• Anon Anonymous1312
    Anon Anonymous1312


  • karir karir
    karir karir

    هاي الاغنيه مال #علي شاكر

  • Tempestive

    Probably takes longer to set that up than to vacuum or broom at the end, no? xD

  • Tamika bashirrudin
    Tamika bashirrudin

    Thanks for the tip my dad can use that

  • That airsoft gamer
    That airsoft gamer

    This song played every time for a pie in the face contest at my middle school

  • Jamir Erni
    Jamir Erni


  • ناديه


  • Bad Mash
    Bad Mash

    Quicker to sweep/vacuum.

  • Logan Pennington
    Logan Pennington

    Y’all’s dads don’t teach you this?


    What the fuck man

  • Amjad muh
    Amjad muh

    What was that 1st 3-4 second music?

  • Yash Rathva
    Yash Rathva



    Everyone knows the tape thing, also learn how a wall plug works

  • 오징어

    What is the bgm????

  • Itz Me Jazzy
    Itz Me Jazzy

    *rolls paper up cutley* SNIFF

  • JuggerJake 115
    JuggerJake 115

    Why was the tape applied after a whole was already drilled?

  • Rory Ross
    Rory Ross

    Booth good tips!

  • •

    This made zero sense.

  • Haris Sakanovic
    Haris Sakanovic

    Or save time and vacuum it. Takes less time than cutting paper and taping it

  • hinata hyuga
    hinata hyuga

    Then we know that when pull the tape the paint will come out

  • ØDD

    Thought that was a double a battery😂

  • Tom Allen
    Tom Allen

    U want to tape to the depth of the screw not the plug!

  • Mike Mcnasty
    Mike Mcnasty


  • ActionHeinz

    That tip is as valuable as "don't eat poop"

  • Francisco Torres
    Francisco Torres

    I assume you all have a vacuum cleaner, and you can't understand why would he use a folded paper to catch the dust. Let me tell you, in the rest of the world, there are countries where 9 out of 10 people have no vacuum cleaner, cause it's not necessary, we don't have carpets on the floor, we clean the car by hand, etc. This is not ridiculous, it's just an alternative, stop the "omg so stupid, omg vacuum cleaner, omg you were born yesterday".

  • Neatriz Areco
    Neatriz Areco

    Beautiful!!! Thx

  • Memes Dear
    Memes Dear

    I wanna eat it....

  • jmo

    Why not just vacuum it up?🤗

  • Mikey Renwick
    Mikey Renwick

    It would literally be quicker to hoover than to make the paper trap. And no risk of ripping paint off with masking tape

  • nae2oothurl

    The song is Joan of arc by little mix

  • Рубка Хищников
    Рубка Хищников

    Music 👍

  • Kyle Jameson
    Kyle Jameson

    Also you use the proper sized drill bit but that's just me

  • Macuobase

    Об этом лайфхаке мне дед рассказывал 30 лет назад

  • freddo gatto
    freddo gatto

    Clean the holes!!!

  • 爪哥的二胡教室


  • DJ BigBlack
    DJ BigBlack

    What is that song

  • Mr B
    Mr B

    Oh, so if I use blue tape on the drill bit, the dust ends up in the envelope...?

  • Mr. Yoink
    Mr. Yoink

    Like we wouldn't survive without that knowlege

  • Muk

    Then you snort the leftovers.

  • Huey Xiongboy
    Huey Xiongboy

    My guy made gun powereder

  • Luke Snyder
    Luke Snyder

    The cia invented this

  • Proelitegaming

    Just use a dust sheet 😭

  • omar shelby
    omar shelby

    I'm sure this will help

  • barb avey
    barb avey

    Or he could just not push it in with half his strength

  • 2jcollege

    Nothing better to do?

  • Crystal Montgomery
    Crystal Montgomery

    That’s a lot of dirt

  • edward arsiaga
    edward arsiaga

    Dam I think I jus had my mind blown. Yea right

  • Big Walla
    Big Walla

    so youre telling me people dont know to put tape on the drill?

  • Alex Tichy
    Alex Tichy

    Wtf thats literally the most Basic thing Ever... If u dont know bout that u are prob from a town

  • Adam Mcgrath
    Adam Mcgrath

    Now snort the cement dust like a real man

  • SuperDeinVadda

    Wrong! The hole for the plug NEEDS to be atleast 1cm (1/2 inch) deeper than the plug is long. That's so to accommodate the screw which also needs to be longer than the plug. Please delete this video.

  • Omkar Batwale
    Omkar Batwale

    If you are to lazy

  • Romantic Fool
    Romantic Fool

    Ha malum hai chal apne baap ko mat sikha

  • Youssouf Errougua
    Youssouf Errougua

    Wow thank you!!

    • Tanem Nacar
      Tanem Nacar

      @Big Walla i think tjey mean to put the paper under the wall to make sure it doesn't get messy

    • Mikejsjskejhd Don xbxhx
      Mikejsjskejhd Don xbxhx


    • Big Walla
      Big Walla

      did you not know to put tape on the drill

  • jewiproo de llamas
    jewiproo de llamas

    Y cuando es pared hueca que!😑

  • Tree

    Now snort that shit

  • Walter Nashert
    Walter Nashert

    Ayyy made the comments 690

  • Tom Soki
    Tom Soki

    Use a vacuum

  • Raik_ 880
    Raik_ 880

    bruh i know this a long time ago

  • Libertario Otaku
    Libertario Otaku

    Wow really good tricks. But not in a big construction bro xd

  • Masuku

    Ciberpunk 2077

  • Cole Spolaric
    Cole Spolaric

    Looks like someone drilled into some foam there


    Bu videoya kat attığın çok belli

  • Matthew K
    Matthew K

    Good tool tip because it saves cleanup. I suggest blowing the dust out of the hole as it can cause the anchor to slip out.

  • احمد علي
    احمد علي

    هذا الحن مومالت علي شاكر يوميات وأحد عراقي هاي الغنيه (ملك اليوتيوب العراقي اسمي بدماغك يبقى محفور را ح ابدي اغير مودك ماتلكه غيري تلف ودور اني اسمي علي شاكر هلا والله اني اسمي علي شاكر هلا والله ) انطوني لايك على الاغنيه فدوة احبكم تعبت حيل 😙😙😐

  • James Dughi
    James Dughi

    I just use black sharpie to mark it

  • Slave360Gold

    You're supposed to use a tarp so is this really a life hack?

  • 마사지 코리아 MASSAGE-KOREA
    마사지 코리아 MASSAGE-KOREA

    Good tip.

  • Herman Van der linden
    Herman Van der linden


  • Gabriel Ospina
    Gabriel Ospina

    Que burrada póngale ,0

  • Eduardo Gross
    Eduardo Gross

    Sangue inocente

  • Matt Kaminski
    Matt Kaminski

    Oldest truck in the book learned that from my dad

  • Roblox Player
    Roblox Player

    Me:reads the title** Also me: sees drill** Literally

  • Dhruv Bose
    Dhruv Bose

    Wait so you aren't supposed to inhale it right away?

  • Michał Kluba
    Michał Kluba

    The problem is that screw is longer, he need deeper hole.

  • MTakach

    That was interesting

  • Дмитрий Мухаметшин
    Дмитрий Мухаметшин

    Я бы посмотрел как бы ты в бетон сверлился с ограничителем🤦‍♂️

  • Yacine El A
    Yacine El A


  • Carter C MTB
    Carter C MTB

    The paper thing is too much effort easier just to shop vac it

  • CarsMan248

    I’ve always done that it’s not rocket science people

  • Matt Wiederholt
    Matt Wiederholt

    Doesn’t work the way you think it does. Better off using some type of marker or not do it at all and use your brain

  • Luke Maker
    Luke Maker

    Tricks of the trades. We all know this

  • Keagan Frost
    Keagan Frost

    Yo I thought he was gonna show me something dude

  • Daniel Zhang
    Daniel Zhang

    Sometimes, I'm just too lazy to make less work for my future self in 30 seconds.

  • ULL HU6
    ULL HU6

    Ffs dust pan and brush, wet cloth job done come on

  • Товарищ Александр
    Товарищ Александр

    If you don’t know how to mark depth with tape on your bit then you’ve never used a drill before

  • 『TS』•Y o n k o ʙ ᴏ iメ
    『TS』•Y o n k o ʙ ᴏ iメ

    Looks like gun powder

  • WrinkleFitzGerald

    Bro clean your sheet rock before posting a video. Jesus.

  • Ulises Diaz
    Ulises Diaz

    Pretty sure it took more to tape that concrete catching paper, than had he simply just swept it.

  • Ricsta Higgins
    Ricsta Higgins


  • Sagar Jadhav
    Sagar Jadhav

    You can't be a pro doing this

  • Togetathousand

    He really screwed up the first hole

  • BooBear_ King
    BooBear_ King

    Wastes too much time



  • Life with fishing!!!
    Life with fishing!!!


  • Знаете что я
    Знаете что я

    Я всегда так делал, а для вертикальных отверстий в потолке использовал либо прозрачный стаканчик либо из под кофе

  • manfrediphotography_

    man sollte das loch immer grösser machen denn die schrauben sind länger meistens....

  • theOneEasyreg

    Was I the only one who thought that he put a battery in there?

  • Alex ;D
    Alex ;D

    Life hacks level 100 😂

  • Zephyr Tyner-Tikkanen
    Zephyr Tyner-Tikkanen

    I feel like I was the only one who thought: “oh neat that’s a cool way to catch dust and particles”