Hello! For those who don’t know me, my name is Naoko Ken. I’m 67 years old. I’ve been working as a singer for almost 50 years in Japan. I love to do fun things to make people happy. I sometimes do too much, so people think I am a comedian! Anyway, thank you very much for visiting my JPflow Channel. Please subscribe for more videos! I hope you enjoy my videos!!
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  • clare cook
    clare cook

    You look amazing

  • Jennifer Hall
    Jennifer Hall

    Gal u luk rel gud!!. omg mama you are looking really sweet!! Go, girl!!. I love your vibes, keep going. Life is beautiful, young or old it does not matter, women need to love themselves....age should not stop us. Respect!!! all the way from Jamaica, in America though. I am 54 years old, really love the natural way, but I still embrace makeup for all who choose to, these days though, I am planning on doing some make-up for myself and the video really helps me in deciding. One love! Thanks to you Naoko Ken

  • yuu music
    yuu music

    熊野出身です! 地元のものを使って下さってて、1番いい筆って言ってくださってるのとても嬉しいです!!ありがとうございます🙇‍♀️

  • Simone T
    Simone T

    Thank you and you have beautiful skin.

  • Debra Ellison
    Debra Ellison

    You are already beautiful. Never would have guest you to be 67. I wish I could do this. I would love to brighten up my eyes like you did but they are so sensitive everything I use bothers them. Stay as beautiful as you are.

  • Вера Ривилис
    Вера Ривилис

    красотка. женщины,пользуйтесь косметикой!

  • よしえごとう

    肌も手も美しいけど、歯もお綺麗すぎる、、、。黄身の全くないスーパーホワイトって感じの色で綺麗に整列してて、、。 ちゃんと手入れをすれば年齢なんて関係なく美しいんだと感動しました。 自分も歯列矯正頑張ろう。

  • Земфира Дамировна
    Земфира Дамировна

    Все можно нарисовать, кроме носа

  • 松舘南奈



    Thank you for this. I am Japanese/European mixed race and you brought nostalgia to my heart! I’ve been missing my Bachan and she was a skincare fanatic! Beautiful skin, beautiful glow, and inspiring! Love how humbling you are! ❤️ true beauty!

  • Donna Moore
    Donna Moore

    You are absolutely beautiful

  • Jane Diaz
    Jane Diaz

    I didn't understand a word you said but I really enjoyed your video! You are a very beautiful woman. 💜🙏

  • Deneen

    you look very beautiful. I liked it very much

  • ratty batty_
    ratty batty_

    wowie, i don’t really like makeup because i don’t like how it feels so I never wear it. but you looked stunning with and without.

  • Delfi Sky
    Delfi Sky

    Nice smile, nice teeth 😁

  • Aida Yishak
    Aida Yishak


  • はなちゃんねる

    キョトンってした顔でのダメですか?がまじで面白い。 てか使ってる化粧品がどこぞの高級品じゃなくて薬局とかに売ってるやつで好感が持てる。 てかそれでなくてもメイクしてるだけなのに面白いのはさすがだわ てか最初から参考にならんって本人が言ってんのにスタッフ失礼過ぎん?

  • ryuしんちゃん


  • まっきー


  • Maricel Ayers
    Maricel Ayers

    Wow mama you looked good!!! 😃

  • たたまき


  • 奥山茂樹


  • hearts lessons
    hearts lessons

    Very nice . I'm 65 years old and if I can just look as good as you, I will be happy. 🙂

  • Sandy Freschi
    Sandy Freschi

    You look lovely with and without makeup. Your skin is beautiful.

  • Ivonne Correa
    Ivonne Correa

    Muy bonita

  • Linda Star
    Linda Star

    Kawaii 🥰❤👍😘 from istanbul TURKEY

  • Donna Ocasio
    Donna Ocasio

    if you want to reach English speaking population , Make up names which I’m very interested in. Found it very informative

  • Natalia Shibekina
    Natalia Shibekina

    Какие ужасные ногти

  • Muggy Webster
    Muggy Webster

    So pretty!

  • Peony JOJO W
    Peony JOJO W


  • GoldRush Nature Stone Vlog
    GoldRush Nature Stone Vlog

    ビックリ👀でも すごい⤴️⤴️

  • Donna Woodward
    Donna Woodward

    I came upon your channel for the first time last night. I was sort of fascinated and calmed at the same time. It was almost meditative🌺

  • Ana Guillory Hernandez
    Ana Guillory Hernandez

    あなたの肌は輝くように見えますあなたはとても若く見えますあなたの秘密は何ですか? 綺麗な

  • みみみい

    ロンドンハーツから来ました! ケイトのCM来ますように!!

  • username753


  • Mie Kimura
    Mie Kimura


  • Kuya Jay Balte
    Kuya Jay Balte


  • Carli C
    Carli C

    Beautiful! You have flawless skin. Thanks for sharing. ~Blessings~

  • Joan Jones
    Joan Jones

    great job thank you. white white teeth tell us how to do that. thank you

  • Martha Lucia Martinez
    Martha Lucia Martinez

    what a cute beautiful lady! I wouldn't do the dark eyeliner in the waterline to make her look even younger but she looks great!

  • Gloria Dorlich
    Gloria Dorlich

    🌸 Beautiful

  • Latisha Campbell
    Latisha Campbell

    You are so cute...🥰😍😍

  • paloma salinas
    paloma salinas

    ojalá pudiera maquillarme asi

  • Wilhelmina Collum
    Wilhelmina Collum

    I absolutely love how you did your makeup. You look so gorgeous! And I cannot believe you are 60. Don't tell anyone else that you are 60 because no one is going to believe you.

  • ぷくぷくホッペ


  • Hirofumi Ito
    Hirofumi Ito

    男なのに、おすすめ出てたんで、軽い気持ちで観るつもりが、最後までちゃったw 嘘、誤魔化し、大袈裟が、当たり前の今なのに、 こんなに曝け出した動画、敬服しました! 最初は、誰だチミは?って、思いましたが、 化粧後が、俺の知ってる研さんで安心しましたw 化粧の事は、分かんないけど、ナチュラルメイクが、出来ないってとこで 笑っちゃってすいませんw 研さん最高!だっふんだぁ! ありがとう

  • 村上美奈子

    You Tube見ましたが、研ナオコさんは、私は、大好きな人です、キレイですよ、歌も本当に上手くて、気持ちを入れ歌う歌手は、少ないし、大好きです、これからも、You Tube頑張れてください

  • Iris Chapa
    Iris Chapa

    que bonita !!!!

  • Dianne Farrell
    Dianne Farrell

    Hi from Australia, English subtitles would be great...

  • Shannon Russo
    Shannon Russo

    So pretty

  • おじゃま虫7777


  • Satoru .VIP.H.
    Satoru .VIP.H.

    「ちょっとはがしてぇ〜」 がめっっちゃ可愛い💕💕 ゆったりした喋りとか、ホント年齢重ねる見本にしたいというか、綺麗な人を見てると歳をとるのも悪くないと思います😍

  • Kiminoriきみち ぃチャン寝る茨城県石岡市
    Kiminoriきみち ぃチャン寝る茨城県石岡市


  • DragonFox84

    you look great for 67. you also look like a fun person to be around.

  • Lynelle L.
    Lynelle L.

    Nice pretty.

  • abcjerilee

    I love you so much!

  • Pegge Merkling
    Pegge Merkling

    Beautiful woman and beautiful makeup. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Don’t Call Me Baby
    Don’t Call Me Baby

    The most beautiful perfect skin, teeth, smile.... your face!😍 Absolutely stunning

  • CatOfNineTales

    A little moisturizer and your smile are all that you need! Beautiful!!!

  • Dale Mills
    Dale Mills

    Beautiful !

  • Dale Mills
    Dale Mills

    Yes..the video is great..thank you

  • kadiatou thiam
    kadiatou thiam

    Weldone 🥰🥰🥰

  • Marshanna Johnson
    Marshanna Johnson

    Your beautiful! Very natural

  • Tracy Williams
    Tracy Williams

    Absolutely beautiful. You are stunning

  • Sylvia Fenech
    Sylvia Fenech

    Very good I will try the techniques given here. 🎶 🦑 🎶

  • Amanda Chrome
    Amanda Chrome


  • sk y
    sk y

    研ナオコさんの唄も姿も素敵で好きですが、動画の飾らない研ナオコさんにさらに好きになりました💕 マネージャーさん?研ナオコさんのメイクに憧れる人は絶対いるのであんまりな言い方はしないでくださいー😭ファンにとってはその発言がモヤっとしちゃうもんなんです💦 ただお二人のやりとりはほのぼのと楽しんでいる勢ですw

  • lisa'smom44

    The "after" picture is altered. Look at the shape of her nostrils. No makeup trick does that!

  • Vernona Robertson
    Vernona Robertson

    Leave her alone !!

  • Vashti Inez
    Vashti Inez

    I just found this and girl you look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing :)!!

  • Kelly Courtney
    Kelly Courtney


  • karinak


  • MAYA mama
    MAYA mama

    初めまして。いつも楽しく拝見させて頂いております。 13年前に亡くなった大好きだったお母さんにナオコさんが凄いソックリでナオコさんを見ているとお母さんが今でも生きているような不思議な感覚でいます。 これからも楽しい動画を待っています。 ナオコさん大好きです。

  • Momoko Sato
    Momoko Sato

    圧倒的美肌!!! めちゃ痩せ型なのに、ふっくらした美人な手!! 色んなものが見えてくる感じ。プロフェッショナルな感じ。なんかかっこいいと思っちゃった。

  • パクパク


  • sakumazone


  • Anne Helene Groven
    Anne Helene Groven

    Very beautiful woman 🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩. Greetings from Norway 🤗🤗

  • メルティ


  • カワノミヨコ


  • Jaki P
    Jaki P

    I thought it was mother and daughter at the beginning... gorgeous

  • Kate G
    Kate G

    About 5 minutes into the lovely Naoko Ken putting on her makeup I was overcome with a deja vu feeling and I knew I had seen exactly the same style. I checked and it's identical to the beautiful Joan Collins. I guess all legends have their own style and they know what works for them. I'm 59 and have my own style too and don't care about trends. We know what works on our face and feel confident and pretty. Thank you for a great video.

  • 松浦小菊

    テレビで拝見できなくなって本当に淋しく思っていましたが こちらを始めていたんですね。とてもうれしいです。 優しい声、お話される時の口の動き、ほんわかした表情に とても癒されました。お肌がきれい。特におでこがこんなに 素敵だったんですね。知りませんでした。 ナオコさん、これからも楽しく見させていただきます。

  • sちひろ


  • Cindie Coffman
    Cindie Coffman

    What a beautiful transformation! Just lovely! Thank you for sharing ! :)

  • Renee Faison
    Renee Faison

    Age defying makeup!

  • Shannon in Alaska
    Shannon in Alaska

    You do your makeup very nice. I am scared to put on false lashes, but I have them so I have to give them a try one day. I love to use a lot of black eyeliner like you do, so it is nice to see someone else doing the same, especially as an older person. I don't know why people bother with makeup at all if they are going for that "natural" look.

  • tsubasa


  • mooncake rabbit hender
    mooncake rabbit hender

    So beautiful, I love the cushion foundation, I want to know what one you used, and the lipstick was such a great color, Perfect!!! xx

  • Debbie Cantrell
    Debbie Cantrell

    Your beautiful!

  • Shawnyetta Ruffin
    Shawnyetta Ruffin

    Just beautiful! Love your nails too!

  • Leslea Freeman
    Leslea Freeman

    What a fun and BEAUTIFUL Lady!!

  • Mandy Shutters
    Mandy Shutters

    You are beautiful, and your smile is AMAZING! You remind me of Kris Jenner if she had lighter hair!

  • Chosen By The Most High
    Chosen By The Most High

    Beautiful before & after.

  • アボカド118


  • Rachel M
    Rachel M

    You have such beautiful skin. I really enjoyed this video

  • ほのか

    なんかすごいハマるこの動画、、何回も見にきちゃいます😄 あえてのナチュラルメイクとか、キャンメイクとかセザンヌとかの縛りメイクとか見てみたいです🌸

  • m luna
    m luna


  • richa xx
    richa xx


  • nozo t
    nozo t

    本当に研ナオコさん好き😘 可愛い方。喋り方が穏やかで好き。 何時までもお元気でいて下さい。 動画楽しみにしてます꒒ꇎ꒦ꏂ ♡̢

  • Naraku nitt
    Naraku nitt