Samir Ghising (V-ten) | What The Flop: Pandemic Airing | 01 April 2021
Samir Ghising (V-ten) | What The Flop: Pandemic Airing | 01 April 2021
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About What The Flop :
Satirical comedy program hosted by famous Nepali Sitcom Stand-up comedian Sandip Chettri who tickles your bone with his hilarious reports on a week’s noticeable event on any topics be it politics, sports, media or corporate culture with the help of short comedy, mimicry and lots of entertainment. Humorous breaking news, weather report and entertaining interviews are the highlights of this show. Don’t miss to watch it if you are looking for some fun every Thursday, 9:00 to 10:00 PM.
Host : Sandip Chhetri
Producer : Bishal Ghosh
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  • Mutu Bikram Rana
    Mutu Bikram Rana


  • Manoj Magar
    Manoj Magar

    V10 I love your raps...sandip sir talking good ways

  • Anish Gurung
    Anish Gurung

    i fxxk with v ten's music and he' seems like a cool person to hang out with and the realest in the industry but i heard this a while ago i dont know if its true that Vten is named after NitraVet 10 ,nitra and et was cancelled kept the V and the 10 any one heard of this ?

  • Baljit Mandal
    Baljit Mandal


  • Govinda Pantha
    Govinda Pantha

    Testopa i chaina hajur nepal ko police....


    Ramro xa video good jab all Happy new year mitra 2078

  • U E I G H T
    U E I G H T


  • lesnar onemanarmy
    lesnar onemanarmy

    Vten mula nepalima boraa chha yo hawaudey khusket chahi kattinaw English khokchha ...

  • Loken Bohara
    Loken Bohara

    v-10 को यो starting phase हो अझै बढ्नुपर्ने हुन्छ।झमेला जस्तोसुकै भएपनि

  • Zounkie Newahang
    Zounkie Newahang

    Bhai natak bac vayo

  • prem 007
    prem 007

    deep deep filling u bro

  • Rijalpushkar Sharma
    Rijalpushkar Sharma

    question sunerai majja lagne hajir hau

  • Ritesh Shrestha
    Ritesh Shrestha

    Sandeep bro english chai dherai nai vayo jasto xa

  • Deepak Thapa Sumadhur
    Deepak Thapa Sumadhur

    जस्ले आफुलाई माया गर्दैन नि उस्ले कसैलाई पनि माया गर्दैन। त्यसैले आफुलाई माया गर्नुस आफ्नो सम्मान गर्नुस अनि आफैमा खुसी हुनुस।

  • Hemanta Sharma
    Hemanta Sharma

    32:50 🤣🤣

  • Sandesh Niroula
    Sandesh Niroula

    WTF ray😂😂😂😂

  • Raj kumari Rana Thapa
    Raj kumari Rana Thapa

    Super cool interview....❤️💕❣️Love it

  • HiRez Pro
    HiRez Pro

    Namaste Sandeep Jeep! Malai etti bhannu thiyo ki...2 something arba ko brastachar kepiraheko person lai 16 arba ko khepiraheko news ma hajur ley auta bolnai parney sabda(in my opinion) chahi 'thukka sarkar" thiyo jas viral hunthyo ani sabailey hajurlai herthey ani you wud be viral but most important it will be known to everyone and my simple msg..since u r a public figure and till now whatever u speak, it wud reach to every citizen of just want to say esto esto news haru ta dekhaunu hunchha ali Kati himmat garera esta news harulai "thukka bhanna sikau" so that your views will increase and everyone will know what u are doing and most importantly it's a rational msg to everyone. Thank you.. Lots of love

  • Magarsanu Gaha
    Magarsanu Gaha

    Keep up rock bro🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • abhi अभी पौडेल
    abhi अभी पौडेल

    The talented artist💖💖😍😘vten

  • Parash Balayar
    Parash Balayar


  • Puja Rana
    Puja Rana

    I love the show. It is very entertaining. As a well wisher of the show i want to let the show know that it would be more respectful if the host speaks in Nepali language if the guest is speaking in Nepali language.

    • Puja Rana
      Puja Rana

      Have never heard vten but looks like he is down to earth.. cool dude..and will soon listen to his creation.

  • saisha vlog
    saisha vlog

    V-10 bhaneko gayera aushadhi pasal ma bujan Sandeep g thah hunxa


    Wtf means what the flop .... Wtf chetri..... What the flop chetry

  • Rojock Hajong
    Rojock Hajong


  • isha Ghising
    isha Ghising


  • KeSSa KSheTri
    KeSSa KSheTri

    Very very funny 😊 nd love you sdp bro🙏❣️❣️❣️

  • Subash Kale
    Subash Kale

    It proves how much sandeep chhetri respect vten and his thinking capacity. Vten is real deep myaan

  • Inbox Nepal
    Inbox Nepal

    Hatma sunko bala lauda dailai afthero vayjasto lagyo

  • Roshani Oli
    Roshani Oli

    He is so respected guy lots of love Mr Vten one day i will meet to u ❤🥰😘

  • Dipesh Adhikari
    Dipesh Adhikari

    22:39 thank me later

  • Himal Tamang
    Himal Tamang

    22:50 VtEn 😅😅 ThAnk Me LaTeR 😂

  • Ajay Budhathoki
    Ajay Budhathoki

    Wonderful interview. Great rapper with great person Sandip chhetri. Really injoying.

  • Rohit Adk
    Rohit Adk

    Why all good shows invite only VTEN ? Is it because of his huge subscriber on JPflow .... Is it because of fan followers numbers ....I mean there are many dopiest rapper in Nepal Music industry , who know better Hip-hop then VTEN .... Invite NASTY , rather than VTEN , you will know lot of thing about the future of Nepali Hip hop scenario ... I request VTEN fan not to use vulgar to reply my comment


    Vten look very uncomfortable with host questions atleast few questions he shouldn't have ask for details of yo k ho yesko meaning k ho . But host was respectful and jolly

  • Sita Chongbang
    Sita Chongbang

    He is to understanding man we proud of you ❤️💪🔥👑my king my idol I inspired by watching you vten

  • Suman Kulung
    Suman Kulung

    Next time Mc Flo should invite to your program bro 🤟🏻

  • sarmila sunar
    sarmila sunar


  • Ashwin Bishokarma
    Ashwin Bishokarma

    Stop caste discrimination 🙏

  • Sm Flo
    Sm Flo

    Is dope means really a slang word??

  • Harka Man Gurung
    Harka Man Gurung

    V10 is cool 😎 guy

  • Lokesh lamsal
    Lokesh lamsal

    Rap is working

  • Kishor Pun
    Kishor Pun


  • Divya Karki
    Divya Karki

    Actually the way he respect to vten i love it respect for you both

  • Divya Karki
    Divya Karki

    Love for vten taevayera matra like ra comment n hereko

  • DiZiD

    *Thumbnail ma VTEN dekhera ako hu ma.*

  • Dhankumar Rai
    Dhankumar Rai

    Vten 🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • ubk umesh
    ubk umesh

    Sandip ko alike attitude badi xa k toit alike sudayana

  • Manish Sharma
    Manish Sharma

    What a respectful man is sandeep chetri ... he is adressing vten as sir . Other interviewer must learn how to respect and talk with celebraties don't matter the age .

  • Aashan Khadka
    Aashan Khadka

    Thank you sandip bro for your respecting with vten

  • myself Sanjaya Dahal
    myself Sanjaya Dahal

    2 Min silence for them who listen कृषि मन्त्री when he say कुर्सी मन्त्री

  • Kabir Rawal
    Kabir Rawal

    vet 10

  • Lucky Girl
    Lucky Girl

    Manxe jasto vaye ni kura chaii right right gardo raiix ni mora le🤩

  • Lotsof Love
    Lotsof Love

    Babbl vten bro keep going bruh always with you man

  • Vimal Gurung
    Vimal Gurung

    probably the highest views episode in the history of what the flop✌️

  • anamika shrestha
    anamika shrestha

    Vten I love u bro

  • Rajesh Roy
    Rajesh Roy

    sandip chetri respect vten👍️👍️👍️

  • Nek Paija
    Nek Paija

    I m enjoy it 🙂🙂

  • kubow maril
    kubow maril

    Very big fan vten

  • Pubgsandy Thapa
    Pubgsandy Thapa

    Ko ho yo mula

  • Lil kush
    Lil kush

    vten duppey

  • lppp tl
    lppp tl

    मलाइ अंग्रेज़ी बोलेको सुन्न होइन कान थुन्न मन लाग्छ नेपाली बोले हुने सन्दिप सर् ले 😜😜🤭🤭

  • Michael thapa
    Michael thapa

    9:53 ko ho yo Tori 😁😁🤣🤣

  • Raj Lama
    Raj Lama



    Mula v 10 lai hepera bolxa yar

  • Kamal Pun
    Kamal Pun

    Pasupati sharma lai ni linu paryo

  • Sonika Rai
    Sonika Rai

    Vten sanga chai mithailal vaira kina navetnuvako sandeep je😁

  • sonam lama
    sonam lama

    So realistic. Such a good episode.

  • Sujita Shrestha
    Sujita Shrestha

    But Sandip daile chahi kina Englishma bolnu va🤣🤣🤣 purai characterma dubanu vayax😃😃😃😃😝😝😝

  • Koyu Mabo
    Koyu Mabo

    Love u V10 , thank u Sandip dai

  • Deep Shrestha
    Deep Shrestha

    We always love u and support Sandeep dai

  • Epex International
    Epex International

    लाहुरे सग चाहि एन्टी रछ कि कुन्नी सुन्न त सुन्यो होला तर नाम लिएन

  • Sristi Thapa
    Sristi Thapa

    I am the only one here because of V10

  • Nisha Thapa
    Nisha Thapa

    Samir ❤️ He used to show what I have in real 🤪❤️❤️ Savage answer....🤙🤙🤙🤣❤️

  • Rajendra Thapa
    Rajendra Thapa

    I 💕 YOU VTEN

  • Samrat Devkota
    Samrat Devkota


  • dipak tamang
    dipak tamang

    big friend vten and sandeep daii❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Sabunam Angla
    Sabunam Angla

    Vtn ra gf ko interrview herny thuloo man xaw

  • Bamfey

    Sandip daai... English bujhdina k maile.... Plz help.....😭😭😭

  • bimala tamang
    bimala tamang

    Vten dai ko big fan🥰🥰🥰


    It’s my show ma udelo ijjat bachauna aako hora yo vai yeta?

  • Dipendra Neupane
    Dipendra Neupane

    Such kind person VTEN🤩🤩😎😎

  • Yume Baraily
    Yume Baraily

    Love you v10. God bless you

  • dinesh khadka
    dinesh khadka

    sandip dai ma dherai school gayako xaena english vanda badi nepali boldinus.huna sakxa vane

  • rajan budhathoki
    rajan budhathoki

    Love you V-TEN ❤️

  • Dinesh Baral
    Dinesh Baral

    Wtf Chhetri 🤣🤣

  • RAJA Sheikh
    RAJA Sheikh

    V-10 dai


    Good luck🍀🤞

  • Paul Poon
    Paul Poon

    When an an idiot get a chance to give an interview... Shit happens

  • Rabin Rai
    Rabin Rai


  • Salina Rai
    Salina Rai

    I Love you 😘😘😘😘😘💖💖

  • Aenish Regmi
    Aenish Regmi

    Sandip xettri = rapper sandey🤣🤣

  • shadow gamer
    shadow gamer

    Are you comedy me😂😂😂

  • Ajay

    Sandip dai le dinu vaako respect 😍😍😍 That's how encourage the youth Respect to you dai ❤❤❤❤

  • Chimsey Waiba
    Chimsey Waiba

    sandeep:tapai lai sab vanda badi maya kasko lagxa?vten:malai sab vanda badi maya tw merai lagx. n sandeep n vten perfectly describes why we should love ourself👌👌👍💖

  • गाउ बेसि
    गाउ बेसि

    Vetan काे फेन काे काे हुनुहुनछ यता हेरौ त

  • गाउ बेसि
    गाउ बेसि



    V teen don

  • Dipesh Magar
    Dipesh Magar

    22:40 thank me later

  • Ibraj Darai
    Ibraj Darai

    v10 😍❤️