Why Did LG Phones Really Die?
RIP LG Smartphones 🪦
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  • John Gorham
    John Gorham

    My first phone was the LG Optimus G, later had an S6 Edge before switching over to iphone 7 and now iphone 12 mini

  • Stonecones

    Or camp 3... I have no clue what to get in the future... once you go quad dac you can't go back, does suck they switched the home button from rear to side a few gens back.

  • Gleb Agasiev
    Gleb Agasiev

    Love lg

  • m nsane
    m nsane

    I have always been LG fan untill G4 then I just want to be with LG in it's hard times and bought g5 still I said for G6 this is the last one I know it won't be able to a daily driver and yep...... I mean what the hell were they thinking God knows.

  • Sonny CK
    Sonny CK

    Nokia was the biggest void!

  • tacjam1

    I think LG was the first (Andriod) company to remove the ability to change batteries, that's when I dumped them and moved to Samsung. Now, look at me with no removable battery, no headphone jack, no expandable storage in my S21ultra. Sometimes it isn't the best move to remove features from a smartphone first.

  • MADelectriCITY

    I have had four LG phones in a row and all of them felt special. This is truly saddening. I am waiting on my fifth to arrive and will need to rock a case permanently. My LG G4 was my favorite shape as it felt smaller in the pocket than anything else. My current LG V40 was dropped on concrete and I never planned on replacing it. I desperately wanted a second gen wing as it would fall in line with my upgrade timeline but now I am heartbroken. Damn I can't believe how many suckers buy iPhone and Samsung over the LG options. NO other phone company excites me to this day.

  • dave phipp
    dave phipp

    I loved how the g4 felt in the hand, one of my all time fav phones. Surprised the curved thing didn’t catch on

  • Jesus Zamora
    Jesus Zamora

    I'm using a Stylo 5x myself. Great phone. As to why LG died, only thing I can think of is there's too many budget phones out there. There's a LOT of budget smartphones that are doing well. You need to market the stuff, not just make it, and LG never got the word out.

  • Jona Ralte14
    Jona Ralte14

    Please can you give me one of cheaper phone.. At my country and state dollar 150 is hard to get

  • UltraGaming55

    I remember the g2 my first android phone. I loved the knock code.

  • E Young
    E Young

    I'm still using my stylus 3 LG phone 3 years I think.

  • jinxtacy

    I always felt like LG had a subquality factor to it. It didn't stack up. They went for their own camera philosophy (I've always thought the same of Samsung as well) instead of following the Google, Apple, Samsung style of attacking probably one of the most valued features. Faith in their software, hardware and customer service of all of their products can leave one to be hesitant. I like LG. I just wish they were slightly better. Once Samsung got rolling it was pretty much over for LG. Galaxy SII-5 seems like Samsung toppled the last real competitor in HTC and Samsung has been king of the mountain since, especially in perceived quality. Google does odd things with their choices, and each generation seems to have a strong package with some strange issues. It's strange because I would favor Google's RMA process over Samsung, yet people were happy to purchase phones with curved screed costing $210 for the screen with a 2-3 week turnaround. Like a Toyota or a Honda Samsungs seem to have a better resale value than many other phones whereas some phones are sub $125 phones after a couple years. I've actually liked the Huawei device I had and have become a fan of Motorola lately as it's surprised me in what you can get for the money. I've gotten used to their gestures so it's actually hard to go back to a more premium phone as it just works aside from occasionally being a little buggy with wifi. If I were going to recommend a phone it would be hard to not point at the latest G.A.S. phones without even looking at them. For myself I don't mind digging around a bit for quirky stuff that I can trade off money for performance/features, but for others I just want that Camry.

  • GXSergio

    LG installed adware on my phone via OTA update, like the amazon asistant and more sh*t, we can say they died as villains for sure...

  • Pablo Moreno
    Pablo Moreno

    Just got my wing lol 🤣 oh well

  • dsean williams
    dsean williams

    I thought that double tap to wake up was so cool when my LG stylo first did that

  • Ghost In My Shell
    Ghost In My Shell

    The LG Prada came out a year before the first iphone. LG literally invented the commercial full touch screen "smartphone".

  • User#19990111001

    I think the software was just ugly. There was no LG smartphone in the whole time that had an appealing software appearance in my opinion.

  • RogueStar_1

    I had hopes for an LG Wing 2 :( That's why I didn't get the 1st one. I wanted to wait for them to make it better before I got it. Now I'll never get it :/

  • CBRboy1717

    I never understood all the hate LG got. I started on 4 Motorola Droid smartphones before moving to LG. The G2 at the time was a real sleeper powerhouse giant that most non-techy people didn't even know about. It honestly is in my top 3 favorite phones, and I still power it on and use it occasionally for nostalgia sake. I then upgraded to the odd G5 with it's modular design. It was nice to have a replaceable battery, but it just never felt high quality. It died after 2 years when a software update rendered the GPS totally useless. My current phone is a G7. Yet again, a total sleeper. Great build quality, great screen quality... and at almost 3 years old is standing the test of time. It saddens me to see LG go, but it shows what great marketing can do for a company. I will not go to Samsung, and I'm not sure I can go with a mid-tier processor like Google has been using. It's sad that I basically only have 2 choices now in OnePlus or the evil empire that is Apple. Is this the year that I finally dip my toes in the IOS pool to see what the hype is about? Maybe....

  • Ryan V
    Ryan V

    If LG had died a hero then they would have recalled all of their boot looping phones instead of getting forced to settle those class action suits.

  • Adrian Odle
    Adrian Odle

    Hey Marques, just wondering if you can bring some attention to our erupting volcano in St Vincent? Thanks a lot man...

  • Juan Parras
    Juan Parras

    No mention of the fact that LG kept the headphone jack until the day they died....?

  • sweetboy02125

    Lg phones were awesome. Too bad. Yes lack of consistency and commitments For the last couple years. Too bad

  • Sagacious Eagle
    Sagacious Eagle

    Specialising and manufacturing smartphones with small form factors of let's say 5.5" display and below would be very appealing for a pretty large market, as nobody is doing it in large scale and small android phones aren't readily available in most stores. Small form factor with modern energy-efficient and capable hardware would be a dream phone, at least for me. "Make phones one-handed again" would be a suitable slogan for a campaign.

  • Yopipimps

    Long live lg g2

  • Willem Johannes
    Willem Johannes

    The G3 and whatever the HTC flagship was at that time were the closest I ever came to ditching iPhones.

  • Amitava Talukdar
    Amitava Talukdar

    watching on lg phone

  • TypicalSpider

    Whatching this on a wing 😅

  • Tony2dH

    Been with LG since the G2 - they're great for audiophiles and very innovative! Only thing I wish was better was software updates

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    I have and LOVE the LG v60 dual screen and LG G8x and 2 LG V20s I love the v60 and G8X I am wondering if I should purchase a second v60 and second screen since I tried Samsung note 9 and 10 and hated them. I.hate the apple iphone 11 and haven't tried the 12 Should I buy a backup v60?

  • tysonsrose1

    Forced to go to Oneplus8t so far so good!!!

  • AEON


  • Thomas Hansen
    Thomas Hansen

    I was gonna try to switch to the LG wing 😭

  • Jamie Harbron
    Jamie Harbron

    can you do a review of the lenovo legion 5 pro 16"?

  • _dellpeacemaker

    I'm using G6 and still love it.

  • NonsensicalVids

    whats htc up to now?

  • Justin Bassett-Green
    Justin Bassett-Green

    Man that LG Wing is so cool. I was going to wait for gen 2 and try it out :(

  • Huski

    Hey so I made a comment on the g8 at the time with criticism on the review of that phone. Amazing how you covered exactly that in this view when lg shuts down. I currently have the V60, upgraded from the lg v30 and g7 (cracked it 🤧), while also buying the duel screen case. Paid about 550 for the phone and case. One thing I can say for certain about the phone specifically is that it's surprisingly reliable. No I don't have a higher refresh rate than the other flagships but I'm blind anyway and I use developer settings to change my animation speed so it's all good there. The cameras are amazing. Most of my friends and family are iphone users and when they saw my phone and dabbled with the camera they rivaled their own beliefs with iphones having the best cameras. EVERYONE raves over the dual screen case. I'm personally doing numerous things at once from watching JPflow or a show while reading and replying to emails. Being able to be in zoom calls fully as well as see other documents in full. The potential to get stuff done more efficiently is definitely there. One handed use is sometimes tricky, especially when on the go. Car mounts that can fit the phone with the second screen is somewhat difficult to manage. The availability of a headphone jack in 2021 is very useful. Although I use a pair of jabra 75t for earphone usage, I prefer using aux for my truck and speakers because the HiFi Quad DAC really amplifies my sound when I'm turning in. I live in West Tennessee and I do have 5g here. Shockingly, I have alot more coverage thank expected even for t-mobile considering they're known for being lack luster here. All in all, the phone is reliable and an INSANE head turner. It's sad that LG has to and as an LG fan I will certainly miss their innovations within the phone community.

  • Daksh The King
    Daksh The King

    I am using lg g5 since it came out, only had to change battery one it still working like a charm.

  • worldwidehappiness

    I think they were supply driven rather than demand driven. People just wanted good quality phones at a good price. But LG wanted to make their own phones and hoped that people would want them. Also, they had a lot of junk apps that you couldn't delete. They should have gone for quality, like emphasising their superior audio.

  • Barby

    When the LG V10 came out I was in love. The LG V10 & V20 were awesome in my opinion. The camera was great for it's time. RIP LG.

  • YogiTech

    im coming from 2055 using Lg ThinG55KThinkQYZ phone, and here Lg is the only smartphone manufacturer

  • rbc21

    RIP LG, hang in there Sony and HTC

  • Adam L
    Adam L

    I had an LG Chocolate back in high school. I loved that phone

  • Courtenay Blair
    Courtenay Blair

    "innovators", regardless of what fields they are in, very rarely are the most successful. I think because they are often trying so many new things, and a large percent of those things don't catch on, they get more known for the failures while late adapters, like Samsung and Apple, latch on and perfect the successes

  • PneumaticFrog

    I can also say, LG NEVER advertises. If they advertised with like, really cool ads.. People would actually know they make phones bruh. I have NEVER seen an LG phone advertisement..

  • whywhyman

    woah.. Srsly? this guy is a sellout tbh, can't recommend LG cause they are 60hz screen while the competition is doing 90 or 120hz! WTF do you think Apple is doing with a $1000 phone?

  • Fernanda Gunsan
    Fernanda Gunsan

    For me LG is a DAC phone Phone for budget audiophile

  • Ling Tc
    Ling Tc

    In my honest opinion, their smartphone share has been abysmal in recent years. So they either stubbornly throwing money at it or call it quits. Before the announcement, I was actually wondering when they are going to close down their smartphone division.

  • Ana Grujic
    Ana Grujic

    I had the G3, and it was good in the beginning, and then I went downhill in like 2 months. The headphone jack broke 3x in 6 months. The battery was shit after 6 months. Overall, meh.

  • iSiP Toronto
    iSiP Toronto

    G4 WAS GOOD not gonna lie...

  • iSiP Toronto
    iSiP Toronto

    LG most horrible phones were the LG chocolate and LG Shine

  • Titus

    Regarding the first phone with three different focal lengths, the Mate 20 Pro launched only one a few days after the V40 and arguably had a lot more influence in the smartphone industry.

  • Angel Q.
    Angel Q.


  • surajZakaas

    Nexus 5 - Best phone!

  • Simon EM
    Simon EM

    Sad news indeed! I actually have a G6, mainly because of your review of the phone at the time. I've had it since 2017 and have loved it. I guess when the time comes to update my phone, I will have to look somewhere else (brand).


    LG did not keep up with software updates on their phones. Their phones always looked big & clunky. LG stick with TV's.

  • DomeeNyck

    8:36 LOL

  • Xavier Low
    Xavier Low

    A marketing lesson...naise

  • Ian Buck
    Ian Buck

    LG wasn't a hero in my book. After both my Nexus 5 and Nexus 5x died after only two years (the latter due to the infamous bootloop) I vowed to never again buy a phone manufactured by LG.

  • Ian Buck
    Ian Buck

    If you had asked me to name LG's most popular phones, I would have said the Nexus 5 and 5x. But the Nexus line wasn't really meant to move lots of units, so I guess they occupied a lot more mind share than market share.

  • Shinigami

    Why is there a lot of noise in the background?

  • Dee Dd
    Dee Dd

    me getting broken G2 for home use and finding out the most stunning DAC i have ever dreamed of on a phone - as i have serious ohm heavy headphones - - just amazing !!! then came the era of apple and you don't need no stinky jack

  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson

    LG was so disgusted with their phones that they didn't bother trying to sell their phone division. Just called it a day.

  • Jesus Gutierrez
    Jesus Gutierrez

    I had the cheap little metro pcs lg phones , g2 g3 g5 . V10 v20 v40

  • JustMaxy

    Bruh i remember having an lg g2. good old days.

  • C'mon Son
    C'mon Son

    sony next unless they do a color scheme like ps5 and collab with the ps5

  • Starlesslemon

    Watching on my LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen

  • AxCx Predator
    AxCx Predator

    I'm really sad that LG is shutting down, their ideas were very very good, only the software was the problem

  • Ziksy

    I had the LG G5 and that thing had some very annoying bugs that LG never patched out. So tbh, good riddance to them.

  • raif ranjha
    raif ranjha


    • raif ranjha
      raif ranjha

      Tiger-Serpent-Dragon-Dog **EDO TENSEI** ONE TO FOURTH HOKAGE

    • raif ranjha
      raif ranjha

      @Louis Joshua Taka

    • Louis Joshua
      Louis Joshua

      Sure sasuke

  • raif ranjha
    raif ranjha


  • Rotary650

    Still bought the V60 for the DAC

  • Tường

    I like this man the most, probably my favourite tech JPflowr ever, with such a calm and cool attitude. LG was my favourite brand, and I'm glad that he talked about this with a very non-biased "accent"

  • Rauno Jalandi
    Rauno Jalandi

    Watching this on my battered and bruised G7, hoping It'll last me another few years. LG in my mind made some of the stoutest phones. They will be missed.

  • Niels Junker
    Niels Junker

    Sad day for LG 😢

  • Brooks

    I am shocked LG stopped making phones before Sony

  • marek schawel
    marek schawel

    Is this the reason why Apple is doing so well in that marked? Bringing new features and design an a reasonable amount with the reliance there are here to stay at least 3-5 years? 🤔

  • Samuel Okoro
    Samuel Okoro

    Interesting hair.

  • Jermaine Young
    Jermaine Young

    you killed LG

  • MadBlazer89

    Because in the eye of you "reviewers", some brands can't do anything right, no matter what...whilst other brands can't do any wrong, no matter what...

  • Aiden.L Scipio
    Aiden.L Scipio

    That double tap to wake was deffinetly not a first. MY old ass nokia phone knew that And that didn't even had a touchscreen

  • RaM UnI
    RaM UnI

    In India LG WING Sale ₹29,999 for Us

  • Joker

    I used to like LG until both of my G4 phones got the boot loop error and was like never again and went back to Samsung.

  • Mauro Leonardo Mondal
    Mauro Leonardo Mondal

    The truth is, you will never know what will be useful in real life and become a necessity unless you keep trying something new. The things LG made wrong, I don't think for a moment that those wrong things can take down all the good they did. Not even by a little bit. Because people didn't lose anything because of them trying, but they may have gained features or got a phone that is influenced by what LG brought up first.

  • Mauro Leonardo Mondal
    Mauro Leonardo Mondal

    LG: I'll be the one to save the day without taking any credits or asking for any and in the end of the day walk away saying - Life's Good. 😢

  • nierini

    I miss my G4 :(

  • Bestcutslawncare

    Oneplus is legit

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle

    I like LG phones. But the reason why I always went with a Samsung is the screen seemed better and I liked the S pen.

  • Z Z
    Z Z

    I bought my LG G6 128gb variant specifically for the Quad DAC now I wait for the Google Pixel 6 for 5G C-Band certification in Q4 cuz Verizon C-Band Q4 push

  • makkkk4444

    Could be LG don't need the phone biz cuz they just sold 1 million OLED displays to Samsung. And next near Samsung will buy 4 million OLED displays from LG which is the majority of LG's OLED TV display inventory.

  • Brad Grant
    Brad Grant

    LG phones are worth buying if you want something reasonably priced.

  • yubstep

    You missed the LG G4! I had that ...leather back was kinda slick

  • Eric Hamilton
    Eric Hamilton

    I think you may be giving youtubers a little more credit than they deserve for the failure of a major smartphone brand.

  • bronzeman 1987
    bronzeman 1987

    I'm taking the news rather bad. Nothing left to say than thank you and ..can I get my money back I spend 600dls on unlocked LG V40!!

  • Greek Freak
    Greek Freak

    Even though my first phone was a razr i loved my red lg chocolate 🍫 🤣 the slide up was everything back then

  • Naing Aung Lu Lu
    Naing Aung Lu Lu

    What if Huawei die , will Huawei be a hero? Most people will say "No"!😂

  • Effiecacious94

    I used to like LG until both phones got the LG blackscreen of death. They still do not turn on to this day, it turned out to be a manufacturer issue because people kept having the same issue.. eventually I tried Xiaomi.

  • Vasilis Tsitsos
    Vasilis Tsitsos

    Well, LG was innovative but overpriced these innovations. Weird not mentioning the "bootloop" scandals of lg phones; as an LG G4 user, boy was that a frustration