Postmann
    Dos Postmann


  • Kayla Mabe
    Kayla Mabe

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  • Randy J
    Randy J

    IT'S okay you idiots will move there for the low taxes

  • Randy J
    Randy J

    Back when Biden was a racist and folks forgot calling them animals. How easy people forget.

  • Ph1165? Russell
    Ph1165? Russell


  • Windy Girl
    Windy Girl

    Is it just me or is there NO popular channel that a woman owns by herself? I'm really sick of all these men in youtube. Women need to stand up especially since all of there men are mostly white. I don't care about race, but it's getting out of hand. I just wish people would realize how annoying it is for people to support BLM and crap but yet they don't give them an opportunity to create videos or something. Seriously it's national women's history month, not national men's history month. Plus we're the ones who carry children, not them.

  • nicole kapella
    nicole kapella

    Really, the dog?!? Hey dumbasses dirt alone does not mean an animal is neglected, lots of dogs just LOVE getting dirty. Since the dog is a healthy weight and has a healthy full coat I'd say he's just fine! If you weren't alarmed by the orange, sweaty, obese, man baby who used to live in the WH the dirty dog shouldnt bother you!

  • TheBigCat910

    You are not funny. Too bad you’re a tool for the mob

  • jaxx

    6:34 Cringe... Listen to this fool fail to be funny while slipping "powerful corporate patrons" in there, as if he's not the least successful, funny, intelligent, and entertaining mouthpiece if the most powerful corporations in the USA lol?? 🤫🤔🤔

  • Ryan

    I don't want to watch this cringe master. Please stop routing me to him. JPflow you are the worst.

  • Jack Druelo
    Jack Druelo

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  • jay cao
    jay cao

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  • C Khan
    C Khan

    The Dog looks better than some people that were there the last four years, and probably has a better caring heart than they did.

  • fordfairlane1955

    i doubt if corn pop even knows if its a cat or a dog

  • Phil 556
    Phil 556

    The Leftist media lies on the daily. The title of this video is SO "the pot calling the kettle black". The lies the Left puts out is worse by orders of magnitude. What a joke.

  • Jude St-Arnault
    Jude St-Arnault

    We can't reach 90% of our customers, easy fix, charge 10x more for the remaining 10%!!!!

  • Andrew Person
    Andrew Person

    And that’s dangerous the republicans are trying to bring in a dictator type of president be aware of what they doing

  • chuck peter
    chuck peter

    Is this funny? I get more humor from my gas station.

  • John Luttrell
    John Luttrell

    Isn't this guy suppose to be a comedian?

  • Hugh Culliton
    Hugh Culliton

    Excellent episode!

  • Matty Brown VHS Archives
    Matty Brown VHS Archives

    All politics aside, this is so intensely unfunny.

  • Timothy Buchanan
    Timothy Buchanan

    I am a Texas resident of over 60 years and I love living in a free state that is not locked down with your BS pandemic and your socialist democratic liberal bias torch the common man and you are not funny at all.

  • David

    Seth Meyers lies about everything. Why do people think this is news?

  • Johnny Erickson
    Johnny Erickson

    Damn those pesky health & safety regulations!!! So let’s tout the reliability of a resource that’s killing the planet, supported and sold by an industry famous for numerous natural disaster level “accidents” who’s not very fond of regulations while blatantly lying about a small potential competitor at the expense of public overall well-being. Yet if they embraced renewables I’m sure they’d make it a viable large scale commodity. Kinda reminds me of Kodak, blockbuster, Sears, buying CDs and the library encyclopedia... too stubborn to embrace progress they’re on borrowed time.

  • Johnny Erickson
    Johnny Erickson

    That dog looks like he’s one of the luckiest dogs ever... not like the rabid dog Cap took over for

  • Millennial Seeker
    Millennial Seeker

    What?! Fox lied?! Oh, my goodness! How is it possible??? Hint: That's not news. If Fox told the truth, that would be news.

  • fullmotiondriver

    Your numbers are simply wrong.

  • Jazzy BK
    Jazzy BK

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  • Jazzy BK
    Jazzy BK

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  • Gre'tch Ur
    Gre'tch Ur

    I prefer provided factual evidence and basic human decency with common sense being the main dish over pointless smack talking with a side of a higher paycheck and smooth talking along with having Randoms listening that actually don't ever check for themselves and end up being used as total tools for those that only value them as objects for them to be at the top.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    This is painfully not funny.

  • Terek Lemay
    Terek Lemay

    That news guys sounds like he is impersonating trump

  • Richard Wong
    Richard Wong

    Not for nothing, renewable wind energy is in the pocket of big horizontal wind turbines! 🤣 vertical wind turbines are the future! Rofl

  • W B
    W B

    Oh poor babies can't stop taking about Trump hahaha

  • Edgardo Garcia
    Edgardo Garcia

    I cringed watching this clip.. if he was trying to be funny using punch lines he failed miserably.

  • Aline Lajoie
    Aline Lajoie

    24 hours later, I am still laughing 😂...Seth taking Tucker’s windmills to an other level! He brilliantly turns ridiculous into comedy! So funny! Love from 🇨🇦 Canada!

  • Alexander Alexanderson
    Alexander Alexanderson

    Is this funny to anyone??? I miss comedy 😢

  • Trinity Hope
    Trinity Hope

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  • law

    LMAO, love how these people take these jokesters as news... At least be half way responsible and post your sources. If Steven crowder can do it... you can do it too.

    • A G
      A G

      Hahaha sad ain't it this is better info than Fox, cnn and msnbc combined could you blame the ppl I remember john stewart back in the day he was more informative than any mainstream news channel as well I don't think Seth is that good but god damn he's better than Hannity 🤣 not a surprise tho I could've run a better news organization than Fox at 12 they're so bad they gotta classify themselves as "entertainment" 😂😆

  • AL

    I always thumbs down JPflow autoplay of corporate media

  • Ted Fenrir
    Ted Fenrir

    Democrats, just give up your little parataxic distortions. EVERYBODY knows you're lying about covid like the Soviet Union with a nuclear powerplant

  • Abel l
    Abel l

    This is Comedy. Just reminding everyone. Yikes....

  • Ginger Nightmare
    Ginger Nightmare

    Texas is as Blue as Georgia if they could knock off the voter suppression. So now they just want to kill minorities/poor people.

  • michelle martinov
    michelle martinov

    The people on Fox are ugly - the dog is gorgeous

  • ohgoodnessrs

    Seth won't read this but maybe one person will and understand something. 1. Your Wind turbines did freeze and 7% is hundreds of thousands of people but that's not saying they all froze over just like not all gas or oil or coal equipment froze over. We have to look at the system as a whole and how does winterizing this system will affect it in the heat of texas. If you say just wrap it in heat tracing cables those take a lot of power and money for how often texas freezes over. IMO that would be put to local government to agree upon before installing. 2. Wind turbines and solar panels are actually worse for the environment then coal which sounds weird I know but wind turbines require extremely large amounts of steel per unit and have a lower life then a coal plant well also requiring you to destroy the environment around it and yes it kills birds. Solar panels have no real way to be recycled and has real metals in them plus other toxic materials that need to placed somewhere after end of life. Bio fuel is just so bad that most of these paid actors won't talk about it because then it would clearly show the scam they are pushing you. 3. STFU about morality you sold your soul to the devil for some slave money, sorry I meant chinese money, sorry I meant you didn't get paid at all to not talk about hong kong taiwon or the slave labour going on currently in china but yes Orange man bad and republicians are bad and racist. LONG LIVE SETH AND HIS MORAL HIGH GROUND, well until he isn't and then they devour him too. 4. Look at the start of the wuhan virus, people panicked and bought up everything in stores in all states and in all different kinds of countries. Blaming government for not having a stockpile of food to put in stores is stupid. Blaming them for not doing anything is stupid. WTF you want them to do? Go up to God and be like "Hey man not cool can you knock that off restore power and magic up food in the stores?". People are working on it and it will take time to repair the system. The government being there or not makes no difference because guess what? They are not pipe fitters or linesmen or engineers. They are normal people that act on behalf of the rest of us. All they could do is ask what the ground crews need to keep working on restoring power. TLDR: everything power source had freezing problems, "green energy" isn't good for the environment, morality for thee but not for me, governments cannot control people's actions.

  • Jessica Keller
    Jessica Keller


  • Julie Mont.
    Julie Mont.

    I love Texas cause we have free electricity on weekends.

  • Julie Mont.
    Julie Mont.

    You can’t give any news out mentioning president Trump, enough you obsessive people 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. WHEN THE FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA WOULD COME TO READ DR SEUSS BOOKS TO OUR CHILDREN SHE HELSELF DIDNT SEEN TO HAVE A PROBLEM... WHY EVERYBODY TODAY THINKS THERE IS A PROBLEM 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • ProjectCambrian

    So LOL I'm laughing at the Werner Herzog joke with baby Yoda and I laughed because that's Literally the exact Opposite of his Actual Reaction to the puppet on the set of the Mandalorian! He was completely smitten with it! Talking to it, he goes on about in in Gallery, the Making of the Mandalorian. Its super cute too listening to him Gush over Grogu with that accent of his and hilarious as well. There's a Real sense of Classic Movie Magic that surrounds that show and it really play out through that puppet.

  • Gregory Dearth
    Gregory Dearth

    A family member of mine immediately regurgitated these lies to me. I then showed her the pie chart of the energy sources for Texas. That conversation ended quickly when she realized her presumption (based on right wing lies) didn’t make sense at all.

  • Maria Gabriela Espina Gonzalez
    Maria Gabriela Espina Gonzalez

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  • Dino F. 82
    Dino F. 82


  • Peter Yeager
    Peter Yeager

    This guy is as funny as he is stupid

  • Dustin Fugate
    Dustin Fugate

    Horrifically unfunny, I hope you’re making absolute bank Seth.

  • dick jones
    dick jones

    "Fox News lies"...but "news" from a comedian is totally legit.

    • A G
      A G

      Honestly seth brings more truth than Fox, cnn and msnbc combined ironic isn't it by the numbers fox is the absolute worse place to get news followed by cnn and MSNBC

  • lance R
    lance R


  • chris dowling
    chris dowling

    Aggressively unfunny.

  • Scott Covert
    Scott Covert

    Tell us more about how governor Cuomo is under scrutiny for letting thousands of people die under his direct orders concerning covid-19, or that Biden is losing his mental state, or how Dr. Fauci gets $1 million for "defending science" but tells us lockdowns will continue even with vaccinations. Any reason why your show doesn't cover these topics? Yeah, didnt think so Seth Meyers.

  • Kathryn Hagemeier
    Kathryn Hagemeier

    Cohelia y Tejas from the Caddo Native American.

  • James Schroder
    James Schroder

    I dont get it?? Is this supposed to be comedy? I dont hear any jokes or humor, just 15 minutes of dickishness from a degenerate.

  • Camela Antonela
    Camela Antonela

    The abundant meteorology sequently flash because calculator ordinarily dance like a sturdy richard. curious, cooing forehead

  • Jim N
    Jim N

    This is comedy......

  • Jeff Perry
    Jeff Perry

    What a moron to the tenth power. And from Fundraiser who the hell ever heard of him.

  • Moriusca Natha
    Moriusca Natha

    The stupendous scarecrow cumulatively list because salesman jelly cover astride a chilly delete. obnoxious, smooth bladder

  • Andrew Herrera
    Andrew Herrera

    Since when is this clown a political analyst? He's a comedian for goodness sake

    • Theotterguy


  • rick dees
    rick dees

    "It seems everything in this country is broken" We all know it's all Trump's fault admit it.. Cold weather in Texas? Trump's responsible. California NEVER had a single black out like Texas has every hour.

    • rick dees
      rick dees

      @Kandy Boy Of course there are numerous justifiable and understandable reasons and not a single one of them is Trump. My Opening comment was me parroting the biased BS reporting we have all witnessed where the left liberal media is constantly blaming Trump, even since he's been out of office. That was my point. Thanks for replying. Cheers.

    • Kandy Boy
      Kandy Boy

      @rick dees lol. But seriously it usually happens due to heat waves. Not enough energy to supply millions of people who need air conditioning.

    • rick dees
      rick dees

      @Kandy Boy You know that was likely Trumps fault too. (sarcasm.)

    • Kandy Boy
      Kandy Boy

      We have a blackout a few times in the summer but that's about it.

  • Sid Sid
    Sid Sid


  • An American Citizen
    An American Citizen

    *Those idiot with high electric bills signed a contract for a flexible electricity cost rate because it was a few cents less than a set rate. My bill stayed the same low rate, the idiots bill went to $16,000, must have been a Democrat, because Democrats think they are smart but there math sucks.*

  • Rudy's

    Seth Myers a total pos despicable as/. And the worst part is that this as/. Still has a job

  • An American Citizen
    An American Citizen

    As a Texas resident, only idiots ran out of food and water. Storms coming, aw I will worry about that when it gets here. But its going to be bad you should prepare, god, you people will freak out over anything. When the storm got here, they said omg its colder than I though it would be, its someone else's fault. And the idiots who signed a contract with an adjustable electric rate verses a penny more set rate, my bill stayed the same and yours went to $10,000, bet you wish you paid that extra penny. As for the green energy, we are the only country doing it, even if we use it all the way and get rid of all the oil, we will not make a dent because China and all the other countries don't give a crap.

  • David Morris
    David Morris

    I guess these guys have never owned a dog. Attacking Biden's dog? Don't they have anything substantial to talk about? Love life people.