Nintendo Console Restoration - Yellowed Plastic Retrobright
TysyTube Restoration
How to Restore and how to retrobright old plastic on Retro Console Nintendo
I show you how to remove the yellowing from vintage plastics with Retrobright method.
This console was bought from Ebay in working condition but is not working.
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  • TysyTube Restoration
    TysyTube Restoration

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  • Sofie Boeye
    Sofie Boeye

    I have some old gijoe figures and their weapons but the plastic is sticky. Does anyone know some good tricks to restore the plastic so it is not sticky anymore. My son wants to play with them and i want him to be safe with the plastic. Thanks

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  • Discrimination is not a right.
    Discrimination is not a right.

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    Cuore se sei italiano

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    TOP video 2021

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    John Mc

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    • TysyTube Restoration
      TysyTube Restoration


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      TysyTube Restoration

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    • TysyTube Restoration
      TysyTube Restoration



    Ciao Mario di Saronno as Dranick di gayspace spero che tu con questo coronavirus stia bene

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