Steal This $100,000 Diamond, You Keep It
Do you think you could have done all the levels?
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  • MrBeast

    Do you think you could have done all the levels?



    • Vin Cor
      Vin Cor

      I wouldn’t

    • Dnasty Jr09
      Dnasty Jr09


    • True Music Entertainment
      True Music Entertainment

      Hell yeah

    • Muhammed Arsh official
      Muhammed Arsh official

      ya boii

  • Sajib jaan
    Sajib jaan

    :o beautiful diamond

  • Tex Hitman
    Tex Hitman

    Help siyona shrestha

  • Berry_Berry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Berry_Berry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I got 2 of ur hoodies for Christmas

  • Andrew Edmund
    Andrew Edmund

    Poor choice of words at the end. Lmaoo. "You're the best brother I could ever ask for"

  • Temporary Username
    Temporary Username

    Henry Stickmin: yo you guys need help or somethin'

  • I Can't Kickflip
    I Can't Kickflip

    4:00 I'm confused did chandler find it or am I high

  • Low Budget
    Low Budget

    To who ever read this. Please include us in ur prayers. Me and my family need ur prayers for healing and protection. Thank you.

  • Savet Pin
    Savet Pin


  • Nathan Schmidt
    Nathan Schmidt

    Nolan actually hit the first laser in the double trampoline jump.

  • Brandon Tan
    Brandon Tan

    "Your the best brother I could ever ask for" hmm that sounds familiar 🤔😏

  • 123alyssa

    You are so entertaining

  • hyper xvzツ
    hyper xvzツ

    In russia we played that everydays

  • Saiki-Chan

    Last to jump gets 1000000000000$ Chandler: walks into quicksand

  • LittleReno88

    Go Karl go

  • My Mind
    My Mind


  • Zainab Nasser
    Zainab Nasser

    هذا ليـشہ صاعد ترند بالعراق

  • Sofia Ramadhani
    Sofia Ramadhani

    they actually really touched it as you can see

  • Kaso627


  • Oakley Bowles
    Oakley Bowles

    Did anyone notice on stage 6 Nolan actually touched a lazer

  • Vegito_ Super
    Vegito_ Super

    Mr beast i love your vids and will always watch them and you do whatever makes you happy you da best

  • Anthony Reyes
    Anthony Reyes

    My search history : how to join MR Beast

  • Suraj Ghosh
    Suraj Ghosh

    @t get $200

  • James Sherry
    James Sherry

    You made them go on a balance beem with SOCKS ON LMAO

  • Generic Youtuber
    Generic Youtuber

    poor karl

  • mercurialmagictrees

    9:48 Chan Chan has mad hops! 🦘

  • jenica reginaldo
    jenica reginaldo


  • AGuyUsingGoogle

    Nolan hit a laser in 4:43

  • Matix Miacolo
    Matix Miacolo

    Nolan hits laser and doesn't lose life and beats chandler because of it. Chandler should have won

  • Adalyn Baird
    Adalyn Baird

    chandler get a ostrige

  • Eduardo Barrientos
    Eduardo Barrientos



    i wanted to see him put the diamond on a laser

  • Dassy The Hedgehog
    Dassy The Hedgehog

    Oh me yes

  • Ethan Krowbar
    Ethan Krowbar

    Subscribe to Ethan Krowbar

  • Dassy The Hedgehog
    Dassy The Hedgehog

    You yes

  • Ignited Bonnie1232
    Ignited Bonnie1232

    Mr beast is the only one ever on first in trending

  • Hazmat Lλd
    Hazmat Lλd

    Those are rookie jumps.

  • John Keddy
    John Keddy

    Chandler’s sister though

  • DrMyAcog

    Nolan didn’t win. I’m sorry jimmy. But he hit the green laser on the first trampoline. Plz watch it back

  • Jannick Merstrand
    Jannick Merstrand

    Chandler should have won he Got a extra heart in the first Room with a heard and nolan hittes the laser in the double tramp

  • Expt Wolf
    Expt Wolf

    I got so mad when Chandler lost! RIP CHANDLER :(

  • Julia Red
    Julia Red

    Karl jumping just before the lasers flicker was such a power move, I swear

    • Adan Flores123
      Adan Flores123


  • Prima Murdock
    Prima Murdock

    Wow Karl, that was a really move u did there

  • Weasel Batches
    Weasel Batches

    Just give him the damn ruby play button already, JPflow.

  • Anthony Conroy
    Anthony Conroy

    Give me any task and ill do it for 2000 bucks Mr Beast!!! Help me pay my rent

  • ProdigyBliss-YT

    Nolan’s sisters words “you’re the best brother I could have ever asked for” only single gang knows this

  • Abhijay Bharadvaj
    Abhijay Bharadvaj


  • Master GMR
    Master GMR

    Is It Just me or Nolan just got hit by the lazar in stage six at 4:41 ?

  • ProdigyBliss-YT

    Nolan’s sisters words “you’re the best brother I could have ever asked for” sounded too familiar

  • Patrick Adams
    Patrick Adams

    also ur my favorite....shhhhh

  • Patrick Adams
    Patrick Adams

    Karl ur a god

  • NMS hawk
    NMS hawk

    “There are 2 colors!”- karl

  • M A D D I E M A Y
    M A D D I E M A Y

    I was so Anxious and I wasn’t even doing it I could barely watch lmao🤍

  • Michael Rawson
    Michael Rawson

    He called lazarbeam landon 🤣🤣


    is nolan vanoss??

  • K Al
    K Al

    From where do you git your FuCKiNG money !?!?!?!?!?

  • Fromage au poulet
    Fromage au poulet

    Chandler : bruh I didn’t win Nolan :BRUH I NEED TO GIVE IT TO MY SISTER

  • NMS hawk
    NMS hawk

    I thought Karl would go x-games mode

  • Inferno HellFlame
    Inferno HellFlame


  • Diego Maldonado
    Diego Maldonado

    I wouldve won, Ive watched a heist with Markeplier

  • John Darling
    John Darling

    nolan hit a lazer on level 4

  • Brent Phillips
    Brent Phillips

    At 4:44 his left foot touched the first lazer

  • IAmJake

    This is true

  • sweaty ranger
    sweaty ranger

    yes!!!!!!!!!! yo i am trying to grow i watch all of you r vids and u are so cool and tell ZHC he is goo d at drawing he is really talented!!!!!!!!!

  • 5 - Minute Tech
    5 - Minute Tech

    Done!! I love your videos and your inspiration. @its_sithumli

  • Nathan Ceja
    Nathan Ceja

    He touched a laser you didn't see it

  • Spycakes

    Bruh I whole fali every level

  • Ujala Bajracharya
    Ujala Bajracharya

    Guess if the lasers were real.😱

  • Noah Davis
    Noah Davis

    4:21 My ears exploded

  • Mr Tiddles
    Mr Tiddles

    Yo who is Nolan and where did he come from I’m so mad chandler lost

  • lovely Chocolate
    lovely Chocolate

    I love Noah LOL

  • Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse

    I watched this before it had 500K views

  • دم العروبة Blood Arab
    دم العروبة Blood Arab

    no way out

  • Logan Scheffler
    Logan Scheffler

    4:43 Nolan hit it though

  • DrMyAcog

    Nolan hit one with the trampe

  • Zack-Gaming

    It’s so easy

  • NFLClip2019

    Laser goes through leg 86 times *STAGE CLEARED*

  • Freddyboifeede

    are we just gonna ignore the fact that jimmy called lazarbeam "landon" 7:19

  • SmileyFace

    "youre the best brother i couldve ever asked for" swear ive heard that line before

  • Kevin Garduza
    Kevin Garduza

    Why did he have to win omfg I wanted chandler to win

  • Lexy and Gigis Fun world
    Lexy and Gigis Fun world

    If you could check out our channel I would really appreciate it ☺️ ty

  • Not PandaBoi
    Not PandaBoi

    POV: your looking for lazar's comment

  • SeeMCW


  • FireFangs gamming
    FireFangs gamming

    Wow, one million likes. That's insane😳

  • rkhardy84

    Why dose mr beast look 29?

  • albert_ sketchfan117
    albert_ sketchfan117


  • Texaspoontappa

    Love all the diversity in Mr. Beast videos. I’m glad the white men had a chance for all this money!

  • jonathan smith
    jonathan smith

    4:43 he cheated death bruh so basically chan chan would’ve won. rip

  • Mysterious

    13:50-13:53 I’ve heard that somewhere before

  • BONEZ 21
    BONEZ 21

    13:50 woah. Mmhhhhh

  • Freddie Benson
    Freddie Benson

    4:42 Nolan literally hit that very dim laser beam...he shouldn’t have won this he lost that life 😂

  • Sugandha Dahiya
    Sugandha Dahiya


  • Jasmine Liew
    Jasmine Liew

    mr beast: "in front of 20 million people" he has 46.8 million.

  • Slapzz

    Nolan hit it with his left leg when he jumped

  • Charlie Harstedt
    Charlie Harstedt

    The way chandler stood up to jump to the diamond😹

  • Houston

    nolan brings a very crazy energy to the videos

  • Kain Walker6628
    Kain Walker6628

    your the best brother i could have ever asked for😳

  • amy moore
    amy moore


  • Kaze Yassuo
    Kaze Yassuo

    Mr beast please do spicy noodles challenge who ever win it get price please notice it

  • Kaidan Fenter
    Kaidan Fenter