the moment it was decided a NiziU member would debut
support the Niziu girls and their debut!!

  • d&m multi
    d&m multi

    Thank you for all this support on this video!! I just want to clarify something that you guys are saying a lot! A lot of you are talking about Miihi and how her “Nobody” performance solidified her debut and I totally understand where you’re coming from! It was a beautiful performance that showed that she had versatility of cute and mature. That really did solidify her position in the group, but to me, Miihi and Mako were both guaranteed to be in the lineup due to their strong start in part 1, so I felt as if her Cheer Up perfectly showed her unique cuteness, charm and ability!! A similar issue is with Maya. She did really solidify her position with the “Swing Baby” performance, but this video is more of the initial feeling of when we “knew” not solidifying what we knew? I had to choose one moment and I feel like Touch really showed Maya in her element!! Your opinions are all valid though and thank you for supporting the video🥰

    • Purva Agrawal
      Purva Agrawal

      Hey Can you please make the moment it was decided that a twice member would debut

    • It’s Archie!
      It’s Archie!

      NiziU Fighting!!!💖💖💖💖

    • 막내꼬나

      잘 봤습니다. 전 훌루까지는 안보는 한국 팬이라서 , 못 본 장면들이 있어서, 더욱 좋았다는 말 남깁니다. 정말 잘 봤습니다...d&m multi님! (_ _) 니나에 *Brand New Day 완곡.. 지금 들어도 압권이네요... 박진영PD가 Nizi 프로젝트는 성공한다는 자신감을 가질만 했네요. ^ㅅ^;

    • sonyeodren

      Agree with Maya's Touch performance!!!

    • SuperPatpatpatpatpat

      Love you, miihi! 💖🥺

  • Bethany Hoo
    Bethany Hoo


  • Bethany Hoo
    Bethany Hoo

    when i watched Maya's Miss A's touch performance, I just sat quietly with my mouth not trying to open because of hOW PROUD I AM TO HER ᵃⁿᵈ ˢʰᵉ ʷʳᵉᶜᵏᵉᵈ ᵐᵉ ˢᵒ ʰᵃʳᵈ

  • Bethany Hoo
    Bethany Hoo


  • KawaiiKat534 Account
    KawaiiKat534 Account

    Mayuka’s performance was on auto play after this 😂😂

  • MrBubblygoodness

    Nina’s vocals though!

  • Natureguy01

    I would love to see a competition where Twice was brought in to train one of these groups I wonder what that would be like ? anyone have any thoughts?

  • Mariz Daniela
    Mariz Daniela

    I was a fan of yuna since she appeared very beautifully to me since she was shown in the season 1. But then she had a hard time and that made her into slump. She loses her confidence because she was pressured. I really wanted Yuna to ba part of NiziU

  • MT tsaka
    MT tsaka

    Mako's that dance was so solid like wtf 🤣🤌 So good


    Whos on tumbhnail?

  • girlGamer gacha
    girlGamer gacha

    No One talk about the vocal of mihii bunnie

  • Arnoldo Hernandez
    Arnoldo Hernandez

    I remember I was obsessed with maya touch performance, like it was the first time I was trying to learn a kpop choreography, and start staning miss a

  • Kenneth Kwon
    Kenneth Kwon

    aww nina did so awesome on her audition!

  • Remy Exists
    Remy Exists

    Who gave Miihi rights to be this damn cute

  • Manu Shiber
    Manu Shiber

    I knew that Nina was going to win when she knock the door, her vocals were the best and JYP was not gonna to lose the "Somi 2.0" And Rima I knew she was gonna debut in the first audition cuz she's THE rapper, JYP was not gonna loose a rapper do talented Tbh I was so happy I guessed the debut line, hope the best for the girls

  • HoneyLion

    I swear I watch Nina’s audition at least once a month. There’s just something so enthralling about it. Such a crystal clear voice from a young girl, there’s just oceans of potential waiting to be released.

  • Shannell N.
    Shannell N.

    Rio's Lady performance was the moment though

  • Pluto B
    Pluto B

    thanks to youtube it recommended nina’s audition to me and i watched whole show bc of her. and i like mayuka in dalla dalla perf she grabbed my attention there. i miss this show lol

  • Rocky Pura
    Rocky Pura

    no hate and all i luv niziu but i just think someone was more deserving to be in the group

  • Stefanus Surya T
    Stefanus Surya T

    Personally for me Miihi (sorry if i spell it wrong) shine when she sang yuki no hana

  • Rio

    omg my name is rio...

  • fairypjm

    jyp is def a weirdo


    I been cheering for mako since day one making my own cheer for her and everything lol

  • not Yoo
    not Yoo

    i think i agree to this

  • Cake At Stake
    Cake At Stake


  • PyroVK

    miihi's was def the nobody performance

  • Rafil Alif
    Rafil Alif

    For me, miihi already book a place when she do TT cover

  • kpop house 3
    kpop house 3

    when mako did that cover to 2pm I'll be back made me fall in love with her.

  • the grizzly next door
    the grizzly next door

    The moment Nina danced Itzys Dalla Dalla I thought she didn't deserve her place. This is no hate just my opinion. She is talented. But this behaviour was just a big nope. Others trained so hard and didn't make it while she did not even try

    • NiziU_Fighting

      I'm so sorry, this is going to be really really long.😭 i do respect your opinion but you used her first dance performance as a basis to evaluate how she doesn't deserve her spot and it doesn't seem fair. Please hear me out as a Nina fan who've followed her since the beginning, seen how much she struggled and explain how SHE HAD TO DO EVERYTHING to debut and she deserved it the same way the other 8 girls did. The dalla dalla perf was the first one after auditions. The goal of Tokyo camp was to confirm the possibilities and potential jyp saw during the regional auditions while Korea training was to find the possible candidates for debut. She was 14, trying to figure things out in a country where she just barely experienced( lived 2 years in Japan before Tokyo camp) and still on the process of learning. Well, I for one was disappointed too in that performance. But she admitted to her mistakes and was honest in where she was wrong and where she lacked (she passed for singing not dancing) And she fully redeemed herself in I'll be back, being brave enough to choreograph and dance infront of the same person who said she can't be a singer hours before. (Well she can be a singer actually just not idol who needs to dance while singing, her voice is amazing already, untrained at that). Don't you think it showed just how much she wanted it and willing to put in the necessary work to redeem herself? Isn't that hardwork? She passed but she wasn't given a cube for dance, that was her motivation to change her mindset and really start working hard. Only six people passed with all their cubes filled, 8/14 lacked in one of the 4 cubes and same with Nina that will served as a motivation for them to work harder to earn that cube. Tokyo camp was looking for possibilities and Nina was the best untrained singer in there who can compete, even outsang all 4 trainees. Btw, jyp chose i'll be back as her memorable and best performamce which really surprised him coz she added the dance part which she was not confident in the the first place. Did you watch the show? Did you see how despite the praises for her vocals which she rightfully deserved, she was heavily criticized too by jyp and trainers for every other thing? Did you see how the trainers scolded her while they're practicing for dalla dalla group performance? Did you compare how other girls were encouraged instead of scolded(watch other team rehearsals and see how the trainers treat the participants as opposed to how Nina was scolded with the reasoning "your part has to be PERFECT", with 48 hours of practice and learning and singing while dancing a KOREAN SONG)? Everyone of the nizi girls have dancing experience prior to Nizi, they were either in dance academy, cheerleaders, in prior jpop groups or trainees from jype while Nina had none of those dancing experiences. While Jyp was lenient with Ayaka who had 9 YEARS of dancing experience btw and very much lacking in singing her voice had to be autotuned on live shows to make it sound decent and gave her encouraging words, but he didn't do the same to Nina who had no training whatsoever but used harsher words against the youngest member instead. I understand the difference is due to higher expectations coz Nina set the bar way too high for herself on her auditions earning a you're totally a star comment from jyp while Jyp just wants the bare minimum for Ayaka coz a groups needs a visual and she fits the standard. I'm sorry but to say she didn't even try is just not right. She didn't cry and doubted herself a dozen times whether she belongs there or not, her parents telling her it's okay to just go home but she listened to the side of herself who can't just give up her dream,(magazine interview) for someone to say she didn't even try. Watch the show again, the ENTIRE SHOW and tell me if she really didn't have to try. And btw, it's not her fault she was gifted with singing talent. It's her advantage yes (take note everyone has their advantages too, years/months of idol training, dancing experiences) but the best thing about it was even if she was put in groups with hard and tiring choreos, her voice still remains stable and she hit notes required of her as main vocalist in every mission and made every group she was in sound stable coz she was singing the higher parts well(jyp's words). She made sure her advantage remains while she gradually improves her dance. Don't you think that required hardwork? How she helped Riria with the harmonies for DTNA? How she cried and wanted to help Rio to be confident in her singing and helped her hit the notes properly for thei ICY performance? How is cried coz finally her efforts in improving her dancing skills was acknowledged? If Nina was lazy, ungrateful or has a bad attitude, I don't think the NiziU trainees would give her good remarks, nor will the 4 members( Mako, Ayaka, Rima, Mayuka would want to be her for a day). Even before that i don't think jyp will let her debut if she failed in personality because we know how he gives high regard for personality. Finally, please do read magazine interviews and words by the girls themselves just hard working Nina is. I'll give you some, Maya during Nina's Nizi 9 story saying one of Nina's attractive traits is being very hard working. Miihi's words(nonverbatim)" Nina usually depends on the unnies(as she's the youngest) but she works very hard and never stops until she gets the routine." Nina has always been honest too with where she lacks, that is dancing coz she was untrained in that part and she's the slowest in learning the routine but according to the members she's gotten so much better. Doesn't that mean hardwork too? See her SAAS dance on tiktok and compare it to her first failed dance performance(dalla dalla), see how much she improved. See also their live performances of SAAS and MYH and see how much she improved. Nina's journey: I'm so sorry, it's too long. I just can't help but be defensive when it comes to people questioning Nina's debut when she worked hard for it too like everyone else. Her voice is indispensable weapon of NiziU and time will prove that but even with that she never boasted about it but even felt unsure of herself. She's a hardworker and her members' words will prove that.

  • Shinning Star
    Shinning Star

    Everyone else: **gets to niziu through dancing or singing** Ayaka: *WAIT!!! lemme find my tennis racket!*

  • Ojasvi Thaman
    Ojasvi Thaman

    For nina it was really like first impression was the last impression

  • great people
    great people

    Maya really applied the half air half sound technique

  • A Lusung
    A Lusung

    idk about the others since i didnt watch the program but one look and we all know nina’s gonna debut 🥴

  • Archana V Bhat 1AT19CS016
    Archana V Bhat 1AT19CS016

    i wasnt interested in niziu at first but the clip of mayuka performing 2pms cover immediately made me pick her as my bias

  • Ansss AA
    Ansss AA

    I found nina's brand new day audition on Twitter then i started to watch nizi project till the end thank god that she debuted

  • Leighla

    7:14 JYP is not sure what he's watching, but he likes it 😁

  • Jedidah Simangunsong
    Jedidah Simangunsong

    Tbh, Mako too versatile. Best leader indeed

  • BranBuns _
    BranBuns _


  • Min Mingii
    Min Mingii

    Nina: here i come kicking the door. Jyp: you're in

    • Min Mingii
      Min Mingii


  • HelloWorldHolly

    Why'd they get so surprised when they saw a cartwheel

  • Mariz Klein
    Mariz Klein

    I really like Mako's leadership. She's fair. She want the best for her team. She always put her member first. I think she is born to be a leader. Mako's Magic!

  • Majo Sacha
    Majo Sacha

    I think for Miihi was her cover of Nobody

  • RE:eze音楽

    Riku's Who's Your Mama was the best but what made think she really deserve to debut was her Heart Shaker. She took care of the chorus what was a very high note and even took some adlibs. In addition to her outstanding singing was her dancing. Anyways, it was only my viewpoint. Hehehe. I'm a Riku bias anyways but an OT9 for sure. ☯‿☯✿

  • 901

    アヤカwwwww ほんと不思議な魅力があるよね

  • Alif Zulfaka
    Alif Zulfaka

    Nina : **Breathe** JYP : Ok we'll make millions

  • Rizahri

    it was funny to see jyp telling nina she wasn't good enough at dancing yet he already had made his decisions a bout her and he literally openly said it multiple times lol

    • rumi1379

      He did it for the drama

    • Ringo 2ne1
      Ringo 2ne1

      He wants her too work hard

  • Aj

    At first I didn’t think Maya would make it, but as soon as she came out with Touch, I lost IT. She instantly became my bias

  • •мυғғιn•

    Mako is my bias, then rima bais wrecker then miihi

  • Tox i
    Tox i

    I thought MIihi is when the wearing golden cloth.

  • Suga High
    Suga High

    This video really got me crying😭 They've worked so hard and have come so far!! Watching this brought back a lot of memories... Also, I just remember crying through every single episode of Nizi Project (I'm sure I'm not the only one TT) I love them so much!! And I hope they will go far in the future!

  • HelloWorldHolly

    I hope these girls enjoy their time as a jpop idol but I also hope they get lots of healing time and resting time and privacy because they are still very young and I hope they get to see their family often

  • Nycollas Morais
    Nycollas Morais

    Nina is the best

  • kim kim
    kim kim

    JYP girls will never be comolete not unless they do a cover of JYP boygroups songs. WONDER GIRLS and MISS A heartbeat cover is the best among the best and nizui members doing heartbeat is just something 💕💕

  • Hieu Tran
    Hieu Tran

    is nina going to be like the next jeon somi?

    • Ringo 2ne1
      Ringo 2ne1

      Don’t say that Nina is Nina

  • Ash ktty
    Ash ktty

    Predebut miihi is so cute. ♡ But I'm not saying that miihi is not cute. All of the members are cute ♡ Don't attack me please.

  • 하빌리스

    아야카..퍼포먼스에서 칭찬받은 적이 한번도 없구나? 와꾸가 실력에 우선하는 법이다만 세상 불공평하다ㅜㅠ

  • T F
    T F

    To be honest, when I hearded Rima sing I thought she wouldn't make it but then she rap and that was it, she must be Nizi's rapper!

  • T F
    T F

    Literally Nina came in and said "Hi" and that was it, she had already the debut 😂❤ she is so talented, I love her.

  • ましゅ


  • pea potato
    pea potato

    I agreed with ninas, makos and miihis the most 🥰

  • Susan Khong
    Susan Khong

    when we all knew nina was gonna be in the lineup since her audition - talent

  • Serana Marie
    Serana Marie

    イエスはあなたを愛している!Jesus loves anyone reading this! You are wonderfully made!

  • veronica

    I liked if all 12 debuted :(

  • TypicalTeen

    Nina’s own was def her audition interview!

  • Ning Chun
    Ning Chun

    I think for miihi was whenever she sing nobody

    • Hongjoong Bestleader
      Hongjoong Bestleader

      No, jyp loved her since part 1 of the Nizi Project, he praised her the most

  • roses are rosie
    roses are rosie

    mako breathed and we all knew she was going to be part of the group

    • roses are rosie
      roses are rosie

      for me rima was way earlier

  • Lioness

    Maya’s touch performance was so amazing.

  • Mr. Refreshing
    Mr. Refreshing

    I fell in love with miihi when she sang yuki no hana :)

  • hoshi— hoshiko
    hoshi— hoshiko

    I knew nina was gonna debut the second I saw her. she just fit in so perfectly.

  • stayonezy

    **nina knocks on door** JYP: what are you doing at the audition you debuted already

  • livia cives
    livia cives

    i think the best moments of miihi are when she shows how beautiful her voice is and rio has an emotional style of dance, i really like her

  • min min
    min min

    Honestly I was so sure Mako would debut, because without a doubt she's really great at Everything and she gives off that Leader Vibes.

  • olivia Venus
    olivia Venus

    I can’t stop being surprised every time I watch maya performance knowing I’ve watch it soooo many times 🤣😭

  • i fell inlove with yoo
    i fell inlove with yoo

    Personally, Riku's first performance made me notice her more BUT her performance in Heartshaker sealed her spot in the group for me.

  • HeyItsMeeTee

    Everyone knew Nina was making it the minute she started singing

  • diego flores
    diego flores


    • NiziU_Fighting

      You meant Nina, right?

  • Lou

    This just makes we want to watch nizi project again

  • leJINdary Fictions
    leJINdary Fictions

    Whenever I hear Nina's high notes omg I get shivers she is so perfect!

  • CrazyZombie

    Any Mako Biased? ❣️

  • Not A Penguin
    Not A Penguin

    Rikis moment reminded me when Chae made her own rap for honey

  • Jahkey The Orbit
    Jahkey The Orbit

    I loved Maya’s performance of Touch!!!!! She slayedddd❤️✋😩

  • Alinne Almaguer
    Alinne Almaguer

    Las voces de todas las chicas son hermosas pero cuando Nina hace notas altas parece la voz de un angel💕

  • Carolina

    Watching Nina's audition makes me cry. Just seeing the delight on JYP's face like that was something I'd never seen before. He demonstrated what great, soul-speaking music can do, and Nina just killed it with her vocals, sweet spirit, and presentation this was such a special moment.

  • Rocio Magdalena Alonso
    Rocio Magdalena Alonso

    I wanted so bad akari to debut

  • Blue Melancholy
    Blue Melancholy

    Ninas visuals are simple yet unique like I seen her before yet she’s so rare I can’t explain it! The moment she knocked on the door and entered I knew she would debut

  • ꧁Moonlight꧂

    Do anyone mind to tell me if they have debuted? Cuz I'm super confused rn

    • NiziU_Fighting

      Debut will be December 2(debut song Step and a step). Go visit their twitter/IG accounts or their website for info. They released a digital PREDEBUT mini album last June with 4 songs(Make you happy, Baby I'm a Star, Boom3x, Beyond the rainbow) . if you haven't already, you can watch Nizi project part 1&2 to get to know them better.

  • Selene Alvarado
    Selene Alvarado

    estoy de acuerdo con este vídeo

  • Dat Boii
    Dat Boii

    When JYP mentioned Miss A Suzy's name in Ayaka's firts appearance, i knew she would make it

  • Jungkook Jeon
    Jungkook Jeon

    Sana and Ayuaka did a unique audition and JYP seems to like it.

  • shermieda didan
    shermieda didan

    i see onda everglow

  • Matias Vega
    Matias Vega

    where can i watch nizi project?

  • 스탠트와이스

    8:04 Me when my mom gives me food

  • Kiera Grace
    Kiera Grace

    Am I the only one that doesnt like Nina?

    • NiziU_Fighting

      It's fine if you don't like her. Just RESPECT that she is in the group, the girls love and adore their maknae and praised her for her hardwork and talent especially her vocals. 😊💕 9 or none.

  • HiYang

    You can tell it in JYP's face.

  • Maria CP
    Maria CP

    Yo supe que maya debutaría desde que contó el patito feo .... Loviu Maya

  • Mili

    Nina: *knock knock* Jin Young Park, whole world, and me: SHE WILL DEBUT RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE

  • Noreen Gonda
    Noreen Gonda

    Mako I’ll be back is the most iconic for me. And it’s too early in the competition that’s how great she is.

  • Constantino, Alliah V.
    Constantino, Alliah V.

    Really accurate!!

  • lovely kiss
    lovely kiss

    Nina is one of the perfect idols.

  • Lidia Jiménez Sosa
    Lidia Jiménez Sosa

    Riku :3