[Nizi Project] Part 2 Teaser2
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2020.05.22 Friday 22:00 ON AIR
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  • skz is nina's fave boygroup
    skz is nina's fave boygroup

    you'll know if the girls will debut or not by looking at their screentime

  • Kyla Marie
    Kyla Marie

    imagine how much that dorm was lmao

  • 小磯杏菜

    脱落しないように最後まで諦めないで!! Don't give up to the end so that you won't fall! 脱落,不要到最近不放弃!! 떨어지다 끝까지 절대 포기 안!

  • Kasturi Dastidar
    Kasturi Dastidar

    This is beautiful

  • Joice Kariny
    Joice Kariny

    Fighting girls❤️

  • niko smile
    niko smile

    ユナ応援してるよ🥰🥰🥰 こんな性格よくてラップうまいのに デビューしないわけないですよね。??

  • Bale うさぎと白鳥
    Bale うさぎと白鳥

    Personally, only the BEST 7 contestants are deserved to be in the final member of Nizi, which shall be (in no particular order): 1. Mako - leader, main dancer 2. Miihi - centre, main vocalist 3. Rima - main rapper 4. Maya - visual, lead dancer 5. Riku - lead vocal 6. Nina - maknae, main vocalist 7. Rio or Akari or Mayuka (will be decided after watching their next performances) I am sorry but the others are not as good as the above.

  • azhara aqila w
    azhara aqila w

    eng subtitle please, many internasional fans here :)

  • gary's crazy
    gary's crazy

    This reminds me of sixteen and predebut twice 😍

  • Mark Cha
    Mark Cha


  • Bale うさぎと白鳥
    Bale うさぎと白鳥

    Always support the official channel with high-quality stream and approved English subtitles. Not the unofficial channel with the self-translation that may have misinterpretation.

  • さらSara

    リリアさんはどこですか??😭 where is riria

  • MANAMI Lee
    MANAMI Lee


  • the real Lemon
    the real Lemon

    when we arleady saw all these HAHAhahuhauhauhaa

  • Giovanna Castelani
    Giovanna Castelani

    Só eu achei o jpy um babaca por falar que umas das meninas da parte 1 "tava mais cheinha" "que ela precisava fazer dieta" ? Aqui é Brasil nenê I'am brazilian baby

  • Isabella Kim
    Isabella Kim

    I hope Mako, Mihi, Rima, Nina, Yuna, and Maya are the members of the new group

  • min min
    min min

    Yuna 💓 Your charm is really amazing. I'm looking forward to it!

  • ohsunmi

    Finally I don’t have to watch all the shonky translated videos but I have watched the first 5 episodes though xd

    • Bale うさぎと白鳥
      Bale うさぎと白鳥

      Episode 5 has not been streamed yet, it is only a teaser.

  • Venus

    Me da gracia, pues algunas ya estamos en el cap 4 xd

  • ぴよぴよ

    リオちゃん少なすぎ わざと??? まだこっちはなにも知らないのに勘ぐられるようなことするなよ

  • dustyrosy babypink
    dustyrosy babypink

    My recent favourite 9 (ranked by AGE): ❤️Mako - leader, main dancer, lead vocalist ❤️Rio - main dancer, lead rapper, face of the group ❤️Maya - lead vocalist, face of the group ❤️Riku - main vocalist ❤️Ayaka - visual, sub-vocalist ❤️Mayuka - lead dancer, lead rapper, vocalist ❤️Rima - main rapper, english speaker ❤️Miihi - main vocalist, center ❤️Akari - maknae, vocalist

  • Sa Ruom
    Sa Ruom

    Audition cambodia please?

  • Giraffa

    Where is Rio??😭😭

  • Paula Aguirre
    Paula Aguirre

    Mmm que emocion 💚💚💚

  • tun KAS
    tun KAS

    Miihi and Rima are da Best

  • Sachan

    MOMOKA LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Muhammad Asyiddiqi
    Muhammad Asyiddiqi

    Sub english please

  • tan piyoko
    tan piyoko

    debut mako mihii rima ayaka nina maya yuna or mayuka

  • John Franco
    John Franco

    Don’t sleep on Ayaka 💜

  • ayame ayaka
    ayame ayaka


  • 이오늘

    Please extend the broadcast time.

    • Bale うさぎと白鳥
      Bale うさぎと白鳥

      Lol, it has to be fitted within 1 hour broadcast time. If it were too long then you would fall asleep.

  • fire green
    fire green

    質問です🤔 待てない人はどうすればいいですか??

    • Jay park
      Jay park


  • sono

    0:42 ユナ❤️❤️ 早く見たい!楽しみすぎる〜

  • i phone
    i phone


  • myeon

    Mako has a strong aura to debut ngl...

  • Raisa

    I've watched the fourth episode already lmao

    • iyeollyeo - l
      iyeollyeo - l

      @Raazia Tabassum it's on youtube🌚

    • Raazia Tabassum
      Raazia Tabassum

      Where did you watch it? I wanna know

    • iyeollyeo - l
      iyeollyeo - l

      Same hahaa🌚

  • るんぴょ


  • jm park
    jm park

    im waiting for maya

  • まー

    リオちゃん、あんまり映ってない!!😰 デビュー出来ますように🙏💕

  • мiкu


  • taki kkk
    taki kkk


  • 타이완넘버원

    여기가 공식 유튜브가 아니구나


    JYP... your so late 1 month..

    • Bale うさぎと白鳥
      Bale うさぎと白鳥

      Hulu paying subscribers get the priority. So you guys have to wait before can watch freely from JPflow.

  • Daniela Otermin
    Daniela Otermin

    My top 7: 1. Mako: i feel like she's the mom of the group, she's very talented and cares about the other girls. 2. Mihii: she is a S T A R. 3. Rima: she is also a star, and raps very well. She can dance, sing, rap and be cute (in vvv she caught my attention). 4. Nina: I'm identified with her, it's my favourite idk why, maybe because she has failed everytime and has a lot of potential. 5. Mayuka: I love her, she grows every chapter and I feel she isn't recognized because all the girls here grow up. 6. Rio: she's just perfect. 7. Maya: she's perfect too. If JYP decides the debut group to be 9 girls, i'll love Riku, Akari, Ayaka, Yuna. Sorry Momoka and Riria :( -and my english-.

  • スミスキー

    リクちゃんGood luck

  • na an
    na an


  • ちゃんゆな


  • Mar S
    Mar S

    damn, look at that quality, superb. man they sure taking their time uploading the vids

    • Bale うさぎと白鳥
      Bale うさぎと白鳥

      This is the difference between an official channel and an illegal channel.

  • María Sánchez
    María Sánchez

    Rima Riku Mako Miihi Nina

  • ゆず

    りくちゃん!!!応援してる!!! 頑張って!!!🥺🌈

  • Jasi dsty
    Jasi dsty

    Riku is kind example of of how success jyp can train the non trainer member.

  • A


  • M mary
    M mary


  • 砂漠に囚われた人


  • veera

    oh wow 05.22, thats gotta be one of the best bday gifts im gonna get

    • Enchanted cupcake
      Enchanted cupcake

      elveera thanks 🤗

    • veera

      Enchanted cupcake happy early bday to you too~

    • Enchanted cupcake
      Enchanted cupcake

      elveera ayyyeee 🎂! Happy early bday

    • veera

      Enchanted cupcake ayeee bday twins! 🥺

    • Enchanted cupcake
      Enchanted cupcake

      Same ❤️ 🧁

  • ごりら

    teaserですら何回もうつる子と全くうつらない子がいるともう決まってるのかなて思っちゃうけど頑張りがちゃんと評価される事を願う! fight‼︎

  • Izzat Ishak98
    Izzat Ishak98

    *Debut MOKOKA or riot..also debut RIMA in a kpop group..too talented for thiss...!!*

  • もとガエル

    Yuna...!!!!🥰💕💕💕 I’m so happy to see your smile and attractive performance...!!!😭

  • crystle

    Finally I've been so tempted to watch the episodes uploaded by non official channels just a few more days 😁😁

  • Felix's Egg
    Felix's Egg

    Lol already another GG? Aoakakkakamamaj atleast it's not YG or else poor girls would be stuck in the dungeon 😌💅

  • M M
    M M


  • Tw미나를 보면 행복해
    Tw미나를 보면 행복해

    Maya 💖 Rio 💖 Mako 💖

  • Stephanie N
    Stephanie N

    No close up and solo scene for Riria. Whyyyy

    • Bale うさぎと白鳥
      Bale うさぎと白鳥

      ​@Stephanie N Oh, I thought group performance as now everybody is talking about the group already. But you are referring to her solo performance. Then you should blame the cameraman why not enough close up shooting haha.

    • Stephanie N
      Stephanie N

      @Bale うさぎと白鳥 Everyone had a fair share of solo screen time, except Riria. You can observe that as you watch.

    • Bale うさぎと白鳥
      Bale うさぎと白鳥

      Because this is a group performance, not solo?

    • さらSara

      very unfair

  • Hwang Eunbi is an amazing dancer
    Hwang Eunbi is an amazing dancer

    Miihi, Rima, Mako. The holy trinity

  • Carlos Velasco
    Carlos Velasco

    you will get more subscribers and watchers if you also have other language subtitles for the commentary

  • #lobkepower !
    #lobkepower !

    how many members will there debut?

  • Nanaka 1126
    Nanaka 1126


  • 西島まぁー


  • Bunny boy
    Bunny boy

    Akari reminds me of Jihyo and Jungkook

    • Bunny boy
      Bunny boy

      @Fatima Batool Miihi reminds me of a little Nayeon

    • Fatima Batool
      Fatima Batool

      Akari = Jihyo. Miihi = Jungkook

    • Jo Sza
      Jo Sza

      I agree with you on Jihyo tho..

    • Jo Sza
      Jo Sza


  • Aimy Candy
    Aimy Candy

    Rio is getting a small screen time although she’s one of the top girls this is really concerning did they element her already?! Why!? she’s a talented dancer and a decent vocalist. on top of that really pretty and has a good personality I don’t understand

    • sdpr

      This is not a contest based on common sense. Jyp has his own standards, and everyone knows he is different. Is about how jyp select his nizi girls group. If he wants, he can put a dog shit in the room for minor trainee as he did in Sixteen

  • Harris Noh
    Harris Noh

    변태 제발물러나라 이뿐천사들에게상처그만주고.

    • love꼬꼬마탱구

      그렇게 생각하는 니가 이상한거 같다. 뭐눈에는 뭐만 보인다고

  • Michuもも*


    • Jay park
      Jay park


  • Johannita Km
    Johannita Km


  • Alyssa

    Rima, Miihi and Mako. My holy trinity

  • n


  • Skylar

    Translations! 0:06 (Sub) One of the biggest global auditions ever, Nizi Project Part 2 0:06 (JYP) I will do my best to create a group that can become a global girls group 0:10 (Sub) The goal is a global girls group! 0:13 (Sub) This a story of the shining trainees fighting to become part of the girls group! 0:17 (Sub) The trainees have grown significantly from Part 1 0:24 (JYP) You have shown astonishing growth in every category 0:26 (Sub) But! 0:27 (JYP) If you place last two times, unfortunately you will have to drop out 0:33 (JYP) You have to show significant growth to be selected as a final member 0:34 (Sub) If you don't show growth, you can't debut! 0:39 (Sub) This is the last chance! 0:39 (JYP) I really have no clue how many of them will debut 0:44 (Riku?) I will not give up till the end 0:46 (Miihi?) I will do my best to shine! 0:44 (Sub) The fight to debut 0:47 (Sub) A heated battle between the contestants, Nizi Project Part 2

    • Myla Cuya
      Myla Cuya


    • Noelia Gomez
      Noelia Gomez

      Thanks for translating! 💜

    • Felix's Egg
      Felix's Egg

      Tysm!! This time I didn't have to smile when JYP would smile-

  • Sarah E.
    Sarah E.

    Ok I hope Nizi project gets way more hype by releasing the episodes on JPflow.

  • NaTzu1001

    I just can't wait... By the time ep1 is released, I can watch ep5 elsewhere, and ep4 with sub...

  • やま


  • Subscribe to pewdiepie
    Subscribe to pewdiepie

    Is this actually official nizi channel?

    • Rainbow *z
      Rainbow *z

      This is OFFICIAL. Video No. is same. jpflow.info/sun/bideo/fZ6CYXaM2GVqp3U.html (↑JYP OFFICIAL SITE: jpflow.infoplaylists ) This Video No. is same with JYP official site video. (MgI1BZu28oE)

    • Aimy Candy
      Aimy Candy

      Yes just go to the JYP entertainment channel you can see this channel linked to it along with Twice and the rest of the company artists

    • elaine !
      elaine !


  • nisa Wiradhika
    nisa Wiradhika

    Why there is no English translation 😣

    • Bale うさぎと白鳥
      Bale うさぎと白鳥

      Because it is just a teaser.

  • a s
    a s


  • Karen Yareli
    Karen Yareli

    Just seeing the screen time I can say that the group will be formed by Riku, Maya, Mihi, Mako, Rima, Mayuka, Akaya and Nina.

    • Bale うさぎと白鳥
      Bale うさぎと白鳥

      How can you be so sure? Have they completed the 6 months training?

    • Jam Nana
      Jam Nana

      Minh Khánh Nguyễn No; Japan release includes preview shows on Wed and Thurs and full episode on Fri. So you will see Mako/Riku team performances later this week with full performances on Fri.

    • Minh Khánh Nguyễn
      Minh Khánh Nguyễn

      I'm sorry to ask something different but...have Swing baby and Heart shaker face off been released yet?

    • Xin Ding
      Xin Ding

      Once in the place It was just rumors, but someone who claim themselves to be Akari‘s classmate irl said the result is already settled and Akari is all ready to debut.

    • Once in the place
      Once in the place

      The definitive group will be formed in June. Nothing's done yet

  • Sandhya Ganesh
    Sandhya Ganesh

    My opinion: Mako - leader, main dancer, lead vocalist Miihi - maknae, main vocalist Riku - the stable one, lead vocalist, lead dancer Maya - charismatic one, lead dancer Rio - main dancer Mayuka - the cute, bubbly and energetic one, vocalist Ayaka - visual


    I want to be like them but im not korean and Japanese, im just asian but from PHILIPPINES!

    • nashi dragneel
      nashi dragneel

      Try to be in a Z-pop group then

  • ITypicalClear


  • Sari821

    Please English sub por the caps. Love Nizi suportts Nina and Akari ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • ま

    違法じゃなくてJPflowから公式動画が 見られる事はすごく嬉しい🥰 パフォーマンスだけの公開でもかなり 新規を獲得できると思う。 ただ、これで4つの場所で ( Hulu、虹かけ、スッキリ、JPflow) で虹プロを取り上げる事になるので それぞれ別の視点から取り上げてほしい かなぁ。もっと宿舎での生活を見せる とか一人一人の性格を知りたい!!!

    • やな

      それそれそれ! 優秀コメントと思いますょ! 運営さんどうぞよろしく

    • 。アンパンマン

      Ma na どの番組も同じシーンばっかりですもんね

  • Xenna Lopeth
    Xenna Lopeth

    00:50 When JYP and Sony emphasize that this is the Legit NIZI YT Channel

    • Bale うさぎと白鳥
      Bale うさぎと白鳥

      Hulu paying subscribers get the priority. So you guys have to wait before can watch freely from JPflow.

    • InSomnia DrEvil
      InSomnia DrEvil

      a blue check would be way easier...

    • evan yong
      evan yong

      @Aimy Candy Guilty... but they can always block those uploaders and if they charge his audience they can totally hit erm with a lawsuit

    • Aimy Candy
      Aimy Candy

      Xenna Lopeth kinda their fault for taking so long can’t blame anyone for watching the episodes on the fake channels hahaha

  • Molly fischer
    Molly fischer

    Mihi should be solo artist shes way better than everyone else.

    • Bale うさぎと白鳥
      Bale うさぎと白鳥

      When she signed up for Nizi project, Miihi was fully aware that this project was to form a girl group, not to find a soloist.

    • Tidar Rahardyan
      Tidar Rahardyan

      Nope everyone in the Nijipro dont deserve solo for now. Its too early. Also you guys who pushed solo to Nijipro participant are effin naive and arrogant. Like you guys implied that Idol Group doesnt need talented members in the beginning. It should have. The participants were already fixed their mind to participate on this ambitious Japanese GG project. Who doesnt want it?

    • Sarah E.
      Sarah E.

      Maybe she wants to be in a group

  • Betty Johnson
    Betty Johnson

    Ughhh I love them all 😪💗

  • くるみりす


  • あかさ


  • jennie flower
    jennie flower

    Raise your hand if you think Mako Nina Miihi and Rio will debuttttt

  • Alexander Dreyschock
    Alexander Dreyschock

    MAYA 데뷔하자!

  • a moonshine.
    a moonshine.

    Mako ♡

  • Happy Happy
    Happy Happy


  • ummu thufail
    ummu thufail

    Finally i've been waiting for this

  • lilu kuku
    lilu kuku


    • やな


  • Jabby Daniel Quezon
    Jabby Daniel Quezon

    Rio, Momoka, Riria, Yuna and Akari's screentime freaks me out.

    • dustyrosy babypink
      dustyrosy babypink


    • Jabby Daniel Quezon
      Jabby Daniel Quezon

      ++ Not a single focus on Riria :< Her growth in the 2nd mission is great.

    • Yrene

      Rio is my favorite since day 1 😲

    • 2Myself2yrself

      She are not on my OT7 so it don't mind but they diserve obsviosly more screentime i am agree And if u don't knew you can vote for one of here evryday ! Le link is on my IG bio ( @ayakaaraijyp )

    • Aimy Candy
      Aimy Candy

      Rio is one of my favorite girls I will be sad if she’s gone 😔