Positive Mood JAZZ - Sunny Jazz Cafe and Bossa Nova Music
New summer single "Positive Mood" now on Spotify open.spotify.com/album/5pv0Fo4u5n0jlFLJHlQjFa
Apple music: music.apple.com/us/album/positive-mood-single/1522678077
The Best Playlist of Positive Mood JAZZ Music! Enjoy 10 Hours of Sunny Summer Jazz Cafe and Bossa Nova Music by Richard Freeman

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  • Ingrid Burling
    Ingrid Burling

    I love this! Been a jazz fan all my life. Question: is this music freely available to download? Is it copyrighted? I'd love to download it and create my own tracks for relaxing with friends, but don't want to break any laws. I found some freebies in the youtube library, but there are only a few hours tops there. Can anyone advise? Thanks.

  • 杭州美女


  • Spiritual Light
    Spiritual Light

    Lost my job due to corona virus..so I decided to make this channel, Wish me luck! Sending you all love&light! 😇

    • Eat your Vegetabléz
      Eat your Vegetabléz

      Best of luck to you!

  • Abir Hossain
    Abir Hossain

    Lelo gg very njce sleppy jazz my tutor love too

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    Love it 😆

  • Sérgio Martins
    Sérgio Martins

    Música deliciosa, que me faz lembrar de bons momentos de minha juventude em locais belos: praias, parques e outros, em paz e harmonia comigo mesmo e com a natureza.

  • Simple Options
    Simple Options

    Good music nice to listen.

  • Chris Cain
    Chris Cain

    Beautiful thank you just what I need for my mindfulness practice 🦋🐞🐝😃😃😃

  • Hallo

    Anyone got the name of the drink in the thumbnail?

  • Spencer Foucher
    Spencer Foucher

    Wow. I felt better the instant this started playing

  • Susanne Sonne
    Susanne Sonne

    Immer das Gleiche...heißt nur anders...😆😆😆

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    david Lakeisha

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  • Lara Gabrielle
    Lara Gabrielle

    Not gonna lie, I wish I could meet half the people in these comments. Feels like we'd all get along in a weird sad way in a setting like this lol

    • Igor Domanski
      Igor Domanski

      olheiras, café e charuto

    • Raghvender Dwivedi
      Raghvender Dwivedi


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    Tai Ko seng

    How hot is the coffee?

  • David Lloyd-Jones
    David Lloyd-Jones

    Elevator music. Very cheering for about four floors. After that, saccharine or plastic or just a lot of thump-and-ding.

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  • Storm Bringer777
    Storm Bringer777

    The first song sounds a lot like and reminds me of the Nighthawks song from American Dad.

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  • Best Meditation Relax Music
    Best Meditation Relax Music

    @ Learn to be calm and you will always be happy.

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  • Rest & Relaxation Cinema
    Rest & Relaxation Cinema

    This is beautiful. This gives me such a happy feeling! We need more happy vibes in this crazy world. I hope everyone can give an extra smile out today to someone random!

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  • RELAXING - 편안해지는 음악
    RELAXING - 편안해지는 음악

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    • Eat your Vegetabléz
      Eat your Vegetabléz

      Wrench apples on the 4th

    • Eat your Vegetabléz
      Eat your Vegetabléz


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    Nes Quik


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