LOOK AT ME. (Ultimate Mix, 2021) - John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (4K Official Music Video)
On 9th June 1968, at John’s home ‘Kenwood’ in Weybridge, Surrey, John & Yoko began a collaborative period of creative film-making that would end up lasting four years, beginning with two films called ‘Film No. 5’ (‘Smile’) (conceived by Yoko) and ‘Two Virgins’ (conceived by John & Yoko) that would premiere at the Chicago Film Festival later that year. The filming involved specialist high-speed 16mm cameras (in those days mainly used for filming scientific experiments) operated by William Wareing and his team.
For ‘Film No. 5’ (‘Smile’), the magic of John smiling is captured in ultra slow motion (with the film running through the camera at ultra high-speed), and for ‘Two Virgins’, they filmed with a different high-speed camera and used a trick that John had employed when filming with his Standard 8 cameras of rewinding all the film and running it through the camera a second time, to double expose the negative. They filmed John’s face, rewound the film and then filmed Yoko’s face, creating in-camera superimpositions of their faces merging.
Excerpts from these two films can be seen in the music video ‘Number 9 Dream’. jpflow.info/sun/bideo/Z7GTo3-B2Yubfp8.html
Between takes, Wareing also filmed three rolls of ‘home movie’ Standard 8 film - one in black and white, the other two in colour.
We see John & Yoko in the sun room, where John sat playing a nylon stringed guitar, and where, among other things, you can see John’s drum skin from the Sgt Pepper album cover (designed by Joe Ephgrave) and his psychedelic upright piano (painted by Marijke Koger and Simon Posthuma from Dutch design collective, The Fool) and, with most success, around the swimming pool, where Yoko dances and John plays a steel string acoustic guitar.
We also see John & Yoko in the kitchen, where John pets their black cat, Salt (the white one was called Pepper) and Yoko prepares some food.
These Standard 8 film reels are presented here, side-by-side, for the first time, accompanied by John’s song ‘Look At Me‘ from the John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band - The Ultimate Collection album.
Look at me
Who am I supposed to be?
Who am I supposed to be?
Look at me
What am I supposed to be?
What am I supposed to be?
Look at me
Oh, my love
Oh, my love
Here I am
What am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to do?
Here I am
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
Here I am
Oh, my love
Oh, my love
Look at me
Oh, please look at me, my love
Here I am
Oh, my love
Who am I?
Nobody knows but me
Nobody knows but me
Who am I?
Nobody else can see
Just you and me
Who are we?
Oh, my love
Oh, my love
Written by John Lennon © Lenono Music
John Lennon: guitar and vocals
Produced by John & Yoko and Phil Spector
Recorded at EMI Studio 2, 3 Abbey Road, London, 18 October 1970.

More about this story at the official John Lennon website → bit.ly/JL-LAM.

  • Cael Ramos
    Cael Ramos

    Makes me sick Yoko is milking all the glorious and clips they made in vinyl videos unreleased material. And promoting over and over the new Plastic Ono Band. With paid reviewers!!!!!! What a shame. So greedy😖😩

  • Maria Marta Garbarino
    Maria Marta Garbarino


  • Víctor Torrecillas
    Víctor Torrecillas

    John, "te veo" desde hace 40 años! Creo que voy por otros 40. I love You Johnny.

  • TuPanaViajero

    It is like a Julia copy

  • Sergey Yakovets
    Sergey Yakovets


  • 1985year

    Phasing effect on the vocals. Interesting - this wasn't prevalent on the original mix?

  • Charlie’s Intergalactictoybox
    Charlie’s Intergalactictoybox

    This is a terrible remix of Johns song julia and I hate it because is done for the money, John Lennon is the master of rhyme and lyric. he truly was a genius.. and I love him, I also love his guitar playing, one of the greats... but I hate when they don’t get Paul his best friend to go over this new songs, because it doesn’t take a genius to steal from John Lennon’s song julia, and attach it to a new song. u guys straight up borrowed from the Beatles white album, and borrowed julia.. what lack of imagination, how disrespectful to Johns memory to make him sound like he ran out of music, and making it look like he wrote a new version of julia, and u know why this happens because some one wants to make money of the dead.. if u care or love John then u would agree this song could have been better and just like when they make Those terrible holograms of the big stars from the 50’s and 60’s, like that company that’s dragging that terrible buddy holly hologram around, it’s all about the money and this song is all about the money... they are making money of the dead in the most obvious way, when u take a classic like Julia and say this goes with it take his voice out put it back in... I hope the money your making out of you tube heals your corrupt souls. what a bunch of bastards, John Lennon would hate this trash kind of work... next time speak to John Lennons best friend Paul McCartney before handing over Johns voice to a bunch of kids who don’t know shit about Lennon and the plastic ono band and the greatest rock group the Beatles.. I heard this song ones and its mediocre at best but that’s not Johns fault... he wrote great lyrics and that was some fine guitar playing, but this are two different songs and their done for money.. so if u like this song your a puppet and a sheep... all u have to hear is John Lennon and u go fucking nuts, John hated people like this empty..

  • Rayoscope

    Dear Julie Prudy, I'm so tired.

  • Shane Christian
    Shane Christian

    Royal Tenenbaums.

  • Andy Jhonson
    Andy Jhonson

    Julia 2.0

  • Rosa Mercedes Valderrama
    Rosa Mercedes Valderrama

    The One and Only John Lennon 4ever!!!!

  • michaelterry1000

    I remember it like it was yesterday. First you can’t believe that he is gone. Then you can’t believe that he was ever here.

  • David Acencio
    David Acencio

    Jhon Lennon te seguiré recordándote

  • Bad Wolf
    Bad Wolf

    Смотреть неудобно одновременно два видео 😭

  • Massimo Del Rosario
    Massimo Del Rosario

    Remember me Julia .

  • Michael wood
    Michael wood

    He's getting his wish, world socialism. Good luck with those 300-mile range electric cars...

  • michael corleone
    michael corleone

    Rest in peace and love john 🌹

  • Peppar Chips
    Peppar Chips

    Wonderful clip and sounds really great! I always thought this song could have worked very well on the "White album". I think he wrote this while in India 1968 as well.

  • Pál Kerekes
    Pál Kerekes

    ALL Jonh Lennon Song are GOOD🤘🏾🤟🏿🎸✌🏽✌🏾🇬🇧🇺🇲

  • Monik Martinez
    Monik Martinez

    SAD 😢😍😍😔

  • Angeles Cedillo
    Angeles Cedillo

    Mi hermoso John....aún estás presente en nuestros corazones 👍💞😘😘😘

  • Cabcarmine13

    penelope de la macha flacida

  • Ching Ching
    Ching Ching

    Love it 😊

  • Alvaro C. Torres
    Alvaro C. Torres

    I'm so tired

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    Bobbi Martini

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  • Lado Beat
    Lado Beat

    Great music and images

  • ruatpuia hmar
    ruatpuia hmar

    imagine being already dead for 40yrs but still upload a new songs

  • Grahame Woods
    Grahame Woods

    Thanks to Donovan for teaching The Beatles this fingerpicking technique

  • gladys riveras
    gladys riveras

    Gracias 👍✌ 😊☺😉🤗😙😘 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Moonflower Tarot
    Moonflower Tarot

    Aquarius moon ♡

  • VungaTV

    la verdad no me gusto el efecto de la voz

  • Legit Trip
    Legit Trip

    41 years without John, still here , still legend

  • Manuel

    ¿Cuando vas a tocar en mexico? Mañana es mi cumpleaños por si gustas venir a mi casa mi ama va a contratar un taquero pa que le caigas we y nos toques aca unas rolas y te eches unos takitos con nosotros, espero puedas venir we te quiero.

  • 『 Rain 』
    『 Rain 』

    fortnite song

    • BiggNuttyy

      Ayyy fortnite song

  • Hilter Mediomundo
    Hilter Mediomundo

    De verdad que para mí es grata sorpresa soy aficionado d por vida , desde niño lo escucho

  • stewie dark / invisible id
    stewie dark / invisible id

    Everytime I see footage of John Lennon, the silent tears, they flow like rain. He touched the hearts and minds of millions of people he never knew, mine included.

  • martin tucker
    martin tucker

    John wrote with this song, one of the most beautiful love songs ever. Having met him in Central Park one year before his murder, this great album is haunting and wonderful.

    • Léti Sia
      Léti Sia

      @martin tucker Great memory. What a lucky guy you are !

    • martin tucker
      martin tucker

      @Ayman Badawy I was playing softball in Central Park, and he and Yoko were walking and stopped to watch our game. I ran over and he replied great catch, and I was so thrilled. He reached out his hand, we shook. I told him thank you for everything. His response was, "I never could have caught that." We laughed, I will never forget that moment.

    • Ayman Badawy
      Ayman Badawy

      wow, what was he like?

  • Trunks del Futuro
    Trunks del Futuro

    musica satanica

  • Emilia Mazur
    Emilia Mazur

    John Lennon wiecznie żywy, na zawsze w moim sercu ❤❤❤ Z pozdrowieniami z Polski dla Wszystkich ❤❤❤

  • Genc Gega
    Genc Gega

    Pure genius.R.I.P. John!

  • Ramon Sanchez
    Ramon Sanchez

    John lennon some lyrics of your songs you thuoght with loocking forward to years to come 🎹🎸🥁

  • connie T
    connie T

    Yoko seguramente es una persona extraordinaria para q Jhon la ame tanto ,Yoko and Jhon♥️✌️ for ever

  • Kevan Brown
    Kevan Brown

    I love it. Brilliant. Thanks for posting this. I love his John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band Album. He's really opening up, like no artists has before. I know this was written in India, but it fits perfectly on the Plastic Ono Band Album. One of the most powerful albums in pop/rock history. He then went and made the classic Imagine album, so many great tracks on it. I think we've overheard the track Imagine to the point you become numb to it, but I believe if you can step back and try listening to it as if it were the first time, I believe it's a brilliantly composed song, with help from Yoko's Grapefruit book, and really well recorded and produced by John, Yoko and Phil Spector. Thanks again for posting this, from one of my favourite solo albums, you've made my day.👍

  • becky humphreys
    becky humphreys

    he was such a beautiful person inside and out

  • PropaGandalf X
    PropaGandalf X

    Magic Alex 😂

  • Jon Wizard
    Jon Wizard

    yoko-fucking-ono is never away from his side...very creepy !

  • Louie

    the start gave me huge im so tired vibes

  • Agustín flores vazquez
    Agustín flores vazquez


  • Tamara Dubeni
    Tamara Dubeni

    Simply beautiful ❤

  • Carl Bowlby
    Carl Bowlby

    Just a guess, but this track must have been written alongside “Julia” in India, hence the 1968 footage. Very beautiful, heartfelt song. Pure John.

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor

    Anything John is super awesome. Thank you ,love this. I just wish he would have been more of a father to Jullian, that has always bothered me.

  • Davis Lukrich
    Davis Lukrich

    Amazing archive release. Thank you Yoko et al!

  • Mao rong nonno Sheng
    Mao rong nonno Sheng

    Almost every song is sososo great

  • Let It Be Known
    Let It Be Known

    For 41 years now it's been a John Lennon-less world😭💔

    • John lennon ✔
      John lennon ✔

      "Nothing is gonna change my world"

  • Coco Milk
    Coco Milk

    They could have a long happy life together, how sad.. but good that he still shared lots of his talent..

  • Rhonda Holt
    Rhonda Holt

    I believe he left a foot print every where he went. Very talented. And quite frankly. A man of Greatest. Miss what could have been. Stand by me. Is one of my favorite. Alot of people have sung the Song. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • asdrubal ramirez
    asdrubal ramirez

    Excelente tesoro musical

  • gladys riveras
    gladys riveras

    Hola gracias. Me parece de buena educación al menos recibir el pulgar arriba de tu parte. Abrazos a la distancia. Bendiciones. 🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹 🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹

  • Mass Vocals
    Mass Vocals

    Daivd peel says high form hell yoko

  • Mass Vocals
    Mass Vocals

    John and yoko will be forever / and day

  • Sanchous Sanchous
    Sanchous Sanchous

    Легенда... музыка нашего детства, нашей юности, нашей молодости

  • Marco Pelliccia
    Marco Pelliccia

    simple and simply ........a masterpiece

  • Peter T
    Peter T

    Love, love, love this tune

  • Eric Beaulieu
    Eric Beaulieu


  • Loris Perfetto
    Loris Perfetto

    Jesus, finally comments are on

  • Albert MUFC
    Albert MUFC

    What a brilliant Masterpiece. Fucking love it!

  • Shin

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  • Daniel Melo
    Daniel Melo

    Shades of "Dear Prudence"...

  • Ляпес Трубецкой
    Ляпес Трубецкой

    Quickly passing by this room for Paul's.

  • Richard

    We have the potential to live a peaceful and loving world. One where there are no wars and no one is starving. It's human instinct to want to help each other and that's one of the reasons we've developed so much as a species. It's possible that the richest 1% could end world poverty over night but chose not to (their philanthropy is no more than smoke and mirrors to appease). In history there have been powerful, great leaders like JFK and John Lennon who have tried to spark a revolution for peace and harmony but have mysteriously been killed. Which begs the question as to who would want to oppose that and why? Why aren't the super rich trying to end world poverty? I believe that there are a sinister few who are responsible and trying to control the majority. For what gain other than financial, I have no idea yet but I think we're seeing it now in 2021 through covid. I'm keeping a close eye and open mind on what happens but so far as a result of covid, irrefutably, the richest few have gotten richer whilst the rest have gotten poorer and we have had our basic freedoms taken from us. This could be a really defining time in history, where people need to stand up for theirs and their children's rights and freedoms before the balance tips too far.

  • Sylvain Paquette
    Sylvain Paquette

    the people who dislike this are tone deaf

  • Blimpus

    Still no words my friend

  • Mwave

    - Назовите имя человека, состоящее из двух суффиксов. - Йоко Оно.

  • Vincent DeLisa
    Vincent DeLisa

    They got him when He was finally happy & at peace with himself

  • 0t3 0t3
    0t3 0t3

    John’s Martin D28 is still missing.

  • Max Gorbachev
    Max Gorbachev

    this Lennon guy has the potential to become a star

  • Miguel Fernandez
    Miguel Fernandez

    the guitar reminds me of julia, of the white album

  • alondra marquina
    alondra marquina


  • alondra marquina
    alondra marquina


  • Andy Konrad
    Andy Konrad


  • Kusum Kotian
    Kusum Kotian

    John with his cat💕Lovely music!

  • Eratic03

    the flanging on the vocal is literally the best

  • Aldi Nor
    Aldi Nor

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  • José Freitas Oliveira
    José Freitas Oliveira

    Lindeza 😻😃

  • BeatlesEddieV

    Dont look at Me Ive Got Corona hair

  • John Lennon
    John Lennon

    Soy el mejor miembro de la Plastic Ono BAND y sin mi, los demas Beatles no hubieran existido

    • John lennon ✔
      John lennon ✔

      Are you myself from 70s?

  • Rick Allen
    Rick Allen

    Any idea what that guitar is he's playing?

  • Al Cath
    Al Cath

    Amazing to see and hear this - it's like a time capsule.

  • French Pizza
    French Pizza

    WOW. WOW

  • French Pizza
    French Pizza

    Yoko honor to you. First nation's

  • French Pizza
    French Pizza

    We are here brother. See you on the other side. Loving you still. Love you julie

  • Cian Cian
    Cian Cian

    I’m glad it’s two square shots instead of a 16:9 picture. The vibe is great.


    Muito bom rever o John Lennon nesse clip e ainda ouvir Look At Me-Faixa 4 Lado 2 do espetacular LP de 1970. Tenho esse LP que é para mim uma relíquia!

  • Garrett Hicks
    Garrett Hicks

    Never knew how much I needed to see John Lennon holding and stroking a cat.

  • Kevin Reynolds
    Kevin Reynolds

    Love you John. Miss you man.

  • Revolution9 - Beatles fan club
    Revolution9 - Beatles fan club


  • Dave Webb
    Dave Webb

    One of the most Beatlesque solo songs. Sounds like it should have been on the White Album.

  • Michael Carlon
    Michael Carlon

    He was so young...

  • Arth Daño
    Arth Daño

    Juliaaaaaa 🎶

    • John lennon ✔
      John lennon ✔

      Wrong song LOL, but i know, this one sounds like Julia.

  • Special People and Stories
    Special People and Stories

    Great song