Which Member of TWICE is the Best Artist? | Portrait Mode | Harper’s BAZAAR
K-pop group @TWICE channel their inner artists in this episode of #PortraitMode. Here, Jihyo, Sana, Chaeyoung, Mina, Tzuyu, Dahyun, Nayeon, and Momo answer all your burning questions about their latest album “Eyes wide open”, their dream collaborators, and favorite music videos, while drawing each other’s portraits.

Check out TWICE’s new album “Eyes wide open” here:
Check out TWICE’s latest music video “I CAN'T STOP ME” here:
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Which Member of TWICE is the Best Artist? | Portrait Mode | Harper’s BAZAAR
#TWICE #Eyeswideopen

  • Harper's BAZAAR
    Harper's BAZAAR

    ONCE! Sound off below ⬇️Who drew the best portrait?

    • Life's oh Kay
      Life's oh Kay

      Chaeyoung cutie pie

    • Christina Chong
      Christina Chong

      Mina Tzuyu Chaeyong

    • Army Once Stay
      Army Once Stay

      all of them but i like tzuyu's draw of dahyun!

    • Janikka Marie Neri
      Janikka Marie Neri


    • wasantha samarawickrama
      wasantha samarawickrama

      Chaeyoung is really good at drawing ....I like dahyun too

  • Xian Chiao
    Xian Chiao

    Why they are so childish?

  • BrokeToo

    Hi im sana

  • son supremacy l kæty kim
    son supremacy l kæty kim

    omg the drawings were so good! i think the school meal club's drawings were the best in my opinion

  • Paramjot SINGH
    Paramjot SINGH

    bless mina for doign this :)

  • Dave Xander Villapaz
    Dave Xander Villapaz

    jihyo and mina are god in english

  • Gilbert Loredo
    Gilbert Loredo

    They really said extroverts on the left and introverts on the right

  • • BTSARMY •
    • BTSARMY •

    I miss Jeongyeon

  • Deepanshu Lodhi
    Deepanshu Lodhi

    Why they are 8

  • Sunny Chow
    Sunny Chow

    Chaeyoung's drawing was the best !!! and Minari is the most beautiful !!!

  • h. husainy
    h. husainy

    chaeyoung's one..WOW.

  • Dorothy Bigwas
    Dorothy Bigwas

    Where jeongyeon?

  • Sapna Malpani
    Sapna Malpani

    So cute

  • Sophiathat MoaBlinkArmy
    Sophiathat MoaBlinkArmy

    I love Nayeons hair and outfit and Tzuyu hair and outfit

  • David

    Momo and Nayeon are so chaotic compared to the rest lol I’m sure the others can be just as silly but those two remind me of siblings near each other 😂

  • Vivi Domínguez
    Vivi Domínguez

    Ay no que precioso hablan el inglés

  • Nitewith u
    Nitewith u

    Chaeyoung's painting of Mina is so lovely 💓

  • Senea Rebello
    Senea Rebello

    Chae is talented man

  • Saanvi Mehra
    Saanvi Mehra

    For me chaeyoungs was the best😁😁


    Thank you berry mucheu..


    Hi.. I'm chicken 😆😆

  • Hannah Molar
    Hannah Molar

    I hope twice will not disband like if you agree

  • xuimod

    Dahyun apparently thinks Tzuyu looks like Annabelle.

  • Dan Lyn
    Dan Lyn

    dk, but I can't stop looking at minari

  • Dash Phantom TV
    Dash Phantom TV

    🍭 Thanks for watching 🚀 09:40

  • Person Hooman
    Person Hooman

    i miss jeongyeon

  • Jayckie Mae Lontoc
    Jayckie Mae Lontoc

    "justin bieber yeah,yeah,yeah"

  • Nayeon unnie
    Nayeon unnie

    Woah! Nayeon said hi to herself

  • Nao Tomori
    Nao Tomori

    3:01 to 3:02 look at momo's eyes

  • Yūnha Kim
    Yūnha Kim

    nOT AT MOMO ROLLING HER EYES AT NAYEON AT 3:00 snkakdkafk 😭😂

  • Kai Dawkins
    Kai Dawkins

    Tzuyu’s was so accurate

  • butterpopcornisepic

    The drawings Chaeyoung, Daehyun's, Momo and Tzuyu made are so good! I love how thoughtful they all were with their drawings; they all paid really close attention to detail. It is clear that they all care for each other so much


    I really love cheayong drawing ❤️❤️

  • Klaine Clomer
    Klaine Clomer

    Sana is so adorable hahahahaha

  • •Twexo•

    Momo’s drawing of nayeon was actually really pretty.... Except the mouth..

  • Maruse

    Not gonna lie, I played Sana's "Thank you very much" 6 or 7 times.... Maybe more xD

  • Watermelon Rice
    Watermelon Rice

    All the members said "Hi I'm :Insert name:" While Nayeon just said "I am Nayeon"

  • where ?
    where ?

    Tzuyu’s drawing was so cute tho

  • SlowAcidPH

    Hi, i'm single...

    • ᅥᅡ

      And 😂

  • Rupa Gopi
    Rupa Gopi

    Love them 💞

  • anisa kryeziu
    anisa kryeziu

    I vote for ch and mina

  • Jihyo editor :3
    Jihyo editor :3


  • Jihyo editor :3
    Jihyo editor :3


  • balalaika

    2:35 the way they stared at each other and smile HAHAHA CUTIES

  • Asam Adam
    Asam Adam

    I love them so much

  • Zainab

    All of them have such good drawing skills, but I like chaeyong, nayeon, dahyun and Sana the most

  • Toga Himiko
    Toga Himiko

    Tzuyu skidaaa

  • Audrielle Lynn Frenca
    Audrielle Lynn Frenca

    Boo not moo

  • Spy ninja Ms mousy
    Spy ninja Ms mousy

    I think the winner was chaeyoung,tzuyu,dahyun and nayeon

  • Sarah love Stray kids 사라
    Sarah love Stray kids 사라

    Love you twice Like me twice

  • Natalia Nadeem
    Natalia Nadeem

    Why is no one talking about nayeon it was wonderful But i love chayoung drawing I cant find my bias jungyeon

  • Kyla Garcia
    Kyla Garcia

    These girls are so precious ❤️

  • Sid J
    Sid J

    Is Jeongyeon not in the group anymore?

    • ᅥᅡ

      She is back now

    • Camila Silva
      Camila Silva

      she is! but she's in hiatus for a time, but she's backing! :)

  • ana


  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith

    Momo 🙄 lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • Games with Zuha
    Games with Zuha

    Where did jeonyoung go

  • Madhav Madhav
    Madhav Madhav

    For me, chaeyoung drawing is best

  • Yuu Touko
    Yuu Touko

    I want these drawings..... they should sell these🥺😔❤️

  • Sylver Sapphire
    Sylver Sapphire


  • Alia Alisya
    Alia Alisya


  • Aiiello .-.
    Aiiello .-.

    Okay but Tzuyu's was the best imo. Very simple and cute.

  • sarah

    I wish I can draw like tzuyu or chaeyoung😭❤

  • Lidia Adjedid
    Lidia Adjedid

    Nayeon and Tzuyu for me

  • Sean Asejo
    Sean Asejo

    3:01 Hinata?

  • Suga Kookie
    Suga Kookie

    Me: *pronounces Tzuyu’s name as “Soo yoo”* Tzuyu: “Hello I’m Chewy” Me: 👁👄👁

    • Life of a Whiteblood
      Life of a Whiteblood


  • Rhetz Play Games
    Rhetz Play Games

    Jihyo looks disappointed at sana's drawing 😂

  • vntaee

    they are so cute 🥰

  • pmanlicious

    Jihyo is the prettiest 😭😭

  • Mariana Castillo
    Mariana Castillo

    Where is JG?

  • Puja Magar
    Puja Magar

    Beautiful tofu I love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Azalea

    Just looking at Dahyun relaxes me

  • James Pius Reyes
    James Pius Reyes

    Chaeyoung's drawing is so cute

  • Ardro LeBlanc
    Ardro LeBlanc

    I can count and there’s just 8 there

  • Laila Khan
    Laila Khan

    Mina, chaeyoung and tzuyu. (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

  • deki

    Damn i keep looking on jihyo's melon shaker

    • blu lemoned
      blu lemoned


  • n a d i a
    n a d i a

    i would love to see loona do this !!

  • countreath north
    countreath north

    why is there no jeongyeon?

  • slee lee
    slee lee

    no one is talking about jeongyeon?

  • For ranger
    For ranger

    Them :Re-tue-ro My ears: Letter O

  • Yewon Choi
    Yewon Choi

    Omggg Mina is so gorgeous

  • Fati Fati
    Fati Fati

    Best girl group ❤

  • Fati Fati
    Fati Fati

    I love twice so mach❤

  • Fati Fati
    Fati Fati

    Omg twice

  • DruMeister

    TZUYU is clearly the best artist here.

  • [ともこちゃん]

    Tzuyu's Draw so cute lol♡

  • elaine _03
    elaine _03

    Momo is unbelievable pretty. I cant

  • Anne play time fabolus
    Anne play time fabolus

    Cheayoung's drawing is the best


    DaTzu best ship my gf and my lil sis, bff 5evar

  • Its Shri here!
    Its Shri here!

    where is jeongyeon?

  • Chaeng Son
    Chaeng Son

    Aweee 💕 My michaeng heart🥰

  • Cristina Russo
    Cristina Russo

    i like that they didn't force them to speak english cause you can see they are a lot more relaxed here than in other interviews, and also, tzuyu's drawing was so beautiful and it kinda looked like a manga drawing

  • Skylar Fortune
    Skylar Fortune

    You can tell they aren’t just on standby waiting for a song. They were actively involved in making their album. They have a lot to say about it.

  • Gaming Genetics
    Gaming Genetics

    how in the heaven they are so gorgeous...i could watch them all day!!!!!

  • Brayden Tan
    Brayden Tan

    2:56 Nayeon impersonating Momo 😂

  • Luísa

    "I apologize"

  • Ben L
    Ben L

    Chaeyoung's drawing is prob the best. She has a lot of talent other than singing.

  • Casper Kristensen
    Casper Kristensen

    Do they have to make a cute introduction of themselves? It annoys me a bit, because it is not their true personality, and they don't act like that for the rest of the videos. I still love them of course 🙂

    • blu lemoned
      blu lemoned

      Huh... it’s always like that😭 wdym act cute...?

  • Balloons PoP!
    Balloons PoP!

    When Chaeyoung and Momo were surprised and asked her if she wrote "Queen" , Dahyun was like "Why are we still here? Just to suffer?" LMAO she was like just keep smiling and kindly say yes Just smile the pain away

  • Apple_X

    Momos animation of Nayeon. So cute! She drew the whole body and close up. So cute. ^_^

  • TH

    Sahyo cute