Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won have a very cheesy pizza date | Lovestruck in the City Ep 17 [ENG SUB]
Nothing wrong with some extra cheese, whether we're talking about pizza or romance 🍕❤️
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  • The Swoon
    The Swoon

    More cheese, please! 🙋‍♀️🧀

    • freak.09 Almansoori
      freak.09 Almansoori

      Please share all the bye with us

    • Sweet but PCYcho Luna
      Sweet but PCYcho Luna

      It feels good... but...

    • riza gatering
      riza gatering

      Swoon. Release their cheesy BTS please🙏🥰

    • By Alona
      By Alona

      Hahahah ❤️

    • Sal Ali
      Sal Ali

      @Yurika S. A. yea it’s done 😭

  • B.A.E.K.현

    i just want them back

  • EH JH
    EH JH

    1:07 i feel like I saw Rachel😅😄



  • Aniket Singh
    Aniket Singh


  • Hi YeoRoBuN
    Hi YeoRoBuN

    the girls who are behind for me 😭😭😭💀💀

  • Imma BrokeAss
    Imma BrokeAss

    Someone pleasee tell me this wasn't the ending scene cause I've been waiting for the next episode since ep 17 being arrived !! ayeegoo! I can't believe that I didn't even thought of it as the last episode while I was watching it and now I feel so pissed off :"")

  • Aquarius&Maple

    He,"when did you get so pretty?" "You look gorgeous today!" Meanwhile, literally from nowhere, Ko dong man (park seo joon), "He is lying; you r still uglyy!!"😂😂

    • ultramoon


  • you are awesome
    you are awesome

    Jiji uppa so fluffy i cannntttt😆😆😆😆 like a giant bby. Miahhaha

  • hayet dif
    hayet dif

    so spontaneous

  • Ezra Daniella Nabisa
    Ezra Daniella Nabisa

    I thought Ji Won will do aegyo in this scene😂

  • SRW

    who's here looking out for new comments, 1 week after the drama ended? 😭🙋🏻‍♀️

  • emily s
    emily s

    she was not acting pretty, she was born pretty! lol our forever aera

  • Katarzyna Pałczyńska
    Katarzyna Pałczyńska

    They're so cute ;) 😍🥰

  • Mari

    I’m gonna miss them


    100% Relatable to the school girls in the back

  • Nimrod Gabornes
    Nimrod Gabornes

    Doing it in restos with my girl too, before we went into LDR. Fuck pandemic

  • Ken Au
    Ken Au

    is anyone else having withdrawals from this ending :s

  • Lori Bradley
    Lori Bradley

    They are not acting! They are showing their real me!! They look so in love!

  • loldan GD
    loldan GD

    is this the last ep??

    • you L
      you L


  • That Comment That You'll See Everywhere
    That Comment That You'll See Everywhere

    The students' reaction behind them was so relatable lol.

  • Tuhina Modak
    Tuhina Modak


  • Tapsi g
    Tapsi g

    The fact that she is yet to say ily makes me believe that there will be a second season😭

  • Abigail Velasco
    Abigail Velasco

    Woah it’s the same pizza place from IOTNBO

  • Vy Pham
    Vy Pham

    1:12 that laugh is literally Kim Ji Won. You can see her laughs like that when she's embarrassed in other shows.

  • RelaX -world drama clip
    RelaX -world drama clip

    She is soooo sweet I love soooooo much 💞👍🏻💞

  • Cinlore RoRi
    Cinlore RoRi

    Omg he's so sweet and handsome I'm dying

  • alero_o

    This is the pizza place from its okay not to be okay. We are seeing a world crossover between dramas

  • Sarah Marshall
    Sarah Marshall

    The girl at the back if from once again

  • HappyDay

    i feel aera😂

  • Lara Jean
    Lara Jean


  • 9sheen Israr
    9sheen Israr

    Pleasessssssssssss upload city hunter in UK region

  • Jihan Harahap
    Jihan Harahap

    Supeeeer cute scenes❤️

  • Chubby Igorota
    Chubby Igorota

    KJW's so effortlessly pretty 😍

  • Laura Torossi
    Laura Torossi

    Tan lindo jichangwook! ❤️

  • Tiramisu Mochi
    Tiramisu Mochi

    That smirk got me dead. The girls were like can't you see we're single here, stop the salt spraying. (¬_¬ )(¬_¬ )(¬_¬ )

  • Eden Emy
    Eden Emy

    That pizza restaurant..same place in its ok to not be ok drama

  • Glenda Catacutan
    Glenda Catacutan

    nakakakilig sila sana maging sila

  • Afirah Shaikh
    Afirah Shaikh

    I'd probably lose my appetite if I see someone like this in a restaurant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kalaichelvi Pragasam
    Kalaichelvi Pragasam

    The breakup start and makeup in end. Hats off to the team❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rxrxx rx
    Rxrxx rx

    Isn’t this the place they shot it’s ok to not be ok

  • Aina Tasha
    Aina Tasha

    The teenage school girl at the back seems so annoying but once camera off they must adore this two cute couple 🤪

  • Nameless One
    Nameless One

    we'd probably say the same thing if we were in the same situation..just sayin 😂

  • Midzy

    Oh! I just remember the Kdrama "It's Ok not to be Ok" this is the place where Ko mun yeong gets jealous because of those ants (Girls) 😂😂

  • Nur Annisa Ramadhanty
    Nur Annisa Ramadhanty

    Hopefully both of you really datting. Chang wook nd jiwon the best

  • ngan dang
    ngan dang

    I recently watch again Detective K3 and Arthdal Chronicles, I’m so impressed with Jiwonie’s acting skills AGAIN 👍 bravo 👏 I hope I can see her on big screen once again 🎥🍿😍

  • zee

    those girls at the back are me and bestie whenever we see couple act like that lol

  • Sue Li
    Sue Li

    Missing Yangyang couple a lot🤧

  • Sweet but PCYcho Luna
    Sweet but PCYcho Luna

    Hehhehee... they are so cute... and the scene is cutest

  • _J_


  • Nilam Kristal
    Nilam Kristal

    Lovestruk in the city part 2 please🥺🥺🥺 wanna see more and more jaewon and euno

  • Asturias Mardi
    Asturias Mardi

    Hi how are you mr. Ji😍😍

  • Angelica Ituriaga
    Angelica Ituriaga

    moree of them together pls!

  • Brandy Cooper
    Brandy Cooper



    Idk but isn’t this the pizza place from it’s okay not to be okay

  • Roxanne Manabat
    Roxanne Manabat


  • ms m
    ms m

    Before they said only 12 epds and now its 17?lol.im not complaining tho 😂😂

  • Joseph Pae
    Joseph Pae

    Isn’t that the pizza shop from “Its okay to not be okay“?

  • cn blue
    cn blue

    Kim ji won so pretty to much...i hope they real dating ....i need seoson 2 or photoshot for them....

  • Maria Qing
    Maria Qing


  • ozi gv
    ozi gv

    Jiwonii 😍she is best about everything , best actress, visual , personality ,cuteness😍 i really love her and support always, she deserve more and more 😍♥️ love them so much and i'll support jcw also , gonna miss u uri yangyang couple 😭

  • Mae Reselva
    Mae Reselva

    Is that the same pizza place as the one in Its Okay Not To Be Okay? I was just reminded of it instantly. 😄

  • ⓜⓐⓨⓜⓐⓨ™ ⓐⓤⓢⓣⓡⓘⓐ
    ⓜⓐⓨⓜⓐⓨ™ ⓐⓤⓢⓣⓡⓘⓐ

    Lot of people saying this drama is so boring, but for me not.. their chemistry is so real and emotions too.. i can relate how they deal with relarionship, with pride and ego on eunoo side and their friend dealing with no permanent job...

    • ⓜⓐⓨⓜⓐⓨ™ ⓐⓤⓢⓣⓡⓘⓐ
      ⓜⓐⓨⓜⓐⓨ™ ⓐⓤⓢⓣⓡⓘⓐ

      @Nayeli Hdz i enjoyed it a lot.

    • Hannah Jones
      Hannah Jones

      @Nayeli Hdz it is not

    • Nayeli Hdz
      Nayeli Hdz

      It is boring

  • Shipper Heart
    Shipper Heart

    The way she smirked though 😎 but I would surely do the same thing if someone like Jae-won would tell me i’m beautiful too 😁

  • crosswithyou

    I needed more of thissssssssss!!! Like, they're finally back together! Give me more cheeeeeeeeese!!! I like Choi Min-ho fine, but if they were going to extend the series by an episode then I think it would have been better to focus on the main 6 characters. Dong-sik's story got a bit too much screen time for being a mere introduction. I think his part would've worked better as the first episode of the second season rather than the last episode of the first season. As it is, we're just left hanging with his story until the second season rolls around. More time should have been spent on Jae-won/Eun-o, Kyeong-jun/Rin-i, and Geon/Sun-young. This is the only thing I didn't agree with when it comes to the writing for the series. Everything else was top notch.

  • Carol M
    Carol M

    ha,ha,ha it is so cheesy but I love it❤️ mamatay na lang sa inggit ang nakarinig ha,ha,ha

  • Sue Lin
    Sue Lin

    Amo um kdrama ❤

  • naim farhan
    naim farhan

    Rin yi and kyung joon, Geon and Sun young... I need more and also min ho and that actress... Looking forward season 2



  • Sassi Her
    Sassi Her

    I think it’s weird how this drama ended.. why did they bring in a whole new couple? Wish they would’ve ended the story with happy ending for the other two couples .. but at least Jaewon and Eun-O ended up together ❤️

    • Kevin Gov
      Kevin Gov

      Episode 16 is the actually ending. Ep 17 was a fun open ending, with new storylines and characters. This is great! Means director is open to expanding the story There could be a season 2/3 if they make story open like this. Win Win.

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster

    Its the same pizza place from its okay not to be okayyy

  • Sapna Rajbhar
    Sapna Rajbhar

    Love this chemistry, hope they future in reel to real couple 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞

  • Glenda Catacutan
    Glenda Catacutan

    i miss them

  • honey lee
    honey lee

    The last episode having 4 different love story then the end. Why ended so early? Why ended like that? Whyyyyy? 😭😭😭

  • isa kim
    isa kim

    Me and My Best friends at the back

  • damcam2

    Cheesy, cute, lovely, and I love them 😊❤️❤️

  • nishka s
    nishka s

    The girls at the back are such a mood

  • nishka s
    nishka s

    Kim ji won doesnot act pretty she was born pretty

  • L


  • SK

    There are no cliffhangers left unanswered...but rather a new beginning for everyone. Rin-I and Kyeong Jun are obviously not going to get back together or maybe they will...but after a breakup it’s left interpreted as where do I pick up myself from here before I met you? Police officer now knows his childhood sweetheart has him in her heart. That he’s not left pondering if she’s been using him all this time when she visits to see him. He probably enjoys the low profile romance since she’s a superstar. As for Jae Won and Eun-Oh they are happy. Happy just living their lives as a new couple doing regular things. Nothing much more to that. Yes everyone wants more cheese, but then that means it’s not the realistic intention that the director wanted the whole time. Do you or you have any friends in relationships who have that much cheesy-ness and cute little romance every single day like that in their lives?

  • K

    one individual drama for them plzzzzzz

  • Parnian Mohseni
    Parnian Mohseni

    The film is over ?😭

  • Russell M.
    Russell M.

    Is this a real pizza place? This was also in It's ok not to be ok 😶❤️

  • Kpop is my world
    Kpop is my world

    I don't like this drama. This drama really broke my heart. I had so many expectations regarding the ending!! 😢😢

    • Kpop is my world
      Kpop is my world

      @Kevin Gov Hope so 😀😀

    • Kevin Gov
      Kevin Gov

      The official ending is episode 16. 17 was a fun filler. Don't be disappointed. Episode 17 means the director is open to expanding this series further. Maybe season 2 is now possible. More stories more relationships. Win win.

  • ovita vero
    ovita vero


  • martin gallo
    martin gallo

    Que lindos son !!! #thankyou_Parkjaewon #jichangwook 🌷🌷 #lovestruckinthecity #jcwsupportlatinoamerica #jcwlatinas 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 Argentina ❤❤❤❤

  • Baiq Yasmin
    Baiq Yasmin

    I really love this drama. But the ending a bit disapointed. Too much that police’s love story at the end episod, i need more story about Yang Yang couple T.T

  • Ana Sweety
    Ana Sweety

    pleaseee bring this couple back in another drama!!!!!

  • Kdrama Queen
    Kdrama Queen

    Single me in the back. Be like 😒😒

  • Cielo Cruz
    Cielo Cruz

    I thought its to far from The finale and realizing that when the cast of this movie is in last scene...NAKAKABIT!

  • Andee

    Is eating pizza in this place the secret to getting in a relationship?? I mean like damn isn’t this where Moon Gang Tae and Ko Mun yeong also ate 😭😭😭 AND NOW THEM?? I NEED TO GO HERE OMG

  • Sinta

    Bakal kangen woy:(

  • Jeremy Ortiz
    Jeremy Ortiz

    Hey... Isn't that Jaesu's pizza place?

  • Sincerely, Sanskriti
    Sincerely, Sanskriti

    Ji Chang wook and pizza we love them both😻🍕

  • Krisha Mendezabal
    Krisha Mendezabal

    Kilig kilig ako sa scene na to hehe

  • anzhela Kavaliova
    anzhela Kavaliova


  • mounika kulkarni
    mounika kulkarni

    I loved this series a lot. I loved how calm and "my style" it was. Gonna Cherish this for a long time.

  • linh đào
    linh đào


  • Ирина Горелова
    Ирина Горелова


  • Delesa Lenear
    Delesa Lenear