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進撃の巨人 4期 10話 リアクション
Attack on Titan The Final Season Episode 10 reaction
進撃の巨人 The Final Season 10話
Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 69

  • kokko

    ハンジは団長になっても根っこはやっぱりこっちがハラハラするくらいの研究者なんだよなあ 地下牢でエレンと初めて会った時、ハンジだけは身を乗り出してエレンに近付いたように、ハンジは知りたいことがあったらたとえ1人でもリスクなんて考えず直接自分で近付いて見て聞いて喋って触って調べようとする ニック司祭が死んだ時サネスの手に直接触れて真相を探ったのもそう そんな風に、今回もハンジはハンジらしいやり方でエレンの変化を理解したかったんだろうな サネスにも胸ぐらを掴まれてたなあとか、でもその時はモブリットが間に入ってハンジを守ってたなあとか、エルヴィンだったら最初にエレンと地下牢で会った時くらいの十分な間をあけてたかもしれないなとか、なんか色々と考えちゃうシーンだったな

  • なな


  • Ume 24
    Ume 24

    エレンの宿す進撃の巨人の、「進撃の巨人を宿す者が見た未来の景色を観ることができる能力」 これを踏まえて観ると、結局地ならしに頼らざるを得ない流れに向かっている事に対するエレンの焦りが伝わってくる

  • sudah

    not their fault for being confused, it's mappa's. why i hate this ep: 1. they cut out the MP's true reasoning as to why they want to make historia eat zeke. now everyone think MP is nothing but arrogant people 2. everyone seem confused about historia being pregnat, like why... for what reason... also why she has to bear many children. mappa cut out line some important lines from kiyomi that actually could clear that matter. 3. the order of the flashback is just all over the place, like who directing this ep? 12 years old? there is more but im lazy, also sorry for bad english. now anime only seem disappointed cause they was told that the writing is better than the last season. thanks mappa for turning great writing into mediocre writing

  • Rubber dildo with a pulley in the middle
    Rubber dildo with a pulley in the middle

    AWful subtitles LOL. Completely mistranslated.

  • A. Flores
    A. Flores

    Parece porno japonés

  • Jeanine19

    Eren was so mad everytime time they talked about sacrificing historia, good shit

    • Karla Alexa
      Karla Alexa

      PepeLaugh Delusional Erehisus at it again.

  • Ayden B
    Ayden B

    This definitely looks like a season 4 part 2 in the works. They squeezed 1 and 3/4 chapters into this episode and they have about 30 chapters left.

  • Noorma 5140
    Noorma 5140

    what the name channel muslim girl reaction?

  • Gumelar Gungun
    Gumelar Gungun

    "So ackerman was from hizuru ???" I was like, WTF ???

  • Maria de Jesús Perez Martinez
    Maria de Jesús Perez Martinez

    I'd like a glass of that wine v:

  • 日本語を覚えたヒルチャール


  • たらむら

    回想でサシャが頻繁に出てくるね。 死んで2度と会えないから、命は尊いのに。 悲しんだ気持ちが「あれっ」て感じだよ。 これまでそれ程出番無かったのに、死を利用している感がある。

  • マングローブチャンネル登録はしないで下さい

    だんだん話がややこしくてついてけない そんな外国人もいるんでは ユミルの顎知らん間にいつの間にか食われてた事はスルー?

  • Dara

    Connie angry misconception: The thing is the only person that knows Eren laughed at Hannes' death is Mikasa, so nobody would clear up straight away and say 'oh this is why he laughed, he deals with it this way' etc (clearly Mikasa didn't tell them either). The rest of them don't know that, so adding to the fact that it was inherently Eren's fault for making them rescue him, laughing and putting his head down when his expression changed (which means they didn't see the despair on his face), there's no way he wouldn't question why he laughed. As Connie said said too her and Jean are special to him, so that makes it more of the reason why he got angry because Mikasa is still defending him. I thought that should've been clear but seems people have been misunderstanding.

  • nagare ryoma
    nagare ryoma


  • 太陽Sunsun

    演技が上手くてギスギス感が凄かった こっちが気まずくなるくらい

  • Munnawar Khan
    Munnawar Khan

    Don't let the Farmer vs Eren theory distract you from the fact that Reiner got cucked.

  • Amare McDonald
    Amare McDonald

    I love the pace Mappa is going. They only have two choices; if rush through it to the climax, which would be really bad, OR go really slowly, make the build so big it will leave people crying, and then dump all heh shit thats about to happen in part 2

  • Amare McDonald
    Amare McDonald

    The Azumabitos are not Ackermans. They are just Orientals. Mikasa's mother is Oriental, her father is an Ackerman. Levi is an Ackerman. He isn't Oriental so he doesn't have any relations to that family.

  • Ben Jdns
    Ben Jdns


  • NO@


  • vikalp kumar
    vikalp kumar

    Eren is copying mikasa hairstyle and mikasa is copying erens hairstyle.

  • Desert Sandfly
    Desert Sandfly

    Police Officer: "Someone told Historia to get pregnant and I bet it's Yelena." Eren: 😐😶

    • Raymond Orunsolu
      Raymond Orunsolu

      @itzz_anime historia was the one that suggested it and asked eren what he thought about the idea. the removed a scene where it showed eren with historia as she talked to the farmer. Most people deduced that the story about the farmer getting her preggo is a cover up because eren would never allow it and it also seems random. To this day even in the manga we don't truly know whether it was eren or the farmer that got her preggo

    • itzz_anime

      I don't get it?

  • casek tr
    casek tr

    エレンの鏡前の「戦え」に容赦なく執拗に突っ込んでいくハンジさんの、 ほんとにやめてあげてな感じが、アニメでよりよく伝わりました。 ミカサにじゃれるヒストリアを見て微笑むエレンに、 こんな風に笑える人なのに、と胸が痛む。

  • S IH
    S IH


  • takashi tanaka
    takashi tanaka


    • 日本語を覚えたヒルチャール


  • Zombiechrist265

    Yeah please stop including Makenshi critique he completely misses the point of these episodes and can’t put two and two together. What an airhead. For the rest of you it’s the chubby guy bottom left that keeps whispering.

  • Rajeev Juneja
    Rajeev Juneja

    Yeah i dont understand as well. Eren did laugh at sasha's death but there was also a bit of sadness and anger in his expression when he looked down.

    • Rebel Fighter
      Rebel Fighter

      @lotsoflaughs13ify it always came off as a hysterical laugh, not a joyful one. But as you said, laughing in the face of grief isn't a normal coping mechanism. Right now, Connie's grieving so he's saying things he doesn't mean, even though he knows full well Eren doesn't take the loss of someone close to him lightly. He later apologizes to Eren for his harsh words via Paths, but it was almost too late to matter at that point.

    • lotsoflaughs13ify

      It's Eren's coping mechanism imo. People have different reactions to situations. For example, if a loved one dies, most people would cry in sadness while others would still be in a state of shock. Eren has a more unique reaction, which is laugh it off. He did this also when Hannes got eaten in front of him. He's still mourns for sasha imo, it's just that he doesn't react to how most would react. If you seen the Joker movie, then it'll make more sense.

  • Sereno


  • たらむら

    ヒィズル国ってまさか「日出ずる国」から取っているの? ダシャレじゃん。

    • アウラングゼーブ

      でしょうね。海外の人には絶対伝わらないと思いますが笑 巨人大戦の敗戦国とかエコノミーアニマルとか完全に日本のことだと思いました、

  • 闇月の少年


  • コウヒラチャンネル


  • りく

    ヒストリアの子供は誰の子なんだか‥ てか、ライナー お前どこまで作者に気に入れられとんねんw



  • Wolf Gupta
    Wolf Gupta

    Most of these reactors are like they come to show their face on fighting titans and don't understand shit about the story. Like that guy on the right middle says at 19:04 that this episode was unnecessary. Reaction channels are seriously one of the worst breeds of JPflowrs.

  • Oda Nagatoma
    Oda Nagatoma

    When it came to Zeke: "That's not what Eren was thinking" Manga Readers: monke cry like bitch

  • XII-J-17-Marco GS
    XII-J-17-Marco GS

    Someone needs to elaborate about the Ackerman and Azumabito case to some of them cuz I fear it’s going to be a troublesome

  • g7777


  • flow

    Zeke: *Shows a part of someone's ODM gear* Me: *Vietnam flashbacks of Miche*

    • Pétros Antares
      Pétros Antares


    • Aladin B18
      Aladin B18

      bro u thought i was the only one who remember mike

  • The Devils of Paradis
    The Devils of Paradis

    Mikasa's father is Ackerman and her Mother is Oriental/Asian , now revealed as Hizuru(nation)

    • m. imran
      m. imran

      @Generson Bryantheart oh sorry my bad

    • Generson Bryantheart
      Generson Bryantheart

      @m. imran Ackerman can't turn into Titan and Oriental race also can't turn into Titan. So it wasn't 50/50.

    • m. imran
      m. imran

      @flow so there's a 50/50 chance she could be turned into a titan imagine if she became a titan shifter lol the story would be over

    • flow

      so she's a royal descendant of Hizuru and an Ackerman? What a beast

  • Lazy Bop
    Lazy Bop

    Got a reaction to this on my channel! Feel free to check it out

  • Musical Anime
    Musical Anime

    Damn eren finally standing up instead of crying like the first 3 seasons WE NEEDED BADASS EREN LETS GOOO

  • Martin Martin
    Martin Martin


  • aburi salmon
    aburi salmon

    赤面のとこ頬赤すぎたろ。 作画が、

  • Randomness Animation
    Randomness Animation


  • Tin Sining
    Tin Sining

    Someone fck my historia ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • の名無し

    ちっさいおっさんリヴァイのシーンがウケてて嬉しい😃 進撃で頬染めなんてレアだから余計ほっこりする でもこれらのレアなほっこりシーンが全部後々心をぶっ刺してくるからしんどい

  • 高級クラブ『ワキ毛』


  • Little Joy
    Little Joy

    Everyone keep forgetting and misunderstood about Mikasa's oriental side (her mother) since everyone just focusing on the Ackerman's side (her father)..for your information,Ackermans and oriental are two bloodlines in the walls that opposite the king fritz(can't be controlled their memories and can't turn into a titan)

  • ten sabo
    ten sabo

    会話劇や群像劇すら面白いな、この作品は そしてそれらを見る外国人の反応も面白い

  • Sayōnara

    remove j-star reaction pls

    • キャラヤマト

      I think Asep Bedog thinks so because j-star’s surprised face sometimes looks like he's acting. I'm not an English speaker, so I can’t hear what he's saying while watching anime, but I feel the same way. He often makes a deliberately surprised face when the scene is not very shocking. He always has the same look of surprise on his face, and I sometimes wonder if he knows exactly what he should be surprised by in some scenes of anime. He seems to be acting like he's being surprised them in order to making reaction videos. But I think it's true that he likes anime.

    • nearxis, o bebedor de água
      nearxis, o bebedor de água


    • NaufalSubansa


  • Dio Rachmat Pangestu
    Dio Rachmat Pangestu

    My man hooked 2 queens in his short lifr

  • Muhammad Sobri bin Mohamad Taufek
    Muhammad Sobri bin Mohamad Taufek

    Spoiler alert! 'The rumbling is just an idea, right?' Errr...

  • Hezo Music Studio
    Hezo Music Studio

    Hey everyone, let's drink the wine 👍

    • hope right here!
      hope right here!

      damn i dont wanna turn into a titan tho ✋🏻

  • XplusY

    for those who still don't understand, mikasa inherited her last name from her father (ackerman), her mother was the one from the azumabito clan so the ackerman(s) have nothing to do with it

    • REGO


  • Emangret

    I came here for the "eh" duel

  • ggrksは許せない言葉だと思うんだけどみんなどう思う?僕もそう思う


  • あおい


    • Shiny Dratini
      Shiny Dratini

      鋭い考察ですね。 まさにその通りで、ジークが子種をばらまけば手早いのに、わざわざ彼はヒストリアに妊娠させているのです。

    • らむらむ


  • なつ


    • M M
      M M


    • 海.


    • らむらむ

      アニメは動いてるキャラを見て楽しんで観てる でも原作にあったものが色々カットされてるから原作も読むべきだよね!

  • 福丸

    エレンの行動原理は昔から今現在も 変わってないのでしょうね ミカサやアルミン、同期の皆を守るのが一番であってそれをする為には自己を犠牲にしても構わない 進撃していくだけ…

  • Just Some Guy with a Mask on
    Just Some Guy with a Mask on

    I was hype for a second there until hange said you perv and that had me dying.

  • 式守


    • りるれ


  • Dota Ultimate
    Dota Ultimate

    17:58 This is why the world need a balance of smart and idiot person in this world,come on this two "idiot" friend quarreling about whos more idiot..the mood i want to see im not crying you are

  • Jic John
    Jic John

    Drinking wine while watching is feel good...

    • m. imran
      m. imran

      @F1erce lmao

    • F1erce

      @m. imran its fine, as long as zeke wont scream hell be fine

    • m. imran
      m. imran

      plot twist: you're drinking zeke's spinal fluid

  • mai mai
    mai mai


    • M M
      M M


  • Charles Yongqi
    Charles Yongqi

    Mikasa, winter is almost over....

  • A.M M.G.S
    A.M M.G.S


  • 怪談レストランch


  • 【Naim 3AE】
    【Naim 3AE】

    Everyone just here to see their reaction when Eren is angry and Historia is pregnant.......

    • chocolate squirrel200
      chocolate squirrel200

      @RJ De Jesus yes

    • RJ De Jesus
      RJ De Jesus

      I'm a bit shocked and confused. Is Historia actually pregnant in present time?

    • An Ackerman
      An Ackerman

      @RudeFlex he is in his badass and sexy phase

    • Gabriel Marques
      Gabriel Marques

      exact hahaha

    • Hania


  • もちあんこ


    • タムタキ・タムタ


    • かんたっち

      @ぱんけちゃん それですw原作読んでて内容は知ってたけど まさか次回予告で言うとは思ってなかったんで 笑いましたw

    • ぱんけちゃん

      @かんたっち なんだっけ力尽きる鎧の巨人だっけか笑

    • かんたっち


    • 坂口慶人


  • Peeper

    19:05 who’s gonna tell him that the show is more than Eren punching his enemies in the face until their eyes fall out

    • Jonathas F Gonçalves
      Jonathas F Gonçalves

      @Kevin Arellano Yeah, if you have the time definitely check him out... He really pays attention to details and analyze/theorize about the series... I will be checking the ones you recommended as well!

    • Kevin Arellano
      Kevin Arellano

      @Jonathas F Gonçalves Oh gotta support him too then... I also really liked Semblance of Sanity especially Caleb's review and analysis given that he is an anime only. Jacob is a good manga reader too, letting Caleb analyze and not spilling anything. I also Watch The Normies (although sometimes Nahid irritates me) and Kimchi and Tofu. There are other reactors who are good with providing their analysis and review of each chapter. not as many but worth it in a way. :)

    • Jonathas F Gonçalves
      Jonathas F Gonçalves

      @Kevin Arellano Very true, thats why episodes like these do have a lot of interest, but only if you really pay attention and assume every detail could be a foreshadow... Not a lot of people do that apparently. A reactor I really liked watching the series was from the channel Show and Tell, he really pays a lot of attention and was able to predict many major plot points (but was wrong sometimes too, of course), a pity he doesnt have a bigger audience.

    • lotsoflaughs13ify

      Fr I've only seen a few of his reaction vids but stopped cuz of how one-dimensional he thinks.

    • Kevin Arellano
      Kevin Arellano

      @Braden Peterson I agree... Sometimes the subtlest hints have a biggest reveals. One of AOT's biggest charm and masterpieces are those subtle foreshadowing which makes you guessing what t could mean and surprise you when the big reveal happens.

  • ϟ

    They did the scene with Eren x Hange so much justice, even better than the manga

    • An Ackerman
      An Ackerman

      But the crunchyroll subtitles were wrong

    • An Ackerman
      An Ackerman

      @Bitch he was just showing that he can transform any time

    • Bitch

      I agree, I legit got scared when I saw Eren almost transforming

  • Slayer Loli
    Slayer Loli

    Thank you for not put the asian dude in here. He so loud and talk sh1t too much

    • Carbon Dioxide 2
      Carbon Dioxide 2

      That flat head?

  • 陸上海洋生物ーセイウチー

    Eh? Eh?

  • L

    I dont blame them for not understanding the joke. Need to have a good understanding of Chunibyo to get that.

    • Pétros Antares
      Pétros Antares


  • Deep Freezing
    Deep Freezing

    3 out of 10 of these reactors are analytical and the rest are a bunch of airheads

    • Grimlock 14
      Grimlock 14

      @aljuhaidy MHA is not bad, if you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad lol

    • JMPhase

      @Abid Akram To be fair with a show like AOT it is kinda difficult to remember every little detail, especially considering we only get like 12 episodes a year

    • Kita's uniform
      Kita's uniform

      @Fabz You're calling me a manchild when people like you can't even praise an anime without bringing another down. The irony. Go back to twitter

    • Fabz

      @Kita's uniform hey look there’s a manchild right here 🤣 I bet you like black clover too lmao

    • Kita's uniform
      Kita's uniform

      @Abid Akram Hey cmon now aot is a masterpiece but do you really need to bring another anime down? That just makes us aot fans sound like assholes. I still prefer Aot but Mha is far from having a bad story if you read the manga.

  • Josue Collazo
    Josue Collazo

    Tantos años y la gente no entiende la diferencia entre Ackerman y Azumabito...

  • Arrofi Hidayat
    Arrofi Hidayat

    You all know connie is idiot, l thought he didn't know what eren actually felt when sasha die.

    • ImAWeeabo

      @Johnny Coco oh I see thanks for letting me, my bad😅

    • Johnny Coco
      Johnny Coco

      @ImAWeeabo Well he didn't laugh because he had a flashback. It is Eren's some sorts of dark expression to show his depression and frustration that he couldn't save his important ones. In S2, Eren also laughed and cried when Hannes died. Btw, in manga his eyes were covered w/ tears after he laughed on the board.

    • ImAWeeabo

      Yea problaly since eren’s hair was covering his facial expression they thought eren didn’t care about Sasha’s death, cuz they only heard eren laugh, but eren was only laughing cuz he had a flashback about Sasha

    • kapsam Midi
      kapsam Midi

      he has lost faith in eren because they do not know what plan zeke made with eren they made a plan without any other knowledge plus connie still misses sasha even though sasha is gone #potatogirl 😢

  • おどおどオドリ


  • ArarG

    Need to go here after watching the late episode

  • SS PP
    SS PP

    4 season and some people still don’t know that Mikasa inherited her last name from her father, and not from her mother 😓 Edit: And that the symbol Miakasa wears is that of the Azumabito clan, which was the one her mother belonged to. Some people really don't pay attention.

    • SS PP
      SS PP

      @Azaria Sin By the way, if you already knew everything, then why do you comment? My comment was not even for you, or is it that you only do it because you like to argue and insult other people? And I don't even understand why you get like that, I'm not even upset, I just laugh at people who don't pay the slightest attention.

    • Azaria Sin
      Azaria Sin

      @Rodrigo .H yeah i get you. i can't say the same for the other dude. he's still going on a rant about blah blah blah BUT THATS NOT WUT DIS CHAPTER SEDD!1111 as if I haven't kept up with the manga over 5 years/since the Battle of Shiganshina arc lol. it is concerning how people would assume some black haired dude is automatically Asian though. sure, non-Asians are less likely to have natural jet-black hair, but its not totally impossible. i think Levi is only pale as he is (and stunted in growth) is because he grew up in the Underground, where Kenny has a healthier complexion.they kinda have the same face otherwise if you just aged up Levi and altered his hair color/skin tone lol. plus neither Mika/Levi look alike otherwise in terms of facial features.

    • SS PP
      SS PP

      @Azaria Sin Nobody cares who you like to talk to, did someone ask you?

    • SS PP
      SS PP

      @Azaria Sin Now you bring Reddit here and all that shit? You don't know what else to say?

    • Azaria Sin
      Azaria Sin

      @SS PP "u MuSt bE fOr thE DBz aCtIOn" yep, this REEKS of someone who lurks way too much in r/titanfolk. thanks for the laugh dude. i feel ashamed of being considered a manga reader and centrist: embarrassing incels like this is just one of the many reasons lol.

  • かきたまぜ


    • 闇月の少年


    • 原たぢばな


    • ムッシュガゼーの実験室

      @ああ お前大丈夫か?

  • M. Husni Mubaroq
    M. Husni Mubaroq

    the next episode will be bloody as hell LEVI

    • seido takizawa
      seido takizawa

      @廖俞翔 probably for épisode 12

    • 廖俞翔

      I think the next episode will be eren talking to mikasa and armine, it will be very ugly

    • KalaKeiko

      Nah, I doubt that's in the next episode

    • AnitaD

      yeah it wont be next one

    • seido takizawa
      seido takizawa

      most likely we're getting that in episode 13 or 14

  • douma


    • M M
      M M

      @らむらむ そりゃ平和条約を結ぶのが一番だけど壁内側からしたら失敗するかもしれない平和条約より確実に助かるエレン側に付いちゃうよね。それにエルディアの差別はマーレ以外の国の方が酷いって言ってたしキツそう…

    • らむらむ

      @M M ジークでさえアルミンと和解して改心したように無理じゃないと思うわ このまま世界中から悪魔としてパラディ島が脅威の島になるのもおかしい話だからね

    • M M
      M M

      @らむらむ そりゃ世間的には見たらアルミンたちが正しいがあの状況で和平を結ぶのはほぼ不可能だろ。それに壁外の人は壁内の一般人たちも皆殺しにしようとしてるしイェーガー派の行動が普通

    • らむらむ

      @蒼! 壁外も壁内のそうじゃない一般市民はどーなのさ 市民の平和の為に平和条約を結ぼうと頑張ってるアルミンたちが正しいやろ

    • 蒼!

      @らむらむ 今まで巨人を外から送り込んだような奴らだぞ?壁内の人からしたら壁外の奴らが死のうとどうでも良いやろ

  • Elexia Noxel
    Elexia Noxel

    "Who's the daddy" war begin - Anime Edition

    • Elexia Noxel
      Elexia Noxel

      @MatiuxFox haha

    • MatiuxFox

      @Elexia Noxel I'd argue it started as soon the pregnancy was revealed

    • MatiuxFox

      @DBT Do you know what a red herring is? Why would you take a character's account at face value as if he was omniscient

    • Abid Akram
      Abid Akram

      Poor reiner though 🤣🤣

    • Zombiechrist265

      @DBT no that’s just what the military believes, historia was obviously not happy when she saw him and being with him. She most likely chose him because of he would be a more believable person she would hook up with. If they knew the true father and why she did it, they would had turned her into a titan and eaten Zeke.

  • 山本謙次郎

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