Monkey Bread Party II
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  • 苏卫东

    Why don’t you remove the plastic packaging and destroy the environment? The monkeys don’t know!

  • salma aznoun
    salma aznoun


  • T Suvarna
    T Suvarna

    Intelligent monkeys

  • Zaba Rudin
    Zaba Rudin

    Bila yang besar tu korek nampak ja pisang semua amik pisang 😂😂

  • Migwik 22
    Migwik 22

    Stare tak jak ludzie nigdy nie nachlane pazerne i chytre

  • Benjamin Torreña
    Benjamin Torreña


  • Pratyusha Patibanda
    Pratyusha Patibanda

    Did you clean that plastic weast .. y u r using plastic 😡... Keep helping in correct way

  • Kowsika S
    Kowsika S

    It is better if provided breads 🥪 only.... Plastic covers they put inside forests.. Restrict the growth of roots in underground

  • Nur hafidin
    Nur hafidin

    Dasar monyet sekali ambil tiga biji inget yg belakang belom kebagian😂😂

  • Dinakaran

    Plastic covers? Ultimate stupidity

  • Shao-Lun Lo
    Shao-Lun Lo

    how about the plastic bag?

  • Артём Мельников
    Артём Мельников


  • Elizabet Todorova
    Elizabet Todorova


  • Carlos Velasco
    Carlos Velasco

    No les den comida chatarra, a los animales y menos con envolturas de plástico, idiotas

  • Gurren

    As nice as this is now those Monkeys are going to litter the enviroment.

  • Godavari Surya
    Godavari Surya

    వెరీ గుడ్ పిల్లలకు 1 పెద్దలకు 3 తీసుకోండి.

  • Trick Knowledge
    Trick Knowledge

    Great job

  • Jonjon Solis
    Jonjon Solis


  • Sohanbishnoi Shau0
    Sohanbishnoi Shau0

    Good job bro 👏👏👏

  • Eutimio Elias
    Eutimio Elias


  • Mairel brizzi
    Mairel brizzi

    E la plastica dell'involucro chi la raccoglie? 🙄

  • gognaz

    Monkey lover should never serve monkey with plastic wrap.. Thats polluting the area.

    • Friendly Homie
      Friendly Homie

      The uploaded isn't the person who did this, so either laugh or cry. It's better to laugh.

  • Kev's scooter moto-vlogs
    Kev's scooter moto-vlogs

    That one monkey was like heck with the bread I know there's bananas in there monkey....😁👍

  • Suman Khatri
    Suman Khatri

    You should not give it with plastic wrap.😏

    • Friendly Homie
      Friendly Homie

      The uploaded isn't the person who did this, so either laugh or cry. It's better to laugh.

  • Manuel Crowley
    Manuel Crowley

    Lol first humans with plastic pollution now monkeys

  • Da Silva Junior
    Da Silva Junior

    Nice 😁😁😁

  • Enrico Wellington
    Enrico Wellington

    Will they pick up all the plastic?

  • Mirza Kashif
    Mirza Kashif



    Bruh u forgot the cover...

  • Integration architecture
    Integration architecture

    Imagine how much plastic waste it will add to the forest. Next time open all breads and offer. And garbage the platic bags properly.

    • Friendly Homie
      Friendly Homie

      The uploaded isn't the person who did this, so either laugh or cry. It's better to laugh.

  • Anand p Anjana Anand p. Anjana
    Anand p Anjana Anand p. Anjana

    Jai Shri Ram🌷🙏🌷

  • Dm Dm
    Dm Dm

    So cute

  • Jaya Mahajan
    Jaya Mahajan


  • Anisa Riwayanti
    Anisa Riwayanti

    Mkkb sgm

  • Doreen Mager
    Doreen Mager

    😃 wie der kleine zum Schluss doch noch ein zweites Mal zugreift 😍

  • Olivia Duran
    Olivia Duran


  • Olivia Duran
    Olivia Duran


  • Olivia Duran
    Olivia Duran


  • Olivia Duran
    Olivia Duran


  • Maxwell Crazycat
    Maxwell Crazycat


  • Bread

    Monkeys are way smarter than siblings holy fuck

  • Jenny McGlone
    Jenny McGlone

    Hope they didnt eat the plastic. Who's the dumb piece of shit who left this food in the wrapper? 🤔🙄

  • scale of truth eye opener
    scale of truth eye opener

    Wish that there was no plastic wrap at will cause garbage or it could be eaten by monkeys........still having a bread for them is a good purpose.....

  • Wendy Poot
    Wendy Poot


  • Cobra Da Snake
    Cobra Da Snake

    Awww the 3rd monke

  • PakD RIU
    PakD RIU

    penciuman yang tajam, tahu kalau ada pisang didalam

  • Homeo Hall
    Homeo Hall

    They not much demand! Each of them took only one or two or mac 3 pieces. But we human much wast than them although they never claimed be a civil society. Who's culture is better?

  • Caroline Ratnayake
    Caroline Ratnayake

    Smart monkey to dig deeper and find the banana.

  • Sera Ugur
    Sera Ugur

    🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 CLEVER ANIMALS

  • the legendary Shark Santos
    the legendary Shark Santos

    Eu detesto macaco

  • the legendary Shark Santos
    the legendary Shark Santos

    I hate monkey

    • Friendly Homie
      Friendly Homie


  • Anti

    Mmm.... *M O N K E*

  • Nilda Torres
    Nilda Torres

    Good" jajaja.

  • 6262ronny

    how much they resemble us! especially in selfishness!

  • franklin brito alcantara
    franklin brito alcantara

    hoagies were made with fresh fruit or vegetables that would have to be used for food or food for food and drinks for food items and foods such for the

  • Aliffiya Az Zahra sinaga
    Aliffiya Az Zahra sinaga

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 jempol untuk monyet 🐒

  • Malou Francisco
    Malou Francisco

    Ay love monkey😘🥰

  • Michael Sartore
    Michael Sartore

    Polluting just for clicks. Shame.

    • Friendly Homie
      Friendly Homie

      The uploaded isn't the person who did this, so either laugh or cry. It's better to laugh.

  • احمد واصل
    احمد واصل


  • Cláudia N.P.
    Cláudia N.P.

    No início, tudo em ordem, chegou o grandão, foi só desordem. Ainda bem que o que chegou depois, pós ordem de novo. Que legal

  • Anabella Ochoa
    Anabella Ochoa

    Aprovechen muchachos😅😅

  • Bach Tran
    Bach Tran

    Thank you so much 🐒❤👍🙏

  • Deeny

    Don't know where it was taken. But reminds me of the monkeys who stolen my husband's lunch box and later a whole bread from his motorcycle 😂

  • Olikiki Olikiki

    Jajajajaja que lindo

  • SM Asif
    SM Asif

    Gread video

  • Mariam Ibrahim
    Mariam Ibrahim


  • Juan Romo
    Juan Romo


  • Ruth María Morales Sanchez
    Ruth María Morales Sanchez

    Thank You. Pobre Animalitos.

  • Nokstags

    It was essential plastic ?

    • Friendly Homie
      Friendly Homie

      The uploaded isn't the person who did this, so either laugh or cry. It's better to laugh.

  • Chenxuan

    Plastic wrapping everywhere in the forest. Teach your money how to use trash can next.

  • Rahul chovsiya
    Rahul chovsiya


  • Shilpa Radhakrishna
    Shilpa Radhakrishna

    More like plastic wraps everywhere party. 🙄

  • Chethan

    Good work But don't feed with plastic packs 🙏 Plastic Spoiles Both Nature & Living Organisms

    • Friendly Homie
      Friendly Homie

      The uploaded isn't the person who did this, so either laugh or cry. It's better to laugh.

  • Shiv Markam
    Shiv Markam

    Very nice

  • Dee Stylez
    Dee Stylez

    Something else in here where is it?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mati Mansou
    Mati Mansou



    Monkeys party

  • Sridhar Doli
    Sridhar Doli

    Tq sir v.good thinking

  • Ragam Mohd
    Ragam Mohd


  • Ranjeet Kaur
    Ranjeet Kaur

    At least you should open the packets, before servings monkeys

  • Qualquer assunto
    Qualquer assunto

    Parece eu pegando comida 🤣🤣🤣

  • GT Godbear
    GT Godbear

    I like how they walk away on their little feet with their hands full

  • Roes Mono
    Roes Mono

    Dadar monyet dewasa kekuaaaannya kaman kiri nggigit juga

  • Paulette Roach
    Paulette Roach


  • Rza Moi
    Rza Moi

    Ils auraient dû leurs donner mais sans le plastique qui sera dispersés partout dans la forêt

  • John Paz
    John Paz


  • Alexandre Thepenier
    Alexandre Thepenier


  • Dyosa _03
    Dyosa _03

    The monkeys is so cute

  • D C
    D C

    What about plastic covers becoming waste?

  • woN BOOT
    woN BOOT

    In sab me pehla monkey 🐒 thoda samjdar lgaa kiw kis ko lga like thiko

  • Tamilan Kalaachaaram
    Tamilan Kalaachaaram

    Good. But don't keep with plastic covers.

  • Dusmanta Behera
    Dusmanta Behera

    Good job bhai

  • sha lee
    sha lee

    Ehhh pandai pula ikut gili ran 😂😂😂😂

  • Tonya Gonzalez
    Tonya Gonzalez

    Who knew that monkeys could be polite and greedy at the same time. Lol

  • Chaldean Alpha Omega
    Chaldean Alpha Omega

    Arrest the monkeys

  • KG LEE
    KG LEE

    비닐은 누가 수거하노?

  • Gene Wild
    Gene Wild

    Plastics??? What a shame.

  • Ritesh Ranjan
    Ritesh Ranjan

    Good job

  • Ann Gifford
    Ann Gifford

    Love how the one found the banana underneath and others were like oh yeah bananas

  • cetty concy
    cetty concy

    Educate 🥰 e rispettose..

Monkey Bread