UFC 259 Free Fight: Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa
A stacked UFC 259 featuring three title fights is right around the corner on Saturday, March 6. Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya will move up a weight class to take on light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz in the main event. Watch Adesanya's last title defense against Paulo Costa at UFC 253 last year on Fight Island to get ready for UFC 259.
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  • Sean Donaldson
    Sean Donaldson

    Anyone else here after Izzy just lost to the Russian at light heavyweight ?

    • Dheuhdugyd


  • WargameProductions

    He was drunk guys, it doesnt count. Run it back.

  • Ram pradhan
    Ram pradhan

    i thought costa would win but adasenya proved, speed defeats stregth

  • VIZ D
    VIZ D

    Izzy paying for child support since this event.

  • Jeremiah Chen
    Jeremiah Chen

    Costa has potential but I think he needs to change camps

  • Carlos Montes
    Carlos Montes

    10:03 lmao

  • concubicycle

    My knee is fucking killing me just looking at this

  • Carlos Montes
    Carlos Montes

    I just keep looking at the ref crab walking his way through the octagon 🦀

  • Carlos Montes
    Carlos Montes

    Pure muscle mass isn't everything is what this fight shows me.

  • Hegmann Hewitt
    Hegmann Hewitt

    My god they played the hump in slow motion at the end

  • Shoaib Afzal
    Shoaib Afzal

    "I was drunk"

  • nibberdestroyer69

    anyone here after the legendary polish power beat the annoying conor wannabe gender bender

  • BN Ali KOGR
    BN Ali KOGR


  • Derek Johnson
    Derek Johnson

    Who’s here after Jan mauled Izzy with his LEGENDARY POLISH POWER!?!

  • QbanWay 88
    QbanWay 88

    Brazilian got cocky, get smashed

  • Mike Woz
    Mike Woz

    They should have a Leg kick division. These fights are just garbage.

  • Ruel Rico
    Ruel Rico

    Fuck always runnin, coward how can u be a champion you always running hehehe

  • Jay Mann
    Jay Mann

    costa should never had stayed back. only thing that could have saved him was constant in close pressure

  • John W. Popi
    John W. Popi

    Another Brazilian on steroids

  • kingstaff4

    Did he really have to hump his back. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Gerry Garcia
    Gerry Garcia

    10:37 disrespek 100

  • Lucy Milker
    Lucy Milker


  • AJ123123ify

    Joe Rogan at the end tryna get an interview looks like a kid trying to get his parents attention but they keep ignoring and walking lol

  • KOBEAST and Kobayashi
    KOBEAST and Kobayashi

    That leg was fucking jacked up I hope Israel dominates middle weight and than light heavyweight

  • George CarLynn
    George CarLynn

    THIS IS UFC 253 NOT 259!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK

  • Richolu Beats
    Richolu Beats

    Watch how Israel keeps a balanced distance in he’s focus on Paulo to counter his attack and win the fight. Skip to 9:40 and you’ll see what I mean by balanced distance and win the fight.

  • V. Lenin
    V. Lenin

    i did came to see this after adesanya's loss to Jan and got outboxed & outwrestled. ✌🏻😂

  • Matheus Kelson
    Matheus Kelson

    It's always a pleasure to see a Bolsonaro's supporter being vandalized.

  • Rafa Marquez
    Rafa Marquez

    perdio bien facil con blakovitchs 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Miguel Bolaños Tárano
    Miguel Bolaños Tárano

    Adesanya 🔝4ever 🔥!

  • Dived Coner
    Dived Coner


  • Robert Duklus
    Robert Duklus

    israel needed some humbling and got it yesterday, hopefully more beatings to come

  • XKUNXEntertainment

    Adesanya humped him like a dog at the end, Epic. Adesanya the GOAT he is coming for Jon Jones!

    • when ?
      when ?

      @BabaYaga289 he didn't get destroyed lmao, izzy did good for someone to go up a devision without putting on a lot of weight.

    • BabaYaga289

      he got destroyed by Jan lol, Jon Jones wrestling is much better than Jan's, he would smoke Izzy.

  • Johnny Grady
    Johnny Grady

    Here after 259, makes you appreciate how good Jan is

    • when ?
      when ?

      @Johnny Grady yea i get what your saying, i like both fighters, both have respect for each other!

    • Johnny Grady
      Johnny Grady

      @when ? I'm neutral on him. He's kind of a clown sometimes but he's a great fighter and is fun to watch most of the time. I'm just saying with how good he was here it makes jan's win more impressive

    • when ?
      when ?

      u don't like izzy?

  • Shaiful Azren
    Shaiful Azren

    In your face Brazilian!

  • Gernot Meier
    Gernot Meier

    I dont follow UFC at all, but its so satisfying to see Costa acting all cool in the first minutes and then getting beaten up. You gotta love it, when clowns get what they deserve.

    • Gernot Meier
      Gernot Meier

      @Abdullah Jaber Im not saying hes bad. Im sure he is a very very skilled fighter. But his dumb acting, making faces, pretending his leg doesnt hurt, list goes on, is just clownish. And thats why im happy seeing him lose.

    • Abdullah Jaber
      Abdullah Jaber

      He’s not a clown. He just fought the greatest fighter of all time. He’s still a great fighter

  • Koala Tea Games
    Koala Tea Games

    How do you counter the calf kick??

    • Abdullah Jaber
      Abdullah Jaber

      You put your shin towards their kick but it’s hard to time

  • Lito Brown
    Lito Brown

    That's what u get if u are.. Showee.. Bro... Yabang mo kc.. Wla ka nman pla bnatbat.. Haha

  • Reggie Pyrtle
    Reggie Pyrtle

    Wow how far has UFC fallen after all their stars get older. Joe Rogan not even doing championship fights LOL

    • Abdullah Jaber
      Abdullah Jaber

      Nigga he did it today

  • Gustav Svensson
    Gustav Svensson


  • William Martin
    William Martin

    Just seeing him call ya skinny boy after your first loss so I'm watching you stomp him once more lol

  • amina gold
    amina gold

    8months pregnant , 😂😂😂nah Izzy wife .

  • Beto Cosio
    Beto Cosio

    Otra pelea arreglada para que gane andesaya ya que ninguno pellejo como hacen normalmente

  • Floris B
    Floris B

    Spam legkick

  • dutch tahiti
    dutch tahiti

    Even tho he lost today im glad that it was jan the beat him and not Costa

  • Albert Chalmers
    Albert Chalmers

    I legit just imagined Costa sitting at home with a bottle of wine getting fat off chicken while watching this on repeat like Ben Stiller at the end of dodgeball😂🍷 except that was a decision... fucking Chuck Norris... I mean Stylebender.


    This has ta be one of costas worst days all time. did not win the champ then da worst part... 10:40

  • Jan Nowak
    Jan Nowak

    Jan won!

    • Jan Nowak
      Jan Nowak

      @when ? Respect!

    • when ?
      when ?

      im a izzy fan, but jan did good and deserved that win. respect to both fighters!

  • Logan Karam
    Logan Karam

    It’s 253 boys

    • FC Barcelona info
      FC Barcelona info

      @Logan Karam but is always the same, you talk about 6 million people but you are the only guy ho don't understand 😂

    • Logan Karam
      Logan Karam

      @FC Barcelona info You know when the 6 million people who watched this saw the 259 they clicked it right away and then realized it was 53

    • FC Barcelona info
      FC Barcelona info

      You don't understand nothing, UFC put this video to promo for UFC 259

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird

    Bad to the bone

  • Karen Sargsyan
    Karen Sargsyan

    For the glory of the Almighty!

  • Karen Sargsyan
    Karen Sargsyan

    Legendary Polish Power!

  • Ivan c
    Ivan c

    Damn jan really defeated izzy

  • The Dart Gamer
    The Dart Gamer

    Ну и где все те, кто пиздели, что сасанья не почувствует Блаховича ? Где ваш хваленный стилист ? В свои 31 год на своем пике он не смог дать конкурентный бой 38-летнему мужику. Блаховича с победой - просто лучший из лучших, показал любителю повыебываться пиццей, что в боях с большими дядьками ему делать нечего. #ЛегендарнаяПольскаяМощь

  • Sonny Black
    Sonny Black

    Jan won, but not 4-1. Grats on retaining the LHW strap, Jan. Also, Bones Jones would wreck Izzy on the ground.

    • Abdullah Jaber
      Abdullah Jaber

      Obviously. Jones fights at 230lb+. Adesanya fights at 185lb.

  • Big Dipper
    Big Dipper

    This is not 259!

  • Aditya Tiwari
    Aditya Tiwari

    Now adesanya says he’s drunk,costa must be so proud.

  • Timotej Štupar Zupančič
    Timotej Štupar Zupančič

    Who is here after Jan defended the belt?

  • Matthew Vin Todd
    Matthew Vin Todd

    Izrael Adesanya got destroyed by Jan Blachowics lmao. Embarrassing

    • Jetsun Leonhardt Ty Thinley
      Jetsun Leonhardt Ty Thinley

      @TooFreshproductions Wait until the rematch (I cannot prove I am right until the rematch happens, which I think it will). The difference between Costa losing and Izzy losing is Costa has a reason, which was verified by his old coach (don't know how true the reason was). Izzy doesn't, he accepted that loss, but inside he lost some confidence. If you have been watching the UFC for awhile, you would have known that it happened over and over and over again from Machida to Aldo to McGregor to Weidman to Rockhold...Once they suffered a crucial loss (not necessary 0 to 1) they never really recover. Also, once that aura of invincibility is lost, none of the other fighters will be afraid of him anymore.

    • when ?
      when ?

      izzy didn't get destroyed, they went thru all the rounds and jan won in which i can agree, but the judges were terrible, izzy won at least round 1, and i think 2 or 3 i forgot, but the rest of the rounds jan won

    • TooFreshproductions

      @Jetsun Leonhardt Ty Thinley you said a fighter isn't the same after a loss ? But costa just lost to Izzy , and you are claiming Izzy won't be the same because he lost. But how are you going to say Costa is going to Beat Izzy the second time it's hypocritical.

    • Jetsun Leonhardt Ty Thinley
      Jetsun Leonhardt Ty Thinley

      @TooFreshproductionsWow, did I say Costa was undefeated? Last I checked every time a fighter loses a crucial one, he never ever recovered...remember Machida, McGregor, Silva, Weidman? And no the fight against Jan was not even close. Jan dominated that fight.

    • TooFreshproductions

      @Matthew Vin Todd no it was close , the judges have been known to be wrong on many occasions, Jan did not win Round 1 or 3 , 2 is debatable. Even those rounds when He took Izzy down he was being out-struck and you talk about Jan rocking Izzy but I never ones saw izzy wobble on the feet only In serious danger at the end of the fight.. on the other hand I saw JAN wobble on the feet , JAN won and I won money off this fight , but pay respect to fighters and especially the ones who dare to beat great . Jan would never go to heavy weight and try this .

  • Tim Lizarraga
    Tim Lizarraga

    Dude Izzy might KO Jan right now. Holy shit

  • SM Islam
    SM Islam


  • Mike N
    Mike N

    Why do some guys showboat in middle of fight? Anderson got knocked out... This joker got starched! Keep.your head in it

  • I I
    I I

    our fighters will grind all other ufc fighters to powder, because our fighters use - freestyle wrestling. and they train hard, the fingers of the freestyle wrestlers' hands become as iron as a vice, hands and feet are as hard as wood, they themselves are fast as lightning, to make a throw you need speed and power. The pampered fighters of Western countries and America do not have all this. Therefore, Russian ufc fighters will become world champions! Hurray, Urui Aikhal

  • xcaluhbration

    Wow so you CAN upload porn to JPflow! 👀

  • Swaggaboa

    2:46 only a drunk person would do


    There goes half the life I’ll never get back 🥱

  • Machete Yo *x*
    Machete Yo *x*

    It's silly to imagine these two are in the same weight class... Steroids are a hell of a drug but not so much for technique..

  • USA United State of Asian.
    USA United State of Asian.


  • Ava Jara
    Ava Jara

    The fortunate violet beautifully part because pediatrician posteriorly strengthen between a needy forecast. utter, amazing palm

  • Christopher Rodriguez
    Christopher Rodriguez

    9:04 that’s gay asf

  • DeReal


  • Shimazu Toyohisa
    Shimazu Toyohisa

    Kelvin did a better job because his not afraid of getting hit, costa and romero is just afraid to get hit by adesanya that's why they lose.

  • 小美林

    The smooth rose logistically depend because conga critically telephone abaft a flippant tower. nutty, nonchalant pest

  • craig wallace
    craig wallace

    Costa needs sponsored by Keeps lol


    Damn costa could have given him some problems but he came up short

  • HX Gaming
    HX Gaming

    Paulo “the wine” costa

  • Fila Nike
    Fila Nike

    People who taunt others in a fight and then they end up getting KO'd 🤣🤣

  • Gerald Gamo
    Gerald Gamo

    His not an exciting fighter..

  • TeMpS_Ezzi-Peezi

    4.2k Costa fans disliked this.

  • Kliment Grozdanoski
    Kliment Grozdanoski

    I didnt see Costa in this fight.

  • TeMpS_Ezzi-Peezi

    @7:10 nyoiiiiiii

  • Tommy Canaparo
    Tommy Canaparo

    “I geesaprof hundred percen”

  • A Iracks
    A Iracks

    He’s cold blooded.

  • George Butz
    George Butz

    Bro it’s like Izzy doesn’t fight at least Anderson Silva would throw elbows and straights. Izzy mad boring

  • D BxNy
    D BxNy

    He will be great but to say he has a chance against Jon Jones 🤔 Not just yet

  • Damasek 219
    Damasek 219

    this should be titled Oblivion NPC aggression vs man


    Болел за худенького , молодец что выиграл .

  • L0rd_of_Hollows

    hey, he does look a little hung over. I mean Izzie.

  • Kulas Bb
    Kulas Bb

    Costa should of beaten toothpick legs few good kicks by costa probably would of broken one

  • Jeff Emory
    Jeff Emory

    Bulshit that Fighters throne go back and watch it the 9:55 to the 1001 mark he misses him with that left hook completely misses him

  • Justin Wallace
    Justin Wallace

    Israel Adesanya just as funny as he is talented. Oh man that hump at the end hahahaha! Such a smart fighter.

  • Keep Moving
    Keep Moving

    If someone hammers your leg, why not switch stances???!!!

  • Keep Moving
    Keep Moving

    Dana white is a horrible person

  • Minh Tuyết 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz
    Minh Tuyết 300K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    00:56 Cứ MỘT MÌNH mãi vậy nhưng mà cũng quen rồi 🥗

  • Maori Tane
    Maori Tane

    Fighting whislt DUI is legal in UFC😂🤣😅😆what a sorry excuse guess its management is that crappy it was the only excuse obvious😂🤣😅..

  • B A
    B A

    ufc used to be fun to watch, a long time ago

  • Phenomenal Titan
    Phenomenal Titan

    Anybody realized that Adesanya did Usain Bolt's Pose and then said "Fastest Man in the world".

    • Peroum Nhim
      Peroum Nhim


  • Pup Pyz
    Pup Pyz

    That was beautiful, you could see Adesanya pushing the fight at the start for the fans when Costa was being passive too.

  • Phenomenal Titan
    Phenomenal Titan

    2:03 Izzy gotta look out for that.

  • Mhsb Nsih
    Mhsb Nsih

    The energetic lyocell climatologically fit because berry collaterally wait worth a immense save. legal, misty argentina