Main Card | Bellator 255: Pitbull vs. Sanchez II
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  • Ice Viking
    Ice Viking

    Fight of the night goes to Paul Daley Shoutout to two BC, Canadian winners in the prelims!

  • all w
    all w

    パトリシオさすがだなあ。 UFCランカーのオルテガ、マゴシャリとかと見てみたい。

  • Jose Gringo
    Jose Gringo

    That Gracie fight was dumb. No action whatsoever. Hows these guys ranked top 5??? Smh

  • MentalGains

    Much respect Bellator. I love this shit.

  • wuzillah

    lol Jason Jackson most definitely didn't win that fight

  • Stranger Wilderness Oregon
    Stranger Wilderness Oregon

    They missed Sanchez tapping.

  • Muskoka Mike
    Muskoka Mike

    Not for nothing but you can tell the difference between men and women in the striking: the 1/2 from Lara would have knocked a male out...same as some of the elbows, they'd have opened up a male....

  • Muskoka Mike
    Muskoka Mike

    I think Mauro gets his hair styling tips from Gene Simmons.....Mr Helmet Head himself!

  • kiyoshiro nakatani
    kiyoshiro nakatani

    sanchez died...

  • funkchild75

    Thanks, Team Bellator! 👋🏾🧔🏾

  • Zaid Rahman
    Zaid Rahman


  • Robert Lopez
    Robert Lopez

    Late stoppage

  • geg_f1

    terrible papo la colombiana

  • Sam Sun
    Sam Sun

    ref is garbage

  • Brandon Levy
    Brandon Levy

    Bellator helping the algorithm with a great Main Card Upload!

  • 牡蠣ざむらい


  • Andy Anderson
    Andy Anderson

    Man some of the guys should take notes from some of these ladies in the fighting game today they go all out lot of heart.

  • Reilly Downes
    Reilly Downes

    That man was out and being choked for 10 seconds he definitely could of killed him

  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw

    I saw labia. For real. Nice Skorts.

  • Joe Gar
    Joe Gar

    I rewind it to 1h:37 fortune/Mayday, to see how many punches the refere allow not all punches were at the head they landed on the arms so those I didn't count, 27 yes he allowed 27 landed and the only reason he stopped the fight was because the comentator scream MayDay MayDay. I know not all punches are visible but the fighter wasn't defending, Change my mind.

  • Samson Breitbart
    Samson Breitbart

    Bellator refs needa learn to call time quicker

  • Samson Breitbart
    Samson Breitbart

    Bellator refs needa learn to call time quicker

  • Tengo

    Good job Bellator, for providing free entertainment.

  • Curtis Phillips
    Curtis Phillips

    Rumble Vs Romero Is an amazing fight to look forward to!

  • Adventure Lover
    Adventure Lover

    American Pitbull! He is the man.

  • Blips N Chips
    Blips N Chips

    I am going to be tuning in for more of these events on showtime now that i know when they are. Thank you for putting this up for people to watch!

  • Pore

    Ngl as a ufc fanboy i'm upset at what I've been missing out on. new fan here. ufc could learn a thing or two by holding a grand prix once in a while this is such an amazing tournament setup

  • Hank53

    I was blown away that the judges could see through the hype of numbers, and choose Jackson. I thought for sure they were not going to see the same contest I saw. Even tho Gracie took him down; Jackson stuffed all his efforts after that and ultimately stood back up. Gracie did no damage and had no control and less confidence in standup than Jackson had in his ground game. It's about damage , and control ; and then the one , if you had to choose; you'd want take into battle. I did not see the judges in MMA; as having the ability to discern that.

  • Fidji Merveille
    Fidji Merveille

    Crazy that Bellator is showing main card on JPflow. No way UFC does that shit

  • Brent Senior
    Brent Senior

    What a first round by those ladies to kick off the show!!!

  • Omar Salazar
    Omar Salazar

    Dude lost the second he came out to that weak ass lupe song lol

  • Malachi Robinson
    Malachi Robinson

    Pitbull needs to go to the UFC

  • Dan Master
    Dan Master

    Had to pause it at 33.23 to say im in love with Lara!

  • 豪腕アトム


  • Ta Manh Dung
    Ta Manh Dung

    The silent thomas decisively turn because trouble routinely doubt notwithstanding a useless chicken. irate, enormous particle

  • KönigstiGerhart

    42:42 is when i came.

  • Pistol Whip
    Pistol Whip

    What’s up with that wig though 😩😩😂😂

  • VannTheDawn

    God damn, AJ vs Yoel in Bellator. No USADA baby!!

  • Thomas Curtis
    Thomas Curtis

    Is pit bull ever gonna fight an elite fighter? Or is he gonna just keep fighting bums?

  • WildBlackRose

    As fans let give thumbs up to Bellator!

  • Nick Peppeard
    Nick Peppeard

    the ending with them taking the center of the cage is soooooo corny! lol

  • Jax Cat
    Jax Cat

    Lara showed side cooter several times. Those lips were trying to get out

  • C.A.R

    What Sanchez did was pretty dirty.

  • Clyde Hyde
    Clyde Hyde

    Usman Nurmagomedov = This guy is like 2 champs in 1. If Kabib and Kamaru had a would be this guy...

  • John Rustic
    John Rustic

    I've been watching UFC since the very first tournament when we used to rent the VHS tapes, I've seen almost all of them so I'm familiar with the Gracies, but I expected more from Nieman....he looked a little sloppy.

  • Alfred Lawson
    Alfred Lawson

    #1 in bellator maybe, definitely not the world!!!

  • Alfred Lawson
    Alfred Lawson

    Seems like jack may through the fight, fixed!

  • だだ

    無能な審判だな 死んでしまうぞ

  • Yibraham Ortega
    Yibraham Ortega

    Patricio Pitbull fucking rules!

  • Sdotbell MMA
    Sdotbell MMA

    2:33:00 What shit head coach said no he wasn’t out 😂😂😂😂

  • Wasim kana
    Wasim kana

    Here for usman nurmagomedov

  • Sdotbell MMA
    Sdotbell MMA

    Doug Crosby is a shit judge for not scoring that Usman fight 30-27

  • Sdotbell MMA
    Sdotbell MMA

    I hate when coaches are still giving advice like you aren’t down 2 rounds.. like tell your guy he gotta knock dude out lol

  • Paul Hernandez
    Paul Hernandez

    Dang no more Goldie 😭


    Nurmagomedov Clan ~

  • Rommel Situmoram
    Rommel Situmoram


  • Steve DV
    Steve DV

    neiman got robbed

  • Gustavo Ñaña Rosales
    Gustavo Ñaña Rosales

    Lets goooo Bellator!!! you just gained a fan

  • jack beanstalk
    jack beanstalk

    would be cool to see sub-titles.

  • Latino Bandido
    Latino Bandido

    Woooo that stare down between Pitbull and AJ was nuts! Can’t wait for the fight!

  • person54345

    John McCarthy scores the Gracie vs Jackson wrong based on the first round. Gracie didn’t do anything on the floor and lost the standup that round

  • Heru hermawan
    Heru hermawan

    Gracie always damn bored

  • Jake Toby
    Jake Toby

    How long does it take to realize the man’s out ref?

  • Adam F
    Adam F

    Dos bellator use U.S.A.D.A.? After I saw pitbul vs Sanchez I had to edit this comment. Dude was out for 5 seconds at least before the ref stopped it.

  • patrickg420

    so jason jackson won all 3 rounds? gracie won 2 rounds for sure, probably 3!

  • Derek Parker
    Derek Parker

    I love Jason Jackson!!

  • mark sylver
    mark sylver

    I hope pitbull comes to upc that would be epic

  • The Guy
    The Guy

    Protect ya neck. He called it

  • TotallyNotRedneckYall D
    TotallyNotRedneckYall D

    Hey look, it's Cejudo's creepy little hype man.

  • Sean Conley
    Sean Conley

    Holy shit the ref sucks. Took far to long

  • The Real King James
    The Real King James

    Started watching this last night its lit....Lara got herself a new fan!!!!;

  • Den USA
    Den USA

    My Camel 🐪

  • Alessandro Gambino
    Alessandro Gambino

    FIRE THAT REFEREE IMMEDIATELY! Why didnt anybody help him? PitBull was the ONLY ONE WORRIED ABOUT SANCHEZ!

  • Alessandro Gambino
    Alessandro Gambino

    Aw The Gracies. Well known bad losers and cheaters.

  • Prydera23 Exists
    Prydera23 Exists

    Neimen Gracie, sucks! Lol. Bitter like renzo lol

  • Connected MCM
    Connected MCM

    Fire that fahqin ref !!!! Jesus christ....3 limp arm checks????? AFTER his opponent had to tell him he was sleeping!!!!! Unacceptable IMO

  • Ed P
    Ed P

    42.40 YUM YUM 😛😜🤪

  • 千利休

    32:03渡辺さん、完全に打撃が通用してない。 しかもフィジカルで漬けて勝ったようなもの。実質負けだろ。 ピンチの時に本性が出るけど、やっぱ柔道技が出ちゃうんだろうね。

  • sabbir jaigirder
    sabbir jaigirder

    bellator should stream more event like this. fantastic...

  • rahman abdur
    rahman abdur

    Thats what happens when you go to the well toi many times

  • 40 Tay
    40 Tay

    Was the stats correct for that Jackson vs Gracie fight it looked like Jackson out striked him

  • Efrain G
    Efrain G

    The ref touched a limp hand 3x and still paused 2 seconds before separating them lmao. GEEEEZ.

  • Rafael Molinaro
    Rafael Molinaro

    referee took an hour to break the fight

  • あんぱん食パンカレーパン

    26:24 渡辺華奈試合です!

  • Sparky ENT
    Sparky ENT

    Gracie is trash

  • panzer86

    Mauro Ranallo's hair annoys me.

  • panzer86

    This is a huge boost for Bellator.

  • Red Pill PsychoEducation
    Red Pill PsychoEducation

    What was the ref thinking in the main?

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    pitbull is a little monster.......tough dude,,,,,,,,,lara thought she won,,,she should have tried for a 1st rd tko....she should have avoided the the 1st round...........good fight....kana thought she lost...............

  • 2Stroke Tyson
    2Stroke Tyson

    Pitbull Vs McGregor!

  • Mobile Chris Osrs
    Mobile Chris Osrs

    If you are fighting a guy named Usman Nurmagomedov, just leave.


    Love the way Bellator does their shows! Especially the tournament format with 1 million and a belt on the line! Pittbull you da baddest! That was awesome!!

  • Dakota Knight
    Dakota Knight

    As long as a Nurmagomedov is fighting I'm watching!

  • UFC Lover
    UFC Lover

    Great fights

  • Prince Andreen Sy
    Prince Andreen Sy

    That finals stoppage was hella late

  • Matt Beard
    Matt Beard

    Gracie got screwed in that decision

  • Ninjawarzzz

    Pitbull on the r01ds

  • Slobro

    This is your main card this is bulllshit Bellator is worse then it’s ever been

  • Edwin Requena
    Edwin Requena

    Lara OMG the most beautiful specimen of a woman ive seen and she can dance, simply WOW! fan boy :p

  • Slobro

    This shit is a Joke a anyone really think they compete with ufc